Oppo Reno5 Pro 5G hands-on review

18 Jan 2021

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  • Yeeet

Javed, 13 Sep 2021I an thinking to purchase new oppo reno 5 pro and need opin... moreIt was a great phone from inside till outside. It have a great texture and a good performance. The camera lens module will glowing at dark and the texture of back glass cover is smooth and it show different colour when you change different position. The camera is great since it have 64MP and the ColorOS have a smooth experience. The disadvantage of it were it will be prev gen phone half year later

  • Javed

I an thinking to purchase new oppo reno 5 pro and need opinion (reno 5 pro) users.is it good mobile or have same issues...
Please reply me..
Best Regards

  • Anonymous

Akshay Thakur, 24 Jun 2021Don't buy this phone becouse this phone have many prob... moreThis fhone is good fhone.

Great performance and gaming fhone...

  • Akshay Thakur

Don't buy this phone becouse this phone have many problems
1 poor camera
2 night selfie was also poor
3 after use camera phone heat up
4 you don't record 4k vedio in outdoor becouse phone heatup in 3to4 min
5 at charging time phone also heat up

  • Rajesh pattar

Phone is good but. *call recording problem is more* so don't buy the Mobil oppo reno 5g or 5 g pro don't buy pls.....

  • oliver

This phone has a really good camera section and of course the Dimensity 1000+ does a commendable job for performance

Syed , 11 May 2021Can anyone tell me. Should I buy this phone or not??? If u use this device for gaming, u shoul reconsider, if for photograpy i will recommend it. So many features in camera app.

I'm using this phone less in a month, this device become so hot when i'm playing pubg mobiles, also other game apps that i play, this device overall is okay just this issue make me uncomfortable to hold it for a longer time.

  • Syed

Can anyone tell me. Should I buy this phone or not???

  • CTa

Used for 3 months previously using (mate20 overall satisfied) oppo reno5 pro... Battery drain soooo fast full charged last for 5 hours with normal usage reply watsapp and fb.. Is anyone facing same issue no wanna sell off battery life too short..

  • DannyM

I picked up this phone in Feb and giving this review after 3 months of usage for work from home.
Build wise the phone is good, packed with similar features when compared to other phones in lower ranges also.
Problems what I faced were excessive heating of the phone, specially while using hotspot. I have a WiFi connection, but when there is power outage I use the hotspot, as well as the zoom call app on video mode, within 5 mins of usage I get a message phone is too hot switching off the hotspot, and the phone used to be very hot. Due to this pandemic I can't even visit the service centre to resolve this. But the heating issue is the only thing I have faced. I used to have a Redmi Note 4 prior to this and never faced heating issues with above usage for almost and hour. Not sure if Oppo has been looking into this.

I really love this phone, it can fully charge in 30 minutes.

  • G.

Not sure if they will really review the phone. But here is my conclusion so far after using for 2 months:
Performance with Dimensity 1000+ is very good. Can easily handle all of the games including those big titles but can get a little warm during gaming due to the thin and light body, but it does not throttle.
The amoled screen is really good as well, 90hz is good for me but some may prefer 120hz.
Battery life is good and the charging speed is awesome, 30-40 mins from 0-100%.
Camera is good. Not flagship level but it will not disappoint you.
Color OS on Android 11 is better than expected. Clean and smooth with lots of customization.
12GB RAM/256GB base model.

I can say in the same price range, there are definitely other devices that offer better specs like Snapdragon 865, 120Hz screen or better camera etc. However, none of them have the same thin, light body and good design like the Reno 5 Pro. If this is something you care about, you can go no wrong with this phone as I think it is one of the most balanced phone out there.

  • King

Network very slowly

  • Dave2975

Rajiv, 02 Mar 2021I bought this phone last month , overall this a very premiu... moreYes I've got this phone and it's the best ive had even better than the previous Samsung..kudos to Oppo!

  • Ahmed

What the type of sensor primary camera oppo reno 5 pro 5g

  • Rajiv

I bought this phone last month , overall this a very premium smartphone in this budget over any other brand's smartphone.👍

  • review tech

SteveFOX, 19 Jan 2021Just too expensive. At this price, Oppo should either have ... morehey you get a silicon case a type c earphones and a 65watt brick out of the box where do you get this anymore in 2021....m11 came out wid no wall charger neither earphones like other flagship brands😏

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2021Yup you said well Good Riddance to SD Card Good Ridd... moreAnd then Screenless phone, that will be a miracle!
Screen is also ancient technology, older than sd and 3.5mm...
What a riddance!

  • Anonymous

Waw! Be somebody with new technology