Samsung Galaxy A72 review

29 April 2021

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  • Sam

A72 Always on display flicker when if touch for unlock (what ever way choose for unlock screen from always on display every time flicker whole screen then unlock screen) when in the dark room whole screen light emitted like backlight and when i press finger scan for unlock display flicker once then unlock the phone do let me know about the reason

  • Kraken

Sam, 01 Oct 2021Shame on u samsung U still using snapdragon 720g Yes, especially at this price.

  • Sam

Shame on u samsung
U still using snapdragon 720g

  • Anonymous

I hate Samsungs pro mode


WorkingClassMan, 13 Jul 2021I wish the face recognition system on my A72 was a bit fast... moreGo to setting and turn on touch sensitive

How good is portrait? In the review it says person's face is not tack sharp in focus.what do you think about it?

  • Miacu

In the review for A72 it says about portrait having persons's face not tack sharp in focus. Does anyone can confirm that? Thank you.

  • Anonymous

ampstone, 26 Jul 2021Is Samsung A72 Has Radio Built in ?Yes

  • ampstone

Is Samsung A72 Has Radio Built in ?

Yes me too. Just bought it for 2 months but now i regret buying it. Should have bought s20 fe for a very slight difference price. For me it is too expensive for a mid range when you can get a flagship with similar price

Eflexy, 12 Jul 2021Mine Opens in One Click, Even d Face Recognition... I'... moreI wish the face recognition system on my A72 was a bit faster but it does work in a bit dark environment. The fingerprint unlock is quick enough for my liking. Sometimes it does not recognize my fingerprint. However, I think this is because I use a screen protector and that thing gets a lot of fingerprint smudges.

  • Nens

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2021Just one day of using it and I'm already annoyed. The ... moreOf course it doesn't work in the dark, it doesn't use infrared like Apple does, you shouldn't expect different from a mid-ranger

  • Eflexy

Trenton, 17 Jun 2021Although, a telephoto seems hard to come by at a decent pri... moreMine Opens in One Click, Even d Face Recognition... I'm Almost Suprised at Seeing People Drop Below Par Comments About d Biometrics. My Friend Using s20 Ultra Was In Awe, He Actually Thought It Was S Series. I'm Happy I Chose It Over s20Fe 4g.

  • Anonymous

Just one day of using it and I'm already annoyed. The biometrics are pathetic. The facial recognition doesn't work 5 out of 10 times. It never works in the dark. The finger print sensor doesn't work 9 out of 10 times literally! I'm soo irritated being locked out of my phone for some 30sec because this phone has hopeless biometrics. My 3 year old honor phone works better at sensing my finger. The other I phone I have you just have to glance and it unlocks. Such waste of 35k.

  • mike

joe, 14 May 2021so far so good.. the battery have 4850mA, not 5000 (adverti... morelast update eats battery alive..

  • Rbx

Excellent phone overall but Samsung should have sticked to the three slots configuration (2 Sims and 1 SD) like the A70 and A71 instead of forcing potential buyers to choose between their second sim or their SD card.

fg63, 16 May 2021And the telecamera, 3x optical zoom. Great camera, same lik... moreAmolG9
Hi. while recording video, is custom zoom level of 1.1 1.2. ...1.9 available?

  • Levi

Fins, 09 Jun 2021It is only one sim card storage? Not in dual sim? Pls. Ans... moreHi. I recently purchased it and good news for you, it has dual sim

Coming from a galaxy s9+ duos lilac purple Belgian variant with 64 gb of storage.

Lost "performance" and lots of functions that I never really used. 90 hertz for daily usage.

The other phone got battery software draining and even factory resetting by the recovery didn't do anything.

This A72 is awesome... why paying over 1000€ when we can have a phone for basic daily usage for ±400€


  • Trenton

Brostar, 06 Jun 2021Why did they ruin this series, smaller screen to body ratio... moreAlthough, a telephoto seems hard to come by at a decent price. Along with a big battery (5000mAh powering a small 8nm SoC), it seems to be great for video production, aside from the apparent inconveniences (slow CPU, slow fingerprint scanning and slow charging). Great review, GSM!