Poco X3 NFC long-term review

7 May 2021

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  • Anonymous

No Android 10 navigation gestures available, old poco launcher is shit, mi system launcher is way better

  • Stanley

This is wrong. My Android 11 update for POCO X3 NFC came since beginning of April and miui 12.0.7 as well in late April.

  • Amigo

This phone has minor issues which trouble u like a mosquito. Face recognition not so great even finger print unlocking.
Has problem while using USB tethering.
Internet gets disconnected every two minutes.
This is horrible. I don't know. When they are going to rectify this problem.

  • Emman

How long we will wait to update our poco x3 nfc to android 11 and this phone have an issue. Im always playing CALL OD DUTY MOBILE. It turn into black screen not only in a single game but twice or more than..in just in 1 game only.

  • gringo

HNP30, 11 May 2021Again, the back is plastic and the frame is aluminum for th... morethey are wrong

Please gsm arena don't use Gospel word in here

Again, the back is plastic and the frame is aluminum for the NTH time.

The original review says it all and don't you think I can distinguish aluminum from plastic?

"The front panel is a flat piece of Gorilla Glass 5, then comes the glossy aluminum frame, and finally - the plastic back we've shown already."


  • Anonymous

gringo, 10 May 2021it's not because you read that the frame is aluminum t... moreYes Xiaomi have practised cheating but I’m surprised if that’s true

  • Anonymous

marilonblues209, 09 May 2021No antenna lines, no aluminiumI have it's not plastic!

  • gringo

Anonymous, 10 May 2021It’s aluminium. The back panel is plastic.it's not because you read that the frame is aluminum that it is true ... NO, IT'S REALLY MADE OF PLASTIC (FRAME+BACK), otherwise you will see antenna bands !

Xiaomi cheated !

  • Vince

Phone always overheating, few time when that happens the phone will go haywire

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 May 2021Is plastic.It’s aluminium. The back panel is plastic.

  • Anonymous

HNP30, 10 May 2021Why don't you drop your phone sideways to realize that... moreIs plastic.

  • Nick

I'm using since January 2021. Not facing any kind of issue. No lag no overheating, no major bugs, decent cameras, battery life and charging speed is very good. Everything is working fine. Keep the price in mind. Some people complain about LCD panel, but they are not looking the price how much can you get in 250 USD. And the LCD of poco x3 is not bad, it is one of best in low midrange segment. I played games 3-5 hours daily mostly PUBG COD and A9. Not facing overheating. So plz stop complaining, better buy flagship models of samsung and apple if you are expecting flagship performance. In that price you can buy poco x3 for whole family... Stop misleading others.

  • r0cken

There are in fact people, that need NFC much more than they need 120hz display.
120Hz display is a kinda of a gimmick, honestly, while NFC is an actually useful, even necessary feature.
If every phone had NFC, just like every phone has Bluetooth - one wouldn't need to mention it. But unfortunately, it isn't the case.

Why don't you drop your phone sideways to realize that the frame is made out of aluminum and not plastic as the reviewer mentioned in his review? It is aluminum and only morons can't distinguish aluminum from plastic.

  • Anonymous

Already outdated chipset with newest version available,,, so forget it

  • Nick

I have this phon for 3 months, there is some bugs in camera when you want change to ultrawide in pro setting

Bought this phone to use as a cheap backup for the gym/work. Seemed a decent phone, smooth software, good cameras and great battery but I simply could not stand the ghosting. Most of my use is scrolling through text and while in motion all text just bleeds into an unreadable blur. Swapped it for a Moto 5g and much prefer the screen and more stock android software.

How is this long-term review, not any different from day one review.🙄 Though you mentioned the X3 pro and F3, which came out later, are the only contenders to the X3 despite the price difference. Quite difficult to choose among the three if budget can be stretched to the F3. The X3 Pro is better for gaming but might not matter?