Motorola Moto G10 review

19 March 2021

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  • Rhimes

Don't buy a Motorola because they will put you on a spam call list where you can't block the number by the normal android process. I am sure they make money doing this.

  • Anonymous

Yet if you read carefully on the comment section you find the Xiaomi with that awful MIUI.
The lackluster camera of the OnePlus
The realme is better still you have to get used to color us

That's the deal the moto G10 is easy experience out of the box and believe me is still a great easy phone to use and works like a charm.

So what mobile phone around the same price can better this for the camera and more responsive???

  • Anonymous

Zappo, 20 Mar 2021One thing to note about Motorola is their updating. They st... moreyou g7 is still getting regular updates? the motorola security update page lists the g7 as not getting updates anymore, I guess it depends on your region because here in the UK I have had nothing but late updates from my motorola devices after maybe the g4 on upwards.
my g2 and g3 were quite good at getting updates...but others were every 3 months if lucky.

where as my samsungs and nokias had very timely updates , the oldest current samsung I use is a galaxy s9, and nokia was a 7 plus and a 7.1....but again it could be region specific

  • Anonymous

the camera resolution issue from switching between ultra wide and standard lens can be fixed or bypassed by using the pro mode, the issue doesn't seem to be in this mode.
in pro mode I can switched between ultra wide and standard, and the resolution changes to the correct 12 or 8 mp respectively.
plus the lag issue when hdr is activated in the auto mode, doesn't appear to be hardware based as I have used adobe light with hdr and raw capture at the same time, no lag between pressing the shutter and actual image capture.
plus gcam works with no lag issues, I used 8.1 version by BSG sourced via xda.

So I am guessing the few issues on the moto g10 photo capture are software based, not hardware.

images come out surprisingly crisp if given the time .... I only used gcam to see if there were transferable issues or any image improvements , but I intend to work on getting the best out of the stock camera and lightroom as they are official apps

  • Good Phone

Very happy with motorola. From experience I know point blank from owning Huawei that motorola is so much more reliable and less cliches. Motorola is a good phone. Samsung? Don't know, anyone know anything about marketing and money. Explains the outcome of samsung and iphone.

  • meh

for me any phone that has a chin is ugly. I don't like the notch either, but that is less of a problem

  • Stretch

Really like Motorola phones but no compass so bought a Samsung A20 couple years back. No regrets.

  • Gunjan

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2021I bought one and tried to return it 2 days later, but could... moreYou may use Microsoft launcher, it's having good ux.

  • Anonymous

I bought one and tried to return it 2 days later, but could not due to Mertro's policy. I don't like My Motorola Phone one bit. It's hard to navigate, apps are one endless jumbled scroll. I could go on, but sufice it to say, I'm very unhappy and $250 in the hole

  • Ernest

I want screen n touch complete to replace my motor e5 n how much in Ghana cenis???

  • Zappo

One thing to note about Motorola is their updating. They still send regular security and OS updates to my Moto 7, which is aging a little now. I suspect other brands may not be so supportive, but I would be interested to know.

  • Anonymous

With all these great phones that had been released recently, gsmarena decided to do a review for Moto G10 probably just because it's from Motorola . If we are in next month I will think gsmarena is trying to do April Fool.

  • Anonymous

No, 20 Mar 2021Bezels thicker means no more mistouch, android is plagued b... moreIt's even better to go back to the good old big bezels, if they can't reduce the bottom bezels. It's a step backward, but it's much less embarassing if they actually want to make a true bezelless screen design.

  • No

Bezels thicker means no more mistouch, android is plagued by mistouch issues and it's good to have thicker bezels

Same mistake of Samsung. Big glass area in camera module.

  • Anonymous

An0n, 19 Mar 2021Hi GSMArena, conclusion, seriously Realme 9T? Best review a... moreNew device, realme 9T

This phone should compare with redmi 9t. But for both of them, redmi 9 with g80 soc is the beast. Best budget phone believe me.

  • An0n

Hi GSMArena, conclusion, seriously Realme 9T? Best review as usual, but unfortunately the device is forgettable.

Well at least the chip is better than the phone am using which is Infinix hot 9 play somewhat trash and slow