MWC 2008: Motorola overview

11 February 2008
Motorola has been going through some tough times recently, so we couldn't have been more curious about what they're up to. Their booth at the MWC 2008 in Barcelona needed to provide answers to...

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  • n r

Where should I get a housing of this unit?
(motorola rokr E8)

  • pagla07

hey ppl will mig33 n other applications lyk opera mini work on this cell.... i mean its gotta pretty small screen.

  • Sunny

If the camera is 5.0 mp then i would have buy it..... Other features are compatible....

  • Filipo

I have no idea why some people say that Motorola is dead. Given that (rumors say) the 'economic status' of the company is spiraling down, what keeps it alive is the evolution of new designs like the ROKR E8. (Loved the phone, by the way). As long as Motorola comes up with new interesting features (touch-sensitive scroll, mode-shift technology, etc.), there's no telling how the company would fair in the modern market. I had an E398 once and I hated it's limited features, but i'm loving the new look of Moto phones. Let's just wait and see if Motorola can 'rise from its grave'.

  • coalsam

hi, i used to own a nokia 6120, and i really loved it. however my fon got damaged and is now erepairable. im kinda confuse on what to buy, i have my eyes on the the rockr e8 and a nokia n78.could someone help me out on selecting the the best of the two. i know they are 2 very different fon, i just need other peoples opinion.thanks

  • Peter Rajan

i Love motorola.... i'm ur true fan forever........funlights.............haptics....i love u moto
my moto's
Rizr z3
Rokr e6

  • FEL

yes it's true,it's very good,the rokr e8 won CES 2008 award as best phone of the year.

motorola in the first half of the year:

rokr e8 success
moto z10(is one of the most sold in the UK)
ming a1600(the original ming became the most popular in china,imagine this one)
ming a1800(the same)
moto a810(is very cheap,and it is a smartphone..people 'll love it)
zine zn5(the best 5mpx camera phone nokia n82 and cybershot phones!)
rokr u9(has a lot of success in south america)

they are going to introduce new motoQ phones and touchscreens in the US!

Hello Moto

We generation(new slogan from moto)

  • Stimpy

I'm surprised...this phone actually looks pretty good. The display looks exellent and the scroll 'wheel' looks nice and responsive.

  • go48

if some of you are disappointed w/ this phone (as they say) "buy this phone and you'll love it forever!"(i really agree w/ you FEL) in my case, i really love nokia before....

and i thought that you can find all great phones in nokia i even used the n70 and other nokia phones, i thought it was cool, awesome and of course worth every cents (as they say)... but i never knew until then that motorola will have features that nokia doesn't have, i also heard the bad news about motorola...

i know some of you are happy w/ that.. but then people are really too blind about that features, cuz "others take their time adding more megapixels, and increasing gigabytes."(i really agree w/ you jjsoviet) cuz i think adding megapixels and increasing gb is not that good features after all.... its so funny to all motorola haters that you would rather choose it rather than the features of this xD...

it makes no sense cuz its just a memory and megapixel after all.. other company also have it...

i'm proud to say that i'm a motorola hater(BEFORE) but NOW MOTOROLA LOVER!!! CHANGE is only permanent in this world after all!!!

  • Wehr

You're talking like noone ever bought a Motorola. Millions did, millions will. Most of them don't go to sites like this one but instead use their phones. Some of them complain about the UI, some find it perfect ("Intelligence everywhere", anyone?). Some like the features, some don't (and logically buy other phones). Some like the design (Razr is a classic, just like black leather jacket or a Zippo), some don't, some wish Motorola had more designs to choose from. Some want more features, some don't even use the features they have right now. Stop arguing.

They are just not trendy right now. Other companies have their own Razrs and sell millions instead of Motorola. We'll see what happens in the future.

  • rehamer

"the reason people dont buy motorola is becase they want feature rich handsets"

Dont forget that user friedliness matters a lot. You can compare motomagX with symbian series 60 or A200 plarforms. And you will see. No matter how good your hardware, if software is poor, then it can never be compromised.

  • Kal

As long as a phone was just for communication Moto was there. Today a cell phone is not just for communication. So the days are over for Moto.

  • you don't get it!

it's true that not all people want feature-rich phone...
but it's due to the fact that Moto doesn't have decent feature rich devices, which makes the company lose it ground like what happen to it currently, isn't it?
If that statement isn't true, so what exactly are the roots of the problem facing moto now?

  • jjsoviet

Well not all people join the hype of getting these feature-rich stuff you're talking about. One of them is me. Some people just know that a phone is a phone and cannot be anything else. it cannot entirely replace those cameras, mp3 players, etc.

  • themanfromo2

the reason people dont buy motorola is becase they want feature rich handsets and thats what todays world asks for!
oh and motorola did not manufacture a2dp

  • jjsoviet

I really wonder why many people today just buy phones for the sake of their extra features like the camera, music capabilities and business stuff. Not everyone needs them, and Motorola still excels at the communications and engineering department where others do not dare to develop. iDEN, a2dp, CrystalTalk, haptics control, morph tech, scrollwheel navigation, those are the things Motorola pioneeered these recent years while the others take their time adding more megapixels, and increasing gigabytes.

Motorola was a car radio company, so it's expected that it is good at communication. It is also a top quality hardware maker. Others are good in software, Moto's good in hardware. Don't compare a gun with a sword. They're different beasts.

  • FEL

motorola has excellent technology...the problem is that after the razr,some people got borried of the design....this year motorola 'll be sucsesfull like other years...i think they will introduce the Motozine line on one motorola event on april and the a1600 is confirmed ,6 android phones from moto on 2008 too
i'm not accusing other brands but
Nokia...same design/pros:Nseries sliders/pro:camaras(5-10mpx)
SE..most of them are candy bars with same design/pro:walkmans,cybershot

i'm telling this and i love nokia and se.

P.D:motorola has customization:outside photo,funlights,sounds,skins,pictures when you turn it ON/OFF

To all motorola haters:buy one motorola and you will love it forever

  • FA

These guys r so late tht when all the other brands r busy making phones with 5 megapixel cam,6 megapixel cam,motorola is preparing to make 3.2 megapixel cam.

  • Anonymous

I have recently purchased their razr2 v8.
And I am so so happy with it.

Whatever will happen to them, they have done indeed great contribution to the mobile industry.

  • Karen

omg!!! im so disappointed in motorola i was really looking foward to the new texel or Z12