Poco M3 review

14 December 2020

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TheWanderer, 15 Dec 2020Latest is not equivalent to greatest, try to use your brain... moreThey could also use the 865, but if your point is that they could've used a better processor, just look at the price of the phone.

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2020It is the latest 6 series chip available from Qualcomm. Wha... moreLatest is not equivalent to greatest, try to use your brain. They could've easily used something like 675 or 730

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Alex 94, 15 Dec 2020I suggest u to read carefully my comments. I tested many Re... moreYou tested, meaning only for a short time at Realme store? That is enough for you to say Realme phones are good? Wow, never thought it's that easy a few minutes with a phone is already enough.
I am saying Realme have problems because I used a Realme 6. Before that, I have Realme 5 4/64. Realme 5 got plastic back that creaked when softly pushed and black lines on the display, so I returned it and Realme offered me a new Realme 6 8/128 with some money topup from me.
Sure, at first RealmeUI is very fluid like you said but after a month the system started to lag and stutter. Enquired Realme center, and they asked me to wait for firmware update. After a few updates, the lag is still there. Battery drain also getting worse for a 2 months old phone. The 90Hz display is also acting up because when the phone heats up, the touch response become erratic.
Since Realme wouldn't replace me with a new phone (they said my phone have no problem after I left it at service center for one week), I have to sell the Realme 6 after using for 3 months at a very low price. All I can do is vowed not to fall to the Realme hype again. So, now you tell me I know about Realme or not?

Example, 15 Dec 2020I suggest you use a Realme before commenting. For example t... moreI suggest u to read carefully my comments. I tested many Realme phones, like 6s, 6, 7, 7pro, and never experienced some problems. Realme ui is one of the most fluid in android phones. Phones have the same price in Europe with 1 year warranty, and 10% more expensive with 3 year warranty, which is normal. U, on the other hand never saw phones in real life, so stop spread lies

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Anonymous, 15 Dec 2020look at the price.... come on..!lols, it should be balance not just raw power. hahahaha

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look at the price....
come on..!

  • Pocorian

As xperia 10 ii, some good design specs phone spoiled by a lousy processor. I hope mid range phone will ditch snapdragon and use a dimensity processor.

I want to try this one just because of GSMArena's positive impression of the stereo speakers of this phone. I am not an audiophile but I am tired of my phone's mediocre mono speaker that every time I watch a video I needed to cup my palm on the bottom of my phone so that the sound will project towards me. So tired that I even ordered a brand new HTC U11, even though it's a 2017 phone, because I needed an affordable media phone that has good stereo speakers.

  • RichX

I don’t know about y’all but the camera takes ages to launch. I’ve missed a couple of moments because of this. It’s kind of a deal breaker, together with earpiece quality not good enough to hold a long conversation without asking the other party to repeat himself sometimes.

One plus 8 cyberpunk edition at home -

Oh my God, people are still complaining.. Have you seen the price? Looks like only kids are commenting these days. You know, the majority of people are not gamers but casual users who does messaging, social networks and some light photos, which anyway end up being uploaded on Instagram and Facebook. For day to day tasks this phone is absolutely fine! I don't know why GsmArena didin't mention it but this phone also supports Hi-Res Audio for a good audio quality through headphones, and with a big battery it's almost a perfect multimedia device. Not everyone needs super powerfull processor and tens of gigas of RAM.

  • JM

Please have a video Review on youtube so we can clearly see how well yhe device works on day to day task.

Swordman, 15 Dec 2020Redmi Note 9S cost like $100 more. Poco X3 is a btr option tho. Costs 100 more? Where are you seeing those prices?

In amazon.de like the article shows the price is around 180, redmi note 9s is about 180 too...

If you compare in Aliexpress from China, Poco M3 is about 130 and Note 9S is about 150 so close enough. Note 9S is a MUCH better deal.

If you can import from China Poco X3 is even better for around 190. Much superior phone.
This M3 is suitable for kids as the first phone for example, nothing more than that.

I found the cyberpunk joke very funny. Poco M3 is a good phone for that price

Nic2k83, 15 Dec 2020Finally a review that actually mentions that the audio is r... moreHey, I doubled check that and the audio is stereo, though the bitrate is still low at 96kbps.

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Anonymous, 14 Dec 2020Kinda sad the M3 is not really worth it, I mean sure it is ... moreSame case like the Mi 10T, the Poco M3 is much cheaper in SEA. It starts from €121 for 4/64, and can get even cheaper (€102) during sales.

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123pi, 15 Dec 2020Oh! Have you tried it? Is it that bad? I ordered as a gift,... moreFor normal use, it's fine. And firmware updates already improving the app switching lag. Besides, it is decent for gaming with the stereo speakers.

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Alex 94, 14 Dec 2020Realme is much better deal. Dont be folish with this batter... moreI suggest you use a Realme before commenting. For example the Realme 6's 90Hz display has ghosting problem, dim brightness and RealmeUI still buggy after updates. Price-wise Realme only cheap in India but price increase in other countries. Realme 7i is MYR999 while Poco M3 is MYR699 in Malaysia. That is MYR300 ($74) difference for a phone using same processor.

123pi, 15 Dec 2020Oh! Have you tried it? Is it that bad? I ordered as a gift,... moreNever tried it since it's only available online. It's not even my ideal phone since I mainly target the SD700 or SD800 series SoC for myself.

Bodygard, 14 Dec 2020Don't buy this...as MKBHD said this is very slow and l... moreRedmi Note 9S cost like $100 more. Poco X3 is a btr option tho.