Moto G9 Power review

29 January 2021

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  • Tjaveri

It was performing so well, suddenly it failed to get charged up.service center guys can't locate the problem.within 9 months it's gone!

  • Anonymous

General Zod, 02 Aug 2021Problems being reported about suddenly not being able to ch... moreHappened to mine after a few months. Fixed for 25GBP in local phone shop

  • General Zod

Problems being reported about suddenly not being able to charge these and them dying. I can verify this as I have a dead one after 20 days.

  • Molly Malone

The camera on this phone is amazing. I photograph professionally and I am impressed with it. It is capable of taking photos similar in quality to my 2000 dollar digital camera. I downloaded some editing apps and the results were mind blowing. The rest of the camera is ok. The screen is so sensitive that it drives me a little crazy since it jumps to things before I even touch the screen. Also I hate the swipe back feature that replaces the back button. The sensitivity of the screen is constantly pushing me back to the previous screen when I'm trying to scroll. It's annoying. The battery life on a charge is impressive. That and the camera are the selling points. The rest is pretty much the usual fare.

  • Anonymous

Farsi saport ok?

  • pr0fesor

what is display protection, is these gorilla glass?

  • Ramki

Now Call Recorder available this phone

  • Killer duck

AnonD-961600, 04 Feb 2021Yea that's what i was thinking. I'd buy a Motorol... moreI already bought this phone seems to work fine

  • AnonD-961600


Are dead, because they don't use snapdragon 865 or 888 chips on thier phones.

Blame the POS CEO's for that, that's what happened to BlackBerry thinking not yoo use highend socs, BlackBerry Nokia killed themselves like HTC.

  • AnonD-961600

motokiler, 30 Jan 2021Does this shit have sms delivery report? Lasttime i had mot... moreYou can install paid premuim sms apps which has premium content cost £4, than relying on basic sms apps.

  • AnonD-961600

AnonD-973296, 02 Feb 2021who would use that, we are not living in the 1800'sYea that's what i was thinking. I'd buy a Motorola with a snapdragon 6 series chip or 8 series chip which is 3 or 4 or 2 years old phone than this trassssh.

  • AnonD-973296

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2021Except for the lack of E-compasswho would use that, we are not living in the 1800's

Looks decent not bad the big screen wouldn't be a problem for me - I like big screens just a solid functional phone that does the job smoothly

  • Anonymous

dyslexic alien, 31 Jan 2021I am writing this comment from a G9 power. Although I was i... moreExcept for the lack of E-compass

awesome specs but way too big, i'm keeping my g8 power

  • Anonymous

The 64 megapixel Quad Bayer quality seems to be impressive. It seems that Lenovo/Omnivision can handle the Quad Bayer high resolution mode much better than Sony/Samsung.
In an interview Omnivision said that Omnivision's algorithm for Quad Bayer sensors can recover 90-95% of the Bayer quality.
Though the Xiaomi 10 Ultra has an Omnivision sensor, too and Xiaomi seems to just upscale.
Usually Quad Bayer sensor high resolution modes are equivalent to Bayer sensors with 30-50% of the pixel count because Samsung and Sony rearrange the pixels, which leads to artifacts, noise and lack of detail.

I am writing this comment from a G9 power. Although I was initially apprehensive of its size, it is manageable unless you have small hands. I don't notice the hole in its display because I use cutout hide option. The phone is optimised for long usage. Camera potential can be realised after a proper Gcam port. Fast charging wasn't required. I use my old 5v 2A charger for this phone. It is healthy for battery life. Little to no bloatware compared to Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, etc😏
You can gift this phone to your old family members too. Increase the font and display size. Back panel has a nice texture for a firm grip. Earpiece speaker is loud in my opinion. I could overhear a phone conversation sitting 1ft away. Also, it has the 3rd best standby time. For its price, it squeezes in as much specifications as possible. Ask anymore stuff and you will reach the Moto Fusion price range.
NFC+audio jack+SD slot+Qualcomm. Nice package overall👌

  • Aloop

AnonD-973296, 29 Jan 2021tbh the photos are really good, although there is a little ... moreYes, but Moto is so inconsistent is this regard. Similar models with similar camera setups can often produce different results.

  • Joe

kg, 30 Jan 2021Not much happened sins p2 same endurance but lost oled disp... moreUsually bimonthly security updates, Moto take forever to update the OS version and one version bump is all you can expect for the G series. Lenovo is similar in this regard, but security updates happen more sporadically.
I prefer less frequent updates but stable performance to the first 6-12 months of the phone constantly receiving updates which fix serious bugs that the end users shouldn't have had to have in the first place (It's almost like the manufacturers expect us to do the QA job for them at times) but YMMV. :)

  • Allen

I bought this phone. It was nice at first but deep down 8ns8de it had software issues. Power button next to volume so you're constantly locking the phone by accident. My service absolutely sucks. Intermittently cuts in and out. Buy a gallexy or iphone.