Google Pixel 5 review

25 October 2020
This year, Google has taken a drastically different approach with the Pixel lineup. Rather than pack a new Pixel phone with a high-end chipset and QHD screen, Google has instead gone the route of focusing on the overall experience. The Google Pixel 5 is this year’s Pixel flagship and there are some major changes for 2020.

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  • kabir

i can use this phone photo for youtube video

  • Anonymous

Hopefully, gsmarena reviews the Pixel 6 Pro at gsmarena's normal location.

"The Portrait mode crops in by 1.4X"
No, it's 1.5x , 40mm

Peter, 18 Aug 2021Hi all, I want to buy a pixel 5 but never used android comi... moreYes, the Pixel 5 is a perfect size. My situation is different from yours. No Pixel 5 or 4a is available in my local retailer (Australia), I suspect it's because they want to stock up for the Pixel 6. I'm not sure why the Pixel 5 is not there for you, check again is it there?

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021I hope that when the Pixel 6 is released, Google finally st... moreOf course it is mathematically impossible to capture the same amount of information and light from a lower zoom length sensor than a 3x optical. What they were saying is that Google uses software to tweak their photo and improve the accuracy.

flagshipper, 09 Mar 2021wow... so small device with wireless charging and also some... moreIt's sad dude! The only reason why I'm not getting the Pixel 5 is because of its slow 18W charging, everything else is perfect about it. And Dave2d said the 1 thing wrong about the Pixel 5 is pricing, its specs would match a phone at $600 but Google wouldn't do that...

wow camera, 18 Jan 2021Help I have been going crazy the last few days youtubing go... moreYou could actually wait for the Pixel 6 as they will have big upgraded sensors, hence more detail, more contrasty and combined with Google software, better videos. For now iPhone 12 Pro is a good choice, also check out the Oneplus 8 Pro (cheaper than Oppo Find X2 Pro and having most of the stuff), Xiaomi Mi 11 and S20 FE.
Also, sounds like you need portrait mode, something that Samsung, Google and Xiaomi are best at.

To be continued. Draft mode only.
Spoiler Alert.
Bottom line.
Given the number of devices just in my household, and when compared against the functionality I need to support my image/video processing, Quickbooks, integration with my studio field camera and equipment, I find my Samsung S8 still out performing the Pixel 5.

In my household we have a samsung S8, S10+, PIXEL 4a, Pixel 5, and 2 old iPhones and one old working Motorola. (Not counting 2 tablets, 2 chrome books, one gaming laptop, 1 unix workstation, 1 small business workstation, and my adobe creative suite workstation.

It hit me.
1.What benefit do I gain from the pixel 5 over the other smartphones in the house
2. What do I gain or loose in terms of functionality between Android 9 and Android 12
2a) what apps work, work faster/slower, dont work,
3. What can I do with the phone to protect my privacy
3b) Can I change the operating system myself or am I prevented from doing it
4. What is the wireless wifi range from my current network
5. What is the max. potential wireless transmit and receive speed.How wide is the bandwidth (??)
6. What is the bluetooth range, transmit/receive speed
7. Can I actual stop my phone constantly pinging the nearest cell tower
8. Can I download the required area maps and use the gps without transmitting my position to others.

A series of standard use cases are needed to create a list of functions the phone must perform.

It will take me another month to complete my testing, but I though users should think long and hard - if your current phone is still working why should you get the pixel 5 or 5a

Sorry, to be continued

  • Az

Peter, 18 Aug 2021Hi all, I want to buy a pixel 5 but never used android comi... moreVisit google store on Sunday morning as google is restocking it every week and eventually goes out of stock in hours. I ordered one today

  • Peter

Hi all, I want to buy a pixel 5 but never used android coming from iOS but love the size and spec however, I notice that most shops are completely out! Is it because there are problems with this device? Has it been recalled? Sorry for asking but wanted to double check as the 4a is still available in all shops. I’d be grateful if someone knows or could let me know if they have had any experience. Thank you in advance

  • Gray

Mm, 20 May 2021Because the storage bus lane can be fully dedicated to inte... moreWhat is a memory bus lane

  • Mm

--voltaire9, 26 Apr 2021What on earth does having no SD card compatibility have to ... moreBecause the storage bus lane can be fully dedicated to internal storage, increasing overall performance, and reducing battery consumption,

  • Info

Third, 13 Jan 2021What does it mean on OS/ Software? 3 yrs of OS and security... moreIt means the Pixel 5 will get updated until Android 14 in 2023.

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2021For the guys wondering how’s pixel 5 performs well because ... moreWhat on earth does having no SD card compatibility have to do with performance???

  • Anonymous

For the guys wondering how’s pixel 5 performs well because no bloated skin, no sd card, no dual sim and no gimmicks features focus in performance even with mid range hardware.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2020Given the $700 price tag of the flagship google pixel 5 It... moreYou should stick with your Nokia phones lol.

  • Anonymous

Pixel 5 are remain the best android phone when it comes to symmetric even better than latest S21s, but build quality and hardware wise meh.

  • Nunya

flagshipper, 09 Mar 2021wow... so small device with wireless charging and also some... morethe CPU is a lower-end one than the 800 family, but it most definitely is NOT "ultraslow". I know, I have the Pixel 5, and the CPU (and RAM) are quite speedy. More than I thought.

  • flagshipper

wow... so small device with wireless charging and also some screen freq boost..easily rootable, quite decent battery, super LIGHT? sounds great! but then it goes downhill: ultraslow cpu taking you many flagship iterations back, no sd card, older usb, older ufs, fingerprint in the worst location possible, no jack, no notif light, slow charging, no wifi 6, no dual sim............ and this goes for a sky high price:/ this should cost

  • Johny

Where can i find the blue wallpaper used in the software and performance section

  • Anonymous

Google also needs to bring back HDR+ enhanced. Night Sight takes up to approximately 6.5 seconds (without counting the processing time) (proof: see Engadget's Pixel 5 youtube review at 11:45 , I have measured the duration), by the way, that's also the case with the Pixel 3a.
HDR+ enhanced is a fast Night Sight mode and only takes up to 2.5 seconds, if you don't zoom. Instead of an exposure time of 1/2-1s per frame, it chooses 1/5s per frame, so you get nearly always sharp photos with HDR+ enhanced whereas Night Sight often leads to slightly blurry = worse photos or you need to take the photo again, then it's basically 13s vs 2.5s (actually even more than 2x6.5s=13s because you have to check whether the image is blurry). So Google really needs to bring back HDR+ enhanced, which can nearly always produce as bright photos as Night Sight, if you use exposure compensation. Apple's night mode only takes 1-3s.