Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra review

04 Sept 2020

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Brandon, 15 Oct 2020Had a friend ship this to me from HK. Received it Oct.1st, ... moreIt's too big (6.67" display), too bulky (222 gram weight) and most importantly, no headphone (3.5mm) Jack.

  • Brandon

Had a friend ship this to me from HK. Received it Oct.1st, a few things for anyone interested in importing this phone. 1: The phone is great. It's beautiful, 120hz is fantastic and I would recommend for the price. 2: There is a high probability customs will flag the phone and you'll have to fill out a form (why idk). 3: It is really hard to find accessories for this bad boy so take care of everything. Replacing a lost 120w brick isn't going to be easy. 4: From my personal experience, this phone DOESN'T work with Verizon. However I currently have a prepaid AT&T sim card in it and the phone makes calls/texts with no problem.
-----If anyone else has found a good accessory site to get longer cables or a brick I'd love to get the link

  • ILoveEeEe

Is there a possibility to have a Mi10 mini

  • Anonymous

Roeddy, 06 Oct 2020Will it explode ? It's true safe or not and what certi... moreit is graphite based battery and xiaomi claimed that it can support 2 years with minimal lose ( less than 90 percent of battery available )

Great Phone in 2020 and the 120W is truly insane because I tried it personally

If anyone knows if th 960fps video recording is native or software created?

  • Roeddy

Will it explode ? It's true safe or not and what certified for that charging so fast...?

  • Mehrab

Shiva, 03 Oct 2020Will it ever be globalno

  • Shiva

Will it ever be global

  • Kwn

When this will be out in the market to sell?

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 13 Sep 2020"...it's over and no flagships use them." ... moreThat's not true. The usb adapter in the box works fine. I have tested myself on my Mi10. There is only 4 wires connection to usb type C, nothing else. And the headphones speakers and microphone works great. Also sound is better than wireless.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2020Please stop pro-photographer-wannabe comments. Resolution i... moreLol, you so-called "pro shooter" don't compare that heavy bulk against a slim portable mobile device. Not everyone always lug his/her DSLR around and not everyone only shoot in JPG from their smartphone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2020that weird 48MP mode might be a dealbreaker for me. 12MP is... moreWhy?

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 13 Sep 2020I just noticed something: "A dedicated 48MP is availab... morePlease stop pro-photographer-wannabe comments. Resolution is nothing to do with fine tuning colors and more resolution not equal to more details. I am sure my 24.1MP DSLR can beat all 108MP smartphone camera images in details lol. Resolution only helps in printing larger sizes and cropping.

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2020What are you talking about? Grass NEVER looks like the gras... moreYou seem to have missed the last sentence of my comment:
"If anything the solution for the issue you're having right now is a typical 'Just turn off AI'."
You're welcome.

I just noticed something: "A dedicated 48MP is available, but we cannot recommend it. The photos are upscaled versions of the 12MP default images and when downscaled to 12MP - you will find them identical with the default sources."

Really, Xiaomi? Not everyone wants the default 12MP resolution all the time. Some photography-centric smartphone users, including me, want that full 48MP resolution, especially in RAW, so that we can fine-tune the color and detail according to our own liking. Now I begin to think really seriously about picking up Vivo's X50 Pro+.

Xioami4Life, 05 Sep 2020What's the deal with the 3.5mm jack? Bluetooth 5.0 an... more"...it's over and no flagships use them."

LG and Sony would like to have a word with you. Heck, even the K30 Pro aka Poco F2 Pro also have that audio jack. We won't get over 3.5mm audio jack because Bluetooth NEVER been able to recreate the same audio quality as a 3.5mm audio port.

  • Begjay

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2020What are you talking about? Grass NEVER looks like the gras... moreWhy you people always comdem this beautiful phone maybe because is not Samsung that why you people are saying this well this phone still have the best camera. Well like what I always says am not after names but what u can offer me

  • Anonymous

Nick Tagataka, 08 Sep 2020Um, you can't make that claim since you don't kno... moreWhat are you talking about? Grass NEVER looks like the grass in the test photos.

Even the long post reviewing the Ultra says the the colors are "punchy" compared to the "natural" colors of Samsung. This is not punchy, it's just tacky and overprocessed. It's fine for posting on social media, but not for anyone who wants photos to keep or view on a big screen.

  • Blackkk Mamba

Gsmarena, Can you tell us which software version you tested the review with?
Can you guys include the same in all future reviews since software version keep changing with improvements. It's important for users to know the review is corresponding to which software/firmware version.