Poco F2 Pro long-term review

27 October 2020

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The Beast Phone in Performance.......

  • Anonymous

Hutor, 23 Nov 2020Guys, somebody, how f2 pro with sony 1000 mx3? What about... moreWhich xm3 you mean.. tws or headphones.. yes foco f2 support ldac codec.. but only "headphones" xm3 support ldac.. tws only supports sbc & aac codec

The best phone.

  • Hutor

Guys, somebody, how f2 pro with sony 1000 mx3?
What about sound quality and is there LDAC format?

I bought this phone for 270 euros brand new blackfriday deal really excited for it.

Aspros, 02 Nov 2020I for one declared "saved" by this marvelous devi... moreI totally agree with your comment, not everyone wants to waste money on unnecessary features and I think Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco filled a níeche in the market.

I purchased this phone in June with 256Gb and 8G Ram.
I bought this phone for several reasons, 6.67" display (large display area) with no selfie cam, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack (which I still use daily) and is capable of reproducing HD audio 24bit and driving a pair of real headphones at an acceptable level!
It has decent battery life, in daily use the 33w charging is more than capable of recharging in around half an hour.
I also use the super macro camera regularly, this was a bonus for me as I use it for work.
I've also never experienced any Bluetooth re connection issues and I use 3 different headsets!
I initially overlooked this phone (was looking at OnePlus at nearly double the price) and in reality the quirky features this phone has (macro camera, pop up selfie, real headphone socket etc.) actually fit my needs better!
I see it a bit like it's an American muscle car with a V8 engine.
It may not have all the 'extra' refinements of 'real' flagships, but it'll get the job done belt and braces and probably beat you off the line at the traffic lights and down the quarter mile 😉.

  • Dasherken

Minas, 03 Nov 2020I wait until the price drop and i got it 2 weeks ago,im a h... moreIm a l2r player also. And this is really a heavy game. Specially sieges. But this phone i think is alright.

  • Scandidave

This obsession with high refresh rate screen is ridiculous

  • Minas

I wait until the price drop and i got it 2 weeks ago,im a heavy user of a mobile heavy game called l2r,if u think pubg and cod is heavy games try some online games with dungeons and siege with 150-200 ppl and u will feel what is heavy game,screen is 60hz which is what most games have and is more than enough,fancy 90-120 to scroll for Facebook is simple ridiculous and just waste battery for no reason,screen have no hole for any camera and it was my first like on the phone since i play for hours daily,battery life is among the best from any phone this year and what most ppl don't mention is the phone doesn't get overheating,for hours playing battery won't go above 34c and GPU at 45c and that while charging it,previous phone was Samsung with exynos and battery was at 41-43c with gpu going up to 65c with results throttling,first time xiaomi and so far very glad that i choose this phone

Android Authority, 02 Nov 2020Got it from Giztop. They ship it from their European wareh... moreThks

I for one declared "saved" by this marvelous device!
Coming from the 1+ 7pro and a 90hz display before most had any chance to it, i fell it is just a gimmick, unworthy of the battery sacrifice... Even with a memc chip, 1+ has failed to make it useful on the 8pro. The reason i chose the 7pro was performance and the very important for me notchless and hole-less experience. It has become a primary focus for my choices, the implementation of the punch-hole in the Samsung S10 class and 1+ 8pro and 8T is horrible, 15% of the screen is wasted and a burn in damage is imminent.
Also regarding the 120hz flagships, none of them plays a game i like, most Android game are still stucked at 30fps and we are lucky a handful of them play at 60fps,however all the 120hz have quite low battery lifes, which another major concern for me. I don't take selfies, i am not an IG model, i am not a gvrmtn agent. Sometimes i work for 16 straight hours, with 7pro i had to curry a power bank, so i don't mind the extra 20 grams, poco f2 weights if it means that now i don't have to curry an extra brick!! Also due to the much higher screen luminocity, the display is superior to any last year flagship. So, if you are like me, and your priorities are great battery life, the best performance out there, superb HDR contrast display without holes or notches, there is simply isn't a better device out there money can buy.
I can afford any phone, but i will not tolerate holes and poor battery lifes, i m grateful Poco made the right phone for me!!

Swordman, 02 Nov 2020Nice. Mi 10 Ultra is probably the best 2020 Android flagshi... moreGot it from Giztop.
They ship it from their European warehouse, so for European users we don't have to pay import charges.

  • Polaris

Sydnex, 01 Nov 2020For me the same, after miui 12.0.3 worse battery life... There's a tutorial on xda on how to fix the battery drain of MIUI12 on the Poco F2. After upgrading from MIUI11, I did that and did not encounter any battery drain. I did it again on subsequent versions of MIUI12 and so far so good.

  • Polaris

Ali Bin Jubayed, 01 Nov 2020Have you faced any issue with the pop up camera?No issues so far. You might need to do some tweaks when using it via Gcam though.

  • Anonymous

I think Poco should stop launching products and take some time to think what is needed. Just copying products is so bad.

  • RamanD

Poco had a very good starting but only one of the smartphones was impressive. Rest of them are simply nothing.

  • Mr.Polska

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2020Downgrade to MIUI 11 which came with the box. Planned obsol... moreNot every manufacturer lol, my Realme 6 is getting better with every update, huge increase in battery performance compared to out of the box

Android Authority, 01 Nov 2020Just checked out some water tests of Xiaomi flagships on Yo... moreNice. Mi 10 Ultra is probably the best 2020 Android flagship besides Note 20 Ultra (Snapdragon version). Where are you getting it for under €750 from tho? Might want to get one as well since my Mi 9 got some screen problems recently.

Swordman, 29 Oct 2020Uh I didn't mention Mi 10 Ultra at all tho since it mi... moreJust checked out some water tests of Xiaomi flagships on YouTube.
Seems like they can definitely handle the ocassional drops without any issues.
I think that helped me finalize the decision.

Had shortlisted the S20 FE fg previously, but I am getting such a good deal for the MI 10 ultra transparent version (8gb+128gb) for under 750€, complete with Play Store and play services pre-installed.
Will be the first Xiaomi flagship in our family.
Mostly used Samsung flagships in the past.