Samsung Galaxy S21 & S21 Ultra hands-on review

19 Jan 2021

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-973296, 20 Jan 2021no 1 needs an IR sensor on a phone... it is the single most... moreI control my AV receiver, Air Con many models, tvs and so much more with the ir blaster on MI phones. It is so very useful because unlike a normal remote these don't stop working

  • Anonymous

AnonD-973296, 20 Jan 2021no 1 needs an IR sensor on a phone... it is the single most... morePretty obnoxious post.
I can think of plenty of scenarios where it'd be useful.
In particular for me , if my girlfriend is asleep in bed and I don't want to rummage around looking for the TV remote waking her up, I just do it on my phone which is always easy to grab as it's on charge on the nightstand.

  • Mpsb

Id love to have some RAW files to download and edit!

  • Sem

Its a shame that huawei isnt in the game. They where a alternative for a Iphone!!!

  • Alex

jb, 23 Jan 2021Well I'll be moving from a mto g6 play to the S21 Ultr... moreYou'll notice the difference if you'll move to any phone from Moto G6, even 5 times cheaper than Ultra :-)

  • Ferdous

Please provide a complete review of S21 Ultra asap.

The quality of the photos is clearly very poor. The ultrawide lens is blurred over 70% of the image, while the main lens is too sharp, lacks detail, etc. Just look at the vegetation. The lower left corner is blurred. I really don't understand this note and enthusiasm about the photo part.

  • Aloop

No offense to Samsung, but images produced by Huawei flagships are still at least 100% finer-looking.

  • jb

Well I'll be moving from a mto g6 play to the S21 Ultra so I should notice a difference


Interestingly the review rating has gone down from samsung s9 4.7 to S10 4.4 to S20 and S21 4.2 which seems to indicate that the samsung s line has been degraded. S10 was the last with headphone jack S20 the last with expandable memory. Personally if I were to buy a phone in this class I would choose sony 5 II which now both has headphone jack and expandable memory. Hopefully samsung will come to their senses like they did with samsung s7 which in contrast to s6 include expandable memory and sony 5 II which included expandable memory in contast to sony 5 I which did not. For me it is baffeling that high end android phones from samsung has less features of the cheaper kind like Samsung Galaxy A32 5G which has both headphone jack and expandle memory.

Nothing really exciting, they even removed some features that are actually useful, but they'll charge you for gimmicks and specs only noticeable on paper... and yes, their software sucks.

sixtymes, 21 Jan 2021@danwat1234 all the flagships that use the 888 will have th... moreThere won't be any 2.5nm chipsets, it will be 3nm.

  • Anonymous

Many reviews have been posted, but as usually most reviewers seem to be quite bad and are not even talking about edge sharpness. Phonearena mentions that the edges are soft and in a video by supersaf there is also a crop where you can see a pretty soft edge. So I think the wide/ultra wide issue might be a common issue.

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Iphone 4ever, 21 Jan 2021Not so great...sorry. Camera is meh...the menu is moreNo,hate iPhones

  • Anonymous

travis999, 21 Jan 2021Even uglier than than the 20's,and it's still a p... moreRubbish,my mate has had his Note 20 Ultra since August and not a single slow down or issue

  • Alex

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2021well, that review does not contain full sized images. From ... moreExactly, who the heck puts 480p image samples for review!? But even those have visible problems, like "color is usually accurate" sample has bluish fence sign (with orange letters, on the right). The first portrait sample has washed-out skin texture on the guys forehead (top-left). 10x zoom sample is bluish and pixelated even on 480p image.

  • Alex

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2021Please list out all the bloatware that you can't disable... All the Bixby junk, Games Tools and Services, Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass, Samsung Internet, Samsung Cloud, Email - just from the top of my head. And I haven't even started on so called system apps... What makes me totally furious is that I can't even revoke Phone and Text permissions for this cr.., wtf Samsung!?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]well, that review does not contain full sized images. From 480p resolution is hard to tell man:DD
But, if you look at mrwhostheboss video comparision at 4K res, you clearly see those mushed images. Even Arun points out that! So clearly this is not only gsmarena foulty devices, there is something really wrong with samsung processing. I mean S20 series looked much better in terms of details.

  • sharp

travis999, 21 Jan 2021Even uglier than than the 20's,and it's still a p... moreYou need to drag your behind out from 2014 and stop living in the past. Samsung phones no longer exhibit slow downs and haven't done so since the S8 series.
Very poor basis of argument if you haven't tried a Samsung phone. Good luck trying a new HTC phone out, they might bring one out soon if they don't go out of business lol

  • Ofek Neuberger

In fact, the 108 megapixel camera is actually the 4th gen. Since the first sensor was introduced (s20 ultra) they made 3 more and the one they released now is the best one.