Google Pixel 5 review

25 October 2020
This year, Google has taken a drastically different approach with the Pixel lineup. Rather than pack a new Pixel phone with a high-end chipset and QHD screen, Google has instead gone the route of focusing on the overall experience. The Google Pixel 5 is this year’s Pixel flagship and there are some major changes for 2020.

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  • Ariel
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  • 05 May 2024

Niaz, 27 Mar 2024Unless you get a greenline. I think you got it by this timeDo u think It'll be worth it to buy it in 2024?

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    • Niaz
    • XND
    • 27 Mar 2024

    S70ERD, 29 Oct 2020Don't forget the suprise of 2020: the Xperia 5 ii. If ... moreUnless you get a greenline. I think you got it by this time

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      • Anonymous
      • IbI
      • 17 Oct 2023

      sicole1811, 04 Oct 2023You’re clearly going on about a different phone here as my ... moreSame here

        pixel user, 05 Feb 2023Totally crap phone. It cannot do simple things as it is int... moreYou’re clearly going on about a different phone here as my pixel 5 doesn’t do anything like you said. Apps haven’t crashed once, UI is so smooth and fast, camera takes great photos for a 3 year old phone.. nightsite I agree with but everything else from you is just wrong

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          • Leon V
          • RNU
          • 01 Oct 2023

          PhilB, 18 Aug 2023I'm surprised about these recent negative comments on ... moreThe new phones are too big and cumbersome to put in a pocket and are very heavy to lug around.

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            • Leon V
            • RNU
            • 01 Oct 2023

            Bought a Pixel 5, seems a decent phone. The phone is very light for modern standards. Also, the phone can be easily accommodated in a normal sized pocket due to it moderate size.

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              • Anonymous
              • inZ
              • 22 Aug 2023

              PhilB, 18 Aug 2023I'm surprised about these recent negative comments on ... moreHow about the detuned performance GSMarena told us here? Did software update fix them? I'd like to get one this month

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                • PhilB
                • nFJ
                • 18 Aug 2023

                I'm surprised about these recent negative comments on here. I bought a refurbished Pixel 5 about 8 months ago and it's been fantastic. Great little compact phone, decent battery life, does everything I need it to do quickly, takes great photos and videos. It's also still within software support for a while and should get the android 14 update soon. Based on the price and compact form factor I still recommend this phone over any of the newer Pixels 6/7 and probably also the upcoming Pixel 8, which seems like it will be mostly a repeat of the Pixel 7.

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                  • Numan
                  • nCi
                  • 07 Mar 2023

                  Worst phone
                  Finger print not working after 2 month
                  Video will get automatically paused on social medias and YouTube nothing works worst worst ever

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                    • Nico
                    • 7vR
                    • 01 Mar 2023

                    I had the pixel 3... I loved it .. pixel 5.. well... The screen shattered twice within the first two months that I had it.. obviously I'm not too impressed... Once it happened while in my pocket.. keys .. the other when I dropped it from waist height.. I wanted to change just the glass.. I was told the pixels have a perticularly thin screen.. and dicey if possible... No kidding.. if I had to buy it again.. I wouldn't.

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                      • pixel user
                      • q2s
                      • 05 Feb 2023

                      Totally crap phone. It cannot do simple things as it is intended and the overly complex google system processes and background processing creates an absolutely horrid user experience. It lags at random times, apps crash without warning, and there must be something crucially wrong with hardware drivers (idk if they are called this on a phone) because the hardware fails at crucial moments. The camera is ok but in any sort of weather, its basically useless. Night sight is totally useless, it just gives a grainy picture that you have to hold still for far too long to actually get it to work (so usually its just a blurry ass picture). The hands down most frustrating part of this phone is the fact google cannot figure out how to make a working fongerprint sensor. The algorithm they use clearly overcomplicates it because the phone clearly recognizes your fingerprint but denies it anyways (even if you put the same finger in 5 times). From reading, it does not look like this has been fixed in newer pixels. All in all, I hoped to get a smooth phone that could run efficiently because it was a vanilla OS but google defeats the purpose of that by making a phone way to complicated while also forgetting the little things matter. I want to throw my phone off a bridge half the time I use it, meaning its a 0.5/10 for me.If a phone cannot do basics right, its useless. 0.5 because it has remained consistent, consistently terrible over the two years Ive owned this. I cannot wait until I have the money to get a real phone so I can throw this into a trash compactor where it belongs.

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                        • Bucwheat
                        • 47T
                        • 23 Sep 2022

                        I have had 5 phones in 3 years including 1100 dollar flagship types and I have jettisoned all for my Pixel 5.

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                          • Nilam
                          • YQT
                          • 03 Sep 2022

                          Very beautiful body look vise & for use ,size compact and very attractive colours different features , light vait ,smart work, High speed, following trands advance features, I also agree to patches the phone love this phone crazy about। ...

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                            • DD
                            • IB5
                            • 06 Mar 2022

                            I think this phone is great. I have both of the 4 phones and this is quicker than either of them. I was actually worried about the "slow chip". No need, opens everything very fast and recalls open apps with amazing speed. If you look at speedtests online, you can get real comparisons with other phones. The specs are pretty meaningless, though you would want the faster phone for games, and the I phone for video. If you use the phone as a tool like I do. It's perfect. Light but a decent size. Easy to hold and carry. Fantastic battery life. Super reliable fingerprint scanner. Can't believe all the BS about premium. I use the phone, don't stare at the spec sheet and the ridiculous glass backs people have been trained to think are special.. As I say great around.

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                              • X1995
                              • IrV
                              • 18 Feb 2022

                              I bought this in the beginning of February after Cricket decided to shut down their 3g towers & their 4g towers started to slow down,
                              they said my account would be suspended after the 22nd even tho i had a Pixel 4a running on 4g prior to buying the 5, which didn't make any sense

                              This was the only cheap 5g phone that seemed reasonable based on its specs, i know the only downside is losing the auxiliary port which didn't matter.

                              Was debating between Pixel 5 & Sony 10 iii but based on experience, i know the issue with Sony is that they don't really stay up to date with their android OS on devices, in addition with heating issues & that terrible blue hue screen, plus the odd flicker mentioned on a review video, Sony camera isn't really as good if compared with other competitions.

                              If you look on the old phones, the Google Pixel 3 (2018) is updated to Android 12 while the Sony XZ Premium (2017) is still running on Android 9,
                              Not that i despise Sony , I love Sony, i own wireless earbuds from them, a Sony Bluetooth speaker because of the clear amazing bass, an enclosed Sony Subwoofer, even a Sony Car Stereo.
                              but they really gotta work on their management with smartphones.

                                A, 20 Dec 2021Check the second-hand market, for me in the UK it's £3... moreYeah... of course I will check second hand market, that's what I always end up doing because all the phones available in my local retailer are full of cr*p, and the only good ones are available on eBay, where there are dodgy sellers.

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                                  • myK
                                  • 20 Dec 2021

                                  RandyRiffin, 01 Oct 2021Yes, the Pixel 5 is a perfect size. My situation is differe... moreCheck the second-hand market, for me in the UK it's £300 in "very good condition" on ebay from an old account

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                                    • kabir
                                    • XR@
                                    • 19 Oct 2021

                                    i can use this phone photo for youtube video

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • pQr
                                      • 10 Oct 2021

                                      Hopefully, gsmarena reviews the Pixel 6 Pro at gsmarena's normal location.

                                      "The Portrait mode crops in by 1.4X"
                                      No, it's 1.5x , 40mm

                                        Peter, 18 Aug 2021Hi all, I want to buy a pixel 5 but never used android comi... moreYes, the Pixel 5 is a perfect size. My situation is different from yours. No Pixel 5 or 4a is available in my local retailer (Australia), I suspect it's because they want to stock up for the Pixel 6. I'm not sure why the Pixel 5 is not there for you, check again is it there?