Camera test: iPhone 12 vs. 12 Pro vs. 11 Pro

12 November 2020

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  • a 13 year old techie 48 MEGAPIXEL realme 6i can never with the iphone 12's 12 can the 12 megapixel sensor on the iPhone be better than my 48 megapixel sensor on my realme 6i? just asking hehe

  • JG

Thanks for the article.
Will go for the iPhone 12 vanilla (my mind was mostly made up after the 12’s screen upgrade), and that the 12 pro is now the same size as the 12... But that all comes down to the screen now.
Might have gone the mini (upgrade from my old trusty 7) but the screen width in portrait is narrower so depending on how you look at it the mini screen is smaller to me.

  • Midnigh7Rider

Nice review, thank you for the information I was exactly looking for!

leart78, 19 Feb 2021yes you are on your own dimension.. trolling may be not he... moreAndroid is totally capable now some even surpass iPhone s

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2020It's fair to compare an iphone to another iphone becau... moreyes you are on your own dimension..
trolling may be not healthy for you anyway..
it's not the 2012 anymore.. people don't go for android phones just because of brainwashing.. so just relax and enjoy your fantastic android device on your own

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2021wow congratulations more iPhonewhat you were expecting on a article that claims to compare two iphones genius?

  • Anonymous

wow congratulations more iPhone

  • Anonymous

Iphone vs iphone vs iphone. And the winner of this contest is... Iphone.

I love iphone 12 pro max am really in love with it

  • Eric

Terrible problems with the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

It's fair to compare an iphone to another iphone because they will loose the battle against android phones.

  • BN

iPhone 12 series are cool - still cool.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2020Mate 40 pro plus makes up for it with other things. All Apple gadgets is from China

  • uhhhhhhhhh

cherry, 17 Nov 2020It's the true tone setting, I disabled it on some phon... moreuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what

  • cherry

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2020DOES YOUR IP12 HAVE WARM TINT Does your IPhone 12 have y... moreIt's the true tone setting, I disabled it on some phones in the shops and it was gone, pure white :D I also hated the yellow

  • Smart boi

Best camera

These reviews are pointless.... Last year same iPhone 11 Pro reviwes on camera gave very high expectations and ratings, now they say 11 Pro Max looks bad in low light. Come back after 1 year, iPhone 13 Pro Max Great (May the New Name for iiPhones) taking great pictures, look at iPhone 12 Pro Max shots, very warm, dull looking, no details..... people are getting fooled.

Could you do similar comparision pixel 5 & 4a5g

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2020Do you know that all new professional cameras use sensor st... moreWhere did I bash the tech? How about you learn to read properly.
I clearly said mi 10 ultra stabilization is better than sensor shift stabilization of iPhone 12 pro Max. The implementation by Apple is as poor as the Auto mode on Xperia flagship.

Even the sensor shift stabilization of vivo X50 pro didn't produce any significant improvement over regular OIS.
It will improve in future phones but for now it is overrated.

  • Anonymous

This is the stuff that keeps me coming back to GSMArena :)