Samsung One UI 3 mini review

30 December 2020

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  • 27 Oct 2021

hello, I'm using S20plus and I couldn't get to download and the install the new one 3 and android version 11

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    • Anonymous
    • QwU
    • 21 Aug 2021

    Worst update☹☹☹☹

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      • Asad
      • 6Pd
      • 03 Apr 2021

      Anonymous, 31 Mar 2021No runs way better! skins are clunkyWe dont get the android version of 11 so when we it the 11 version in Samsung a71

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        • vaj
        • 31 Mar 2021

        Anonymous, 01 Jan 2021Stock android ui is ugly.No runs way better! skins are clunky

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          • Hiroh
          • ajg
          • 28 Feb 2021

          Absolutely hate the new update. My phone runs slower than ever, the edge lighting settings are so restricted now, apps like messenger sucks and causes my screen to freak out... My phone literally decided to update on it's own and it is probably one of the worst updates I've had on a phone. Hopefully some bug fixes come out or they give back users some of their control back.

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            • gWF
            • 28 Feb 2021

            I can use headphones while casting to Chromecast from Smart View. Using the Chromecast button doesn't allow you to use headphones unless you plug headphones to TV. I'm going to postpone for as long as I can.

              When will galaxy A70 get One UI 3.0 Update

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                • 26 Feb 2021

                M K Gandhi, 07 Jan 2021Most annoying thing about is, forcing you to use their apps... morethere is something called adb, go look for it. i uninstalled huawei app gallery using that thing

                  It appeared 2 tinny perfectly horizontal dead lines on my S20+ after this update... At lower part of the screen, 1" apart each other... I wonder if it is a software bug or hardware problem that coincidently happened short time after the update... It seems to happen some bugs when playing video stories on Instagram too...

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                    • Renzy
                    • PS$
                    • 15 Jan 2021

                    Did anyone noticed One UI 3 reduced Benchmark scores. I wonder why?
                    I couldn't get above 900 SC GB5 and 3100 MC GB5. I know it shouldn't matter for everyday performance but just curious as to why..

                      I like the one ui from Samsungs stock android is messy. And you have more options than stock. And I don't have any bloatware on the phone.. The things you don't need you can remove. So I don't understand the fuss..

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                        • Klein775
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                        • 11 Jan 2021

                        newpuroo, 03 Jan 2021kidding me? i thought all a9 devices were killed after pie updateI dont thnk so, i am not too sure about it but for example i have a Galaxy Note 8 and got stuck in 9 Pie. but because is a 2017 phone, maybe the A9 could get their last major OS

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                          • Klein775
                          • PXv
                          • 11 Jan 2021

                          M K Gandhi, 07 Jan 2021Most annoying thing about is, forcing you to use their apps... moreSamsung designed One UI so to dont look like android, they want the customers to think im not using android, im using samsung. If you think about it, when google bought motorola was to say to samsung that they need to get rid of some bloatware if not, google will start developing their own smartphones, nexus was their initial idea when the manufacturers would put the hardware and google the software and finally in 2016 google pixel was revealed

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                            • sedge65
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                            • 11 Jan 2021

                            Anonymous, 07 Jan 2021It is sponsored app, the developer paid samsung to put thei... moreOr root your phone?

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                              • tA$
                              • 07 Jan 2021

                              Anonymous, 06 Jan 2021Samsung please give an option to uninstall Facebook and Net... moreIt is sponsored app, the developer paid samsung to put their app on OS, it is allowed by google, and you can't install it, even you are using other brand, every brand had their own sponsors, if you don't like it, buy iPhone iOS or Pixel or Old Nexus which using Vanilla Android, and noted that now some brand put some hidden ADS inside their OS and you can't get rid of it

                                Most annoying thing about is, forcing you to use their apps and there is no way to get rid of them.
                                2 stores (play and galaxy), 2 messages, 2 pay app.

                                Sometimes I can't even clear off a samsung galaxy app notifications. I have to sign up to samsung services or notification wil stay their forever.

                                OneUI is looks good but not worth it. No control to user.

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                                  • ben
                                  • 34n
                                  • 06 Jan 2021

                                  Coming from a Google Pixel to Galaxy S20 I just wish Samsung would let me chose stock Android instead and cherry pick the Samsung apps I want. The only Samsung stuff I like is the ability to send audio to 2 bluetooth devices at the same time and DeX.

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                                    • at1
                                    • 06 Jan 2021

                                    Samsung please give an option to uninstall Facebook and Netflix totally not only app logo or disable option we are the buyers of $1000+ phones not you Samsung.

                                      Note9 User, 04 Jan 2021Ah I see you've already tried. I'm no expert, bu... moreThank you, no luck either... It is that recent apps list is reduced to four apps, I don't know if it is only "my" problem or it is "feature" of OneUI 3, if other people observe the same behavior I'll try to bug report this to Samsung.

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                                        • Krisnawan
                                        • tDG
                                        • 05 Jan 2021

                                        Nicely, but still lockdown 😭