MWC 2008: LG overview

11-19 February 2008
LG managed to surprise us with almost a dozen of brand new handsets, which pretty much seems to set the record for this edition of the Mobile World Congress. While not all are high-end devices, each one has its own appeal, and we were eager ...

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  • lms2828

i seriously LOVE KF510! undeniable i got to know this phone through Nicholas Teo who is LG new ambassador! however, i found KF510 my ideal phone with its OUTSTANDING design and the price is not too expensive though! I'm waiting for it to be available in Malaysia market!

  • Anonymous

i guess this korean brand will stick to what they do best-advertise their products with famous korean actors and stars..thats the only way they r gonna sell their phones

  • Pradaphone User

KM700? DPAD THINGGY is pretty cool. looking forward to get that phone soon. FYI mark levinson tuned the sound of that phone. great move! LOVE LG PHONES.

  • @ll

That is another fantasy of nokia. It was announced in july 2007 and still isnt released so maybe ur d only person their fooling. The phone is a picture and thats it, any 1 can do that, u just have 2 alter d iphone image and stick a nokia brand on it. When lg previews a phone in 2 2s its available, thats y they rule!

  • Mustafa

Lg, as always, making super sexiness! The watch phone actually looks nice, I hope it's not too expensive. Am I the only one that thinks the KF600 is just like the Samsung Soul? Even the user interface seems similar. Oh and in response to the person asking about touch screen nokia phones, they are making one: the n98. Here's the link to the photoshop image of the phone:

This is an actual phone that Nokia's working on and there are videos of the prototype on the web. Here's a link of one:

  • kirt

i dont know which 1 i want all i know is that at least 1 will be mine! I am gobsmacked!!!!

  • DoubleR

Start selling in Europe towards the end of 1Q 2008? Well, we'll see about that. KS20 is still NOT available in Switzerland. And yes, Switzerland is in Europe. LG let us down terribly with the KS20, so I don't believe in their release dates anymore.

  • Anonymous

KF700 is going to be mine!!

  • nocolas

I like KT610 looks like fancy E90.

  • francis_tala

really surprising!!!

  • Anonymous

wow the lg with the keyboard the 1 that looks like the enV

wow probably the best phone that suits me

its so sexy...and i am sure way more affordable than the X1 that sony is going to make

  • ahsn11

gr8 line up

  • Nick

first! when are nokia releasing touchphones! i want one, they'll be awesome!!