Samsung Galaxy Watch3 review

21 August 2020

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  • Anonymous

only 2 days battery life? another garbage gadget

  • pt020

Akinaro, 22 Aug 2020Lol 2 days of battery... My smartband have most of those fe... moreIt was always 2 days but since the lats software update my 3 years Gear S3 is good for 3 days +.
Do not know how they did it but it is a fact.

  • pt020

The Samsung Gear Frontier is a much better looking watch...
This one looks cheap quality.
Will have to buy a new battery and not a new watch.

  • Anonymous

too expensive for a watch.. im still using my gear s2 classic.... im happy with it.

Lol 2 days of battery... My smartband have most of those features and blood pressure and it last week...
What is the point of trying to put phone features in device that you know will fail to use properly when in the same time you already have device that do most of it?

Watch should be companion not main device. It should help you do basic stuff without taking out phone from pocket, Its like trying to drive two cars in the same time... useless...

  • Anonymous

I waited to see what the GW3 would be like, but it's using the same sensors for HR as the Active 2 and they seem pretty inaccurate, on par with the Chinese brands. I need decent sensors for HR and GPS tracking and would have bought an Apple Watch 5, but the battery time is poor and the sleep tracking is still basic. So I just bought a Garmin Venu and I couldn't be happier.

This was an okay review, but I think it needed a video-review as well.
We are talking about an Electronic-Jewellery here after all.

Typically women have more choices for fashion, from necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles, piercings, anklets, hand bags, accessories, and clothing. So a watch isn't that important to them. And due to lighter and smaller wrists, women sway more towards the Fitness Band scale of the "smartwatch market". I guess it pairs good with the Active Wear pants.

Societally men in general aren't encouraged for jewellery and fashion, with the major exception being a wrist-watch. Therefore, a smartwatch is primarily a Men's Item or jewellery if you will. So that means the most important factor is that is a comfortable and attractive jewellery. And less important is the durability. Next point of importance is the feature-set. Followed by the battery life and then the performance. And lastly is the price. Yeah, men's wrist watches can get up to ludicrously high prices, and men still buy them! where am I going with this??
I think the Samsung Watch 3+ is the best smartwatch out there.
It's definitely the most attractive out there, and quite comfortable. It has more features than all of the competitors (except Apple, and a few high-end fitness watches). Performance wise it is the second fastest out there, behind the Apple Watch. And it has an acceptable mediocre 2-day battery life. So while the watch is great on its own merits, where it won't let you down in casual day-to-day scenarios... where it ends up being better than the Apple Watch, is simply because it is a better jewellery. In a formal-smart attire setting, the Samsung would not feel out of place, unlike the Apple Watch.

PS: The battery life is actually slightly BETTER than the Huawei Watch GT2 that the reviewers listed. Why? When the reviewers compared the Samsung against the Huawei, they used the Samsung actively with most features turned on, draining battery quicker, than the Huawei which they haven't been able to use for an extended time. The Huawei unit uses older and inferior processor and sensors, which are less responsive and less energy efficient. Not sure why the reviewers have this bias, but if you doubt what I said, you can confirm what I said from other sources and less biased reviewers.

Moff Gideon, 21 Aug 2020these guys are still using that ugly tizen os ?!?! weird You would too, if you saw the lack of care and support Google has shown to AndroidWear (ahem WearOS).

I remember the original Huawei Watch was the best smartwatch out there, with the Apple Watch having poor performance, battery life, and features on the first model. Yet, Apple didn't give up, and they've continually improved both the hardware and software of the iWatch to the point where it's safe to call it "the best" or the "market leader". And do note, I'm admitting to this, and I don't even own one.

So the right call by Samsung is to use their own ecosystem. And try to extend that ecosystem as far as possible. So that could mean people get more and more accustomed to using Samsung's ecosystem, and that would insulate them from competitors. Just like how it's not quite fair to compare an iOS-Phone to an Android-Phone, but is fairer to compare Android-Phone to Android-Phone. Well Samsung has to build up reasons to choose a Galaxy S/Note instead of say a Huawei or OnePlus.

Worth only 200 us max

  • Good guy

Duck of death, 21 Aug 2020It's refreshingly nice to see an ounce of honesty in t... moreMaybe that’s why they were sent the inferior model :)

  • Anonymous

I work sanitation and got this watch, used it for 2 days and it didn't last 2 hours off of a full charge using LTE to stream spotify and Bluetooth for my galaxy buds. Went back to the store and swapped it for another thinking that there must be something faulty with the battery. Same results. Nuked the connectivity setting that made it a smart watch and only used it for my music. Made it 3 hours this time. Moral of the story, if you plan on using this watch as a temporary mobile device, im talking 1-2 hours MAXIMUM, then get it. If you plan on using it as an extension of your current phone and are only using it via Bluetooth thru your phone, then get it. If you are using it for any other reason, dodge it like the plague. 1/5 stars from me

  • Zoran

can you connect it with two phones at the same time? BT 5.0...

these guys are still using that ugly tizen os ?!?! weird

  • Anonymous

The biggest problem with this watch is that it's FUGLY. There, I said it !

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2020U mad bruh???? live up to your name ;)for asking price Samsung be better to include gifts, maybe Note 20 as part of package ...

  • Anonymous

MadMel, 21 Aug 2020lol that price ... is vaccine included ?U mad bruh???? live up to your name ;)

It's refreshingly nice to see an ounce of honesty in the gadget influencer community. That the author isn't trying to hide the negative bias in the write-down.

lol that price ... is vaccine included ?

  • Sammy

If the ECG features can't be used, just stick to US and Korea market then