Moto G 5G review

27 January 2021

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  • PEq
  • 25 Dec 2023

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2021TrueBD prices in official phone

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    • Wardy
    • mE0
    • 30 Aug 2023

    Elki, 06 Jul 2023After a year of use, the battery is swollen. The rest of th... moreDid you over use your battery? How often did you charge etc. Thanks

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      • Elki
      • GBh
      • 06 Jul 2023

      After a year of use, the battery is swollen. The rest of the phone works fine and its a great phone overall, but I cant believe the battery is so bad. Even my Moto E5 Play had a better battery and lasted three years.

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        • Debbie
        • m5G
        • 28 Mar 2023

        This is my second time of using Motorola phone and am impressed 👍 wow you guys did a great job with this phone 🤳 it been two years since I started using it and everything is going perfectly fine I enjoy everything about it but the problem now is I drop my phone yesterday and the screen is bad please how do I repair this screen in UK because I cannot afford to lose this phone I got it in Dubai though 🙏🙏🙏

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          • motog5g1
          • U@$
          • 07 Oct 2022

          Does anyone know how to activate 5g in Motorola motog5g Indian version(XT2113-3) without accessing CSC mode through dialer app, means non invasively?
          Or, when will Motorola activate the option to choose 5g from mobile sim menu?
          Thank you for you time.

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            • Kiran
            • uuv
            • 27 Mar 2022

            Specs are good in paper but real life Performance is not so good as expected, battery only lasts for 6-7 hrs with moderate use, changed battery and still battery performance not improved, I was a Motorola fan but now disappointed with this phone

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              • 7}R
              • 12 Dec 2021

              Francis.Attie, 07 Nov 2021To solve the bugs on this Device, flash it with Android las... moreI also faceing same problem with battery.worst

                To solve the bugs on this Device, flash it with Android last version avalaible. First download and install specific software on Windows, called Lenovo Motorola LMSA Rescue Smart Assistant.

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                  • Narendra
                  • D09
                  • 09 Sep 2021

                  I was purchased moto G 5G in Feb 28 th 2021 this mobile battery 🔋 is worst .I expected 5000 mah battery life is atleast one day but I put full charge in the morning the battery is empty upto 4 to 5 hours.i went to service center they were updated software.I after that also no improvement.again I went to service center.they were not resolve the issue.i am telling don't purchase this mobile.

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                    • Kaypee
                    • X{g
                    • 24 Jul 2021

                    Never buy. Poor camera quality. Camera lagging problem but the company refuses to accept.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • DkS
                      • 31 Mar 2021

                      vety problem in this phone. sound and camera clarity problems plse do not choice

                        Just bcoz of 5g mid-range chip Motorola have degraded all other specs, from looks to screen it all sucks. Look at redmi note 10 pro max it's not 5g but it's still far ahead of this phone. Lenovo really needs to learn from xiaomi.

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                          • Arush
                          • wpi
                          • 01 Mar 2021

                          The newer device is almost identical to the Moto G 5G Plus in terms of design and hardware.

                            I am not happy with the lack of water & dust resistant and wireless charging.

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                              • James
                              • atq
                              • 01 Feb 2021

                              Anonymous, 29 Jan 2021Unfortunately i agree with you and like a lot of Motorola b... moreNot Google running the show now that's why they're cheap n nasty

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                                • James
                                • atq
                                • 01 Feb 2021

                                Motorola are basically a different company now from the handsets that had weak chips in so you can't really compare

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                                  • AnonD-961600
                                  • StU
                                  • 31 Jan 2021

                                  Motorola specs and design are ugly and dated.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 4gw
                                    • 30 Jan 2021

                                    Mi 10i is much better than this

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                                      • 3SR
                                      • 29 Jan 2021

                                      RishE, 29 Jan 2021Motorola needs to work on their camera optimisation and des... moreUnfortunately i agree with you and like a lot of Motorola but don´t like the current designs, they feel cheap

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                                        • RishE
                                        • Dke
                                        • 29 Jan 2021

                                        Motorola needs to work on their camera optimisation and design. I remember the past moto phones with circular camera module and premium feel; moto X4 for example. Nowadays they make cheap looking and hefty phones.