Poco F2 Pro long-term review

27 October 2020

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  • Jami Injamul Islam

Using Poco F2 Pro for last 6 months.Has a very good performance and Nice Camera.But Miui Software experience is not good at all.

The POCO F3 already got released, but this device still has an uninterrupted display.
I'm still quite impressed at phones with pop-up cameras (vivo NEX 3, POCO F2 Pro, and Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro)

Wish they'd actually bring it back, it's a much more worth it trade than some IP58 splash resistant rating.

  • Malcolm

Vindieta, 21 May 2021Yes, u're right. 90hz or more was only a feature to dr... moreYou are very correct bro

  • Vindieta

svdcons, 27 Feb 2021I KNOW RIGHT?!! As if they think adapting back to 60hz was ... moreYes, u're right. 90hz or more was only a feature to draining battery more. I don't care about how smooth u're scrolling or opening apps as long as the apps opening very fast, i prefer battery life over "useless smoothness".

  • mimz

when i updated, my notes lags, the keys becomes slower even if im typing fast, the letters starts to type very slow and the keypad hangs, sometimes it has its own mind to delete and insert some letters in between the sentences. So sad that it becomes slow, it all started when i updated the system.

An issue that is getting very little attention is the charging port malfunctioning and stopping the phone from being able to be charged. There are many reports on it, but Poco doesn't appear to be doing much about it. If you can't charge the phone it'll eventually become unusable pretty fast. A lot of the sellers of the phone appear unable or unwilling to try to fix it either.

  • minto

No soul, really? It's a phone. Bells and whistles? How about the IR blaster, the pop-up front camera and the macro lens.

  • Laurence

Twisted Tech, 20 Feb 2021It was honestly a steal when I got it for around €300 on Bl... moreHoly s..t. You're very lucky then :)

  • Anonymous

faysalmir, 09 Jan 2021The Beast Phone in Performance.......Yes and I am sick and tired to hear that crap they always try to find something bad with this phone what's wrong with you people a device like that at that price it's so fast sometimes I could not believe it the Poco f2 pro is A VERY GOOD DEVICE period who says otherwise he doesn't know what his talking about

Scandidave, 16 Nov 2020This obsession with high refresh rate screen is ridiculous I KNOW RIGHT?!! As if they think adapting back to 60hz was such a chore experience. It only took me 5 to 10 minutes to normalize back to 60hz, from +120hz display. "60hz iS oKaY IF yOU'rE BLA BLA BLA BLA", but then the next sentence be like "nOT uSiNG hIgh rEFREsH rAte WAS SUCH A BIG UNFORTUNATE"....
Yeah?? How about your review with iPhone 12??? That thing cost much more than this Poco F2, and you didn't even mind the fact that it's being 60hz.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending this phone or anything, but most tech-enthusiast nowadays just really likes being hypocrite and hyperbole everything, to the point they're really annoying as heck.

It was honestly a steal when I got it for around €300 on Black Friday. Totally worth it.

The Beast Phone in Performance.......

  • Anonymous

Hutor, 23 Nov 2020Guys, somebody, how f2 pro with sony 1000 mx3? What about... moreWhich xm3 you mean.. tws or headphones.. yes foco f2 support ldac codec.. but only "headphones" xm3 support ldac.. tws only supports sbc & aac codec

The best phone.

  • Hutor

Guys, somebody, how f2 pro with sony 1000 mx3?
What about sound quality and is there LDAC format?

I bought this phone for 270 euros brand new blackfriday deal really excited for it.

Aspros, 02 Nov 2020I for one declared "saved" by this marvelous devi... moreI totally agree with your comment, not everyone wants to waste money on unnecessary features and I think Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco filled a níeche in the market.

I purchased this phone in June with 256Gb and 8G Ram.
I bought this phone for several reasons, 6.67" display (large display area) with no selfie cam, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack (which I still use daily) and is capable of reproducing HD audio 24bit and driving a pair of real headphones at an acceptable level!
It has decent battery life, in daily use the 33w charging is more than capable of recharging in around half an hour.
I also use the super macro camera regularly, this was a bonus for me as I use it for work.
I've also never experienced any Bluetooth re connection issues and I use 3 different headsets!
I initially overlooked this phone (was looking at OnePlus at nearly double the price) and in reality the quirky features this phone has (macro camera, pop up selfie, real headphone socket etc.) actually fit my needs better!
I see it a bit like it's an American muscle car with a V8 engine.
It may not have all the 'extra' refinements of 'real' flagships, but it'll get the job done belt and braces and probably beat you off the line at the traffic lights and down the quarter mile 😉.

  • Dasherken

Minas, 03 Nov 2020I wait until the price drop and i got it 2 weeks ago,im a h... moreIm a l2r player also. And this is really a heavy game. Specially sieges. But this phone i think is alright.

  • Scandidave

This obsession with high refresh rate screen is ridiculous