Samsung Galaxy A52 review

25 March 2021

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  • Anonymous

My current phone is a Zenfone 5, which has a SD636 with 4GB of RAM. And I can play Genshin Impact reasonably well and phone doesn't heat up when watching YouTube or scrolling Google, so does this phone have any problems with the above? Like heating up with just YouTube and Google? I assume Genshin will be fine as it's a much better chip.

  • Zephyr

Bought the 256G version of this phone recently for my wife @ US$459. She plays simple games like Tetris and Suduku, uses WhatsApp a lot and takes the occasional food or selfie photo.

Compared to her previous phone - the OnePlus 6, this phone is buttery smooth and has a solid battery life. It does not have the slow finger print sensor or the drop calls that the people in this forum has complained about.

She loves her new phone. (Happy wife, happy life) 😉

  • What

Brian, 21 Aug 2021I don't understand why so many people lying about this... moreWdym the fingerprint works and you must be using it for gaming the samsung a52 is a camera and resoloution phone

  • Anonymous

Brian, 21 Aug 2021I don't understand why so many people lying about this... moreWhat are you talking about? I have the exact same phone and it works just fine. And also, just keep in mind that this is bearly half the price of your normal flagship phone and your still getting the promised 3 years of OS updates, lots of ram, a high quality camera, OIS, water resistance, One UI 3.1, high refresh rate. This is a good phone... I dont understand why you dont like it so much. It may not be the winner against other brands but if you are a samsung man and has a very tight budget, This is the way to go. Trust me you wont regret this. Unless you are a gamer and need a seriously fast processor or a person who needs flagship features like samsung dev, then this phone is not for you!

  • Dude

Talking to that person who said this phone was a piece of crap. First of all, This phone is AMAZING! I have one myself. Second of all the fingerprint scanner is very accurate. And keep in mind that you are getting this for less than half the price of a flagship, and yet it still has 3 Years of Promised Software Updates, IOS, Upgradable to 8GB of ram, A high refresh rate, water risistance. Yes, maybe this is not the best phone for your money. But if your a samsung man and is on a budget, then this is the way to go.

  • Anonymous

eve, 30 Jun 2021my current is samsung s9+. should i switch to a52? No

  • Ruki

Best phone I ever used, loved the features ❤

  • Brian

Charlie1, 04 Aug 2021Samsung A52 5g is a real disappointment. Fingerprint sensor... moreI don't understand why so many people lying about this phone I read the review on is goog phone is a piece of crap drop calls fingerprint scan does not work

  • Brian

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2021Phone drops calls all the time . Fingerprint sensor is a wa... moreI have the same exact issue with mine A52

  • Ana

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2021I had picked a different phone upon going to the store they... moreA52 it's a great phone
I have it. I love it

  • Anonymous

I had picked a different phone upon going to the store they decide to order me the a525g . Upon looking at the reviews I'm afraid to get the phone it was supposed to be delivered by the 16th now they say it's a back order me so I'm still waiting but will definitely shop around for something else

  • Anonymous

Phone drops calls all the time . Fingerprint sensor is a waste of time does work most of time. Wifi calling is not good at all . 499$ and no better thN my 100$ phone do not recommend

  • mrackki

any 1 get annoyed by camera set middle?

Samsung A52 5g is a real disappointment. Fingerprint sensor not reliable .does not work half the time . Drops wifi signal often . Does not have apps lock . This phone is a pure disappointment. Huawei phones are way better than Samsung. If I could go back I would have upgraded to a Huawei rather than a Samsung.


Nikco, 02 Aug 2021Is there a figureprint sensor yes , implemented on the screen

  • Nikco

Is there a figureprint sensor

  • Anonymous

I think my phone is faulty... My touch screen does not work at all. I haven't been able to open my phone in 2 days.. i think my phone is a faulty phone i guess.
This is the second time it happened, on the first time it suddenly it started working after the phone had an system update. I'm done with this phone personally

  • ShemuL

I'm planning to buy this phone A52 Samsung is best phone ever....!😀

Issue with Samsung phones start with updates.

I own a Samsung M30s, since I dont play games, it works fine as a daily driver. I was able to uninstall most of the preloaded apps as soon as I bought the phone. One UI doesnt have ads or useless preloaded apps ( Netflix , Fb etc..we anyways normaly use). Camera "was" very good in daylight.

Issues started after updates
- Battery life reduced

- Option to keep HDR always on was removed from cam settings and was replaced with Auto HDR, so it might not trigger always n ruins pics.

- In one of the updates had white balance fix for camera, and since then the daylight pics dont come out good. You may see overexposed images.

If you are buying a Samsung phone, buy their flagships. My dad's galaxy S7 is still smooth as fluid and has a great no frills single cam. Still takes great pics.
I have myself used S2 for 4.5yrs but their flagships now cost a bomb.

Avoid A52, its not worth the price.