Google Pixel 5 review

25 October 2020
This year, Google has taken a drastically different approach with the Pixel lineup. Rather than pack a new Pixel phone with a high-end chipset and QHD screen, Google has instead gone the route of focusing on the overall experience. The Google Pixel 5 is this year’s Pixel flagship and there are some major changes for 2020.

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Anonymous, 22 Apr 2021For the guys wondering how’s pixel 5 performs well because ... moreWhat on earth does having no SD card compatibility have to do with performance???

  • Anonymous

For the guys wondering how’s pixel 5 performs well because no bloated skin, no sd card, no dual sim and no gimmicks features focus in performance even with mid range hardware.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2020Given the $700 price tag of the flagship google pixel 5 It... moreYou should stick with your Nokia phones lol.

  • Anonymous

Pixel 5 are remain the best android phone when it comes to symmetric even better than latest S21s, but build quality and hardware wise meh.

  • Nunya

flagshipper, 09 Mar 2021wow... so small device with wireless charging and also some... morethe CPU is a lower-end one than the 800 family, but it most definitely is NOT "ultraslow". I know, I have the Pixel 5, and the CPU (and RAM) are quite speedy. More than I thought.

  • flagshipper

wow... so small device with wireless charging and also some screen freq boost..easily rootable, quite decent battery, super LIGHT? sounds great! but then it goes downhill: ultraslow cpu taking you many flagship iterations back, no sd card, older usb, older ufs, fingerprint in the worst location possible, no jack, no notif light, slow charging, no wifi 6, no dual sim............ and this goes for a sky high price:/ this should cost

  • Johny

Where can i find the blue wallpaper used in the software and performance section

  • Anonymous

Google also needs to bring back HDR+ enhanced. Night Sight takes up to approximately 6.5 seconds (without counting the processing time) (proof: see Engadget's Pixel 5 youtube review at 11:45 , I have measured the duration), by the way, that's also the case with the Pixel 3a.
HDR+ enhanced is a fast Night Sight mode and only takes up to 2.5 seconds, if you don't zoom. Instead of an exposure time of 1/2-1s per frame, it chooses 1/5s per frame, so you get nearly always sharp photos with HDR+ enhanced whereas Night Sight often leads to slightly blurry = worse photos or you need to take the photo again, then it's basically 13s vs 2.5s (actually even more than 2x6.5s=13s because you have to check whether the image is blurry). So Google really needs to bring back HDR+ enhanced, which can nearly always produce as bright photos as Night Sight, if you use exposure compensation. Apple's night mode only takes 1-3s.

  • Anonymous

I hope that when the Pixel 6 is released, Google finally stops to spread lies. When the Pixel 3 was released, they said that their super resolution zoom was comparable with 2x optical zoom. It was a lie. In perfect light conditions without shadows it's even not as good as 1.1x optical zoom because there is basically no advantage at all (I have a Pixel 3a).
When the Pixel 4 was released, they said that their zoom was comparable with 3x optical zoom. Again a lie. One can even show (mathematically and based on tests with Bayer cameras) that due to diffraction, that's physically impossible, if "optical zoom" is meant to be a sharp optical zoom.

  • Anonymous

The dual sim (with e-sim) would be preferred

  • lulz

mnov5534, 05 Jan 2021Are you kidding? The headphone jack is gone, yes I'd l... moreYes, let's all take this guys sole experience on using microsd cards in regards to using them or not.

  • wow camera

Help I have been going crazy the last few days youtubing googling night and day. I currently have the huawei p20 pro which in good lighting takes very good pics. Now I love the pics im seeing from the pixel 5: the depth and contrast of colours.(I did notice the selfie is a abit of a let down compared to its rear camera. However from looking at video's of pixel look 50/50 some look grainy/and loss of quality. I do take pics more, but I still want the option to take good videos too. Now i did narrow my choice to pixel 5 vs iphone 12pro. i prefer pics taken by pixel but videos am i going to regret having poor quality videos?? or can the pixel match the iphone. Im tired of youtubing there's so many reviews that are blantenly biased. Now to confuse things furthermore i don't mind considering the oppo x2find pro.
I'm after a wow camera if there is a thing i mainly take pics of the kids and my cat (if that helps)-with google play services. Out of the three I have mentioned has anyone outthere tested all 3?
It don't help during lockdown that I cant go out and test a handet.
Any suggestions will be appreciated!

  • Anonymous

Third, 13 Jan 2021What does it mean on OS/ Software? 3 yrs of OS and security... moreInfact i want to ask same question

  • Third

What does it mean on OS/ Software? 3 yrs of OS and security updates?

  • Daud

Is it a good enough phone to play free fire or PUBG? want to take this phone for photography and office mail follow up

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2020Given the $700 price tag of the flagship google pixel 5 It... moreAre you kidding? The headphone jack is gone, yes I'd love to have it also, but let's face it, you won't be seeing many phones with it any more.

Expandable storage? No Pixel had ever had it. Honestly microSD cards are slow and prone to failure. Last time I used one was with my S5 which had 16GB storage.

And you want a bigger battery? Pixel 5 had the biggest battery of any pixel and as a heavy user I'm happy with the battery life / size weight of the device.

Some people just want miracles and no matter what they put in a phone, someone will always want more and for a lower price. If anything I would say they got the features right, would be nice if they spent a bit more on build quality and refinement.

  • Anonymous

Given the $700 price tag of the flagship google pixel 5
It's disappointing that it lacks a headphone jack and
A micro SD slot to increase storage and also it's
4080mAH battery should have been at least 5500 mAH
Given it's $700 price tag.

Austin, 29 Nov 2020Can someone please comment on the phone's primary spea... moreNo worries it's fine! I was really scared about this cause people write all sorts of things online but in reality it just works and I didn't feel annoyed or felt the quality of my calls was suffering whatsoever. It's different, yes, but it certainly isn't the worst thing that happened on planet earth as people tend to write. People exaggerate and create drama for no reason.

  • Mar52

Is this a step forward or backwards? But I do like the new design. And with the 765g the 🔋 power has vastly improved. In a world of HUGE phones the 6.0in is a bit refreshing, compact & lightweight. The only downside is that under display 🔊. Block the bottom one and the other sounds tinny, muffled & hollow? The price 699.00 USD plus tax, too much? Should have been 550.00 to 600.00 MAX!

  • Anonymous

Austin, 29 Nov 2020Can someone please comment on the phone's primary spea... moreI find that the earpiece is just fine for calls, I don't turn it up past halfway when calling in normal conditions.