Motorola Moto G100 review

31 March 2021

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maple syrup, 16 Apr 2021What's up with Motorola these days . There ability to ... moreI 100 percent agree Moto is a good make and should be up there with Samsung apple etc

beep bop boop, 31 Mar 2021Moto could be on its way out the door no matter how good th... moreI think there are so many makes of phone on the market at the moment giving everyone a wide choice of phone it is really down to personal choice Samsung apple and Xiaomi are now strong among others Motorola were so close with a few of its phones spec wise which I really like they just need a good flagship which could be built on the edge series I do like the edge lite not sure what others think

  • OlegSht

Ordered Moto Edge S 256gb/8 GB from Aliexpress for 400 USD.
Installed Google Play etc... Very good for a price.

  • John

Kan, 08 Jul 2021Interestingly no one talk abt moto edge s.. Imo everyone s... moreThat may sound tempting, but the Edge S doesn't have Sub6 5G network. This one does.

  • Anonymous

"there are better ones for the money" this con say it all. I just have one question for the author : WTF

  • Kan

Daz, 02 Jul 2021Does this phone have Gorilla Glass or dragon trail glass or... moreInterestingly no one talk abt moto edge s..
Imo everyone shd import it from China and learn to flash the ROM. It's ONLY usd 260ish..!!

  • Daz

Does this phone have Gorilla Glass or dragon trail glass or no protection at all?

  • John

Really cannot understand why anyone would pick the Xiaomi Poco F3 over this phone. While they both uses the same SD 870 chipset, the Xiaomi only wins for screen. For more practical real-world features, this Motorola has it all from headphone jack and microSD card support all the way to front ultrawide camera and Ready For Desktop Mode. Just about the only essential feature missing from this Motorola is the offline FM Radio support, or else this would be a solid compelling replacement for the LG V50.

  • Dude

beep bop boop, 01 Apr 2021if you are a Moto user, how the hell do u not know that Mot... moreI waited a bit and payed less than 400€. That's a bargain for such a fine 5g device. The phone is simply great.

  • Anonymous

Is it just me or is the camera better than the iPhone 12 in the photo AND video comparison tool, especially low light? Something about the Snapdragon 870 ISP that makes a middling sensor into a champ, just like the A13 in the iPhone SE

  • Anonymous

maple syrup, 16 Apr 2021What's up with Motorola these days . There ability to ... more16GB ram for phone? What do you do? Run blender on this?
😂 Even 4-6GB are more than enough these days.
Phones with 8+ GB rams and still they don't keep more than 7-8 apps in memory useless.

  • Anonymous

maple syrup, 16 Apr 2021What's up with Motorola these days . There ability to ... moreBasically something like the Xperia 1 III

  • maple syrup

What's up with Motorola these days . There ability to concentrate on one flagship phone
is less than zero. The edge plus had potential minus some important key features. That
would give the consumer some bragging rights. Instead Motorola took the easy way out.
This what ide like to see in there phones before i consider to buy them. 120hz refresh rates.
Dual speakers ( not mono ) More Ram - a minimum of 16 gb would be refreshing. Dump
the fragile plastic . stick with aluminum. The Latest Gorilla glass . Better cameras night
shots and close ups are a disaster . manually apply focus . Recording in 8k with a 4k
screen . Faster charging . 65 watts across the board. Snapdragon 888 will level the
playing field. More accurate finger print scanner . surface that doesn't attract finger smudges. 512 gb internal and 1TB SD card with 16 or 18 GB ram. Geek bench
score should reflect a company's commitment to its products. 3400/3600 for multi core score. 550/ 650 nits of brightness . Less bloat ware . keep the headphone jack

  • Anonymous

That chin with those double punch holes and the forehead.. Nightmare fuel.

  • Anonymous

I like it, but i'm not sure about the 21:9 ratio.

  • Anonymous

why no amoled

  • Kubis001

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2021It's not a made up thing :) Check out Poco F2 Pro for... moreDon't want to defend Xiaomi, but can you show me one phone forum not having any problems. You will find ton of complaints on Samsung/Apple forum as well...

  • Anonymous

Screen protection is important

  • Samis.

I love moto phones presently I am using nexus 6 model. Moto are nice and smart to use.

  • Anonymous

i0S.-.Never.-.Again, 03 Apr 2021The Poco F3 pro with 120hz Amoled display and 480mah smalle... moreWith an EXTREMELY aggressive task manager that kills apps in mere minutes, no matter how much RAM is available :)
So I wouldn't try to look so "smart" when the truth is actually different. Not only that, but MIUI uses tricks to reduce the framerate whenever it's possible without telling you.
Motorola locks the 90hz completely, hence the reason for the "lower" battery life (unless you put it on adaptive).