Realme 8 5G review

15 May 2021

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  • Anonymous

since it has 18 watt charger out of the box, can i get a 30 watt charger and use it on realme 5g to get faster charging time?

i asked the same on realme store in my neighborhood and she told me using 30 watt charger will not make charging faster. it will be just the same as 18 watts because the product is designed to charge at 18 watt speed only.

has anyone tried this? i'm really concerned about this because i have a mate 8 phone and the charger broke. the charger they sell that is intended for mate 8 does not do fast charging. i tried a more powerful charger (i dont know how much). it does fast charging but it really messes up the touch screen while charging, almost impossible to use while charging. so i need to know before buying a new phone

awesome phone.up to now there is no hanging issue

  • Stathis

I have it one month and I like it very much
The only problem is that specially in the beginning I was feeling the radiation on my hands.
I think it is because of the 5G, it has more powerful antennas.

  • Renji thambi

Mothilal, 24 Jul 2021Dear friends please don't buy realme8 5g moreVery good mobile no hanging issues use clean and update correctly no problem

  • Sena k

Worst worst worst Android 11 phone, I have never seen such phone. Now I'm regretting after one month of buying this 3rd grade phone. Nothing is good in this realme 8 5g 8gb ram phone. Camera 3rd grade, graphics 3rd grade, game 3rd grade etc. If u r interest in camera. Don't buy this phone, if u r Gamer, don't buy this phone. Definitely u ll regret as I'm regretting now. U better go for other options. Please please please don't buy this phone, u ll regret

  • Sakilan

Sattya, 16 May 2021I have been using this device from last week . previously I... moreIs it working well until now?

  • Mothilal

Dear friends please don't buy realme8 5g going be hanging,automatic restarting ,touch was not working social media apps was not responding overally mobile was not working and there is no response from service centre,they are saying throughout into the dustbin.service centre respond was very badly and there is no warrenty and mobile replacement..please don't purchase this mobile REALME 8 5g mobile

  • Kk

Ovel all phone is good you can bye it because I bye this phone

  • Jatin Bansal

Please tell me realme 8 5g phone in best for all features

  • Anonymous

Daz, 15 Jul 2021Which is the better phone, this one or Realme 7 5G?Realme 7 is the best, 120 hz better cpu weathershield port

  • Daz

Which is the better phone, this one or Realme 7 5G?

  • mithlesh

when phone calling data not use

  • Writer101

It's been less than a month and the phone has started acting up. I am someone who does not download many apps or loads the phone. Yet, whenever I try playing any video the screen becomes pixelated, the screen turns black and switches off on its own. It switches on after some time whenever it feels like.
Called the company for it and it has been over 10 days since they have taken my phone or contacted me. If I try calling them no one answers the calls or the mails.
REALME IS THE WORST! Please do not buy it!

Curious, 24 Jun 2021Another point is both phones have same chipset, 5000 mah ba... moreIt's not all about ui in battery life. Video playback and standby and all that depend on the battery optimization not ui. The performance does get affected tho

  • Curious

Anonymous, 17 May 2021I wonder why i has more antutu score than Xiaomi Redmi Note... moreAnother point is both phones have same chipset, 5000 mah battery and 90Hz LCD but the Redmi has better battery life especially in video playback? Heavier MIUI should be less efficient, but the battery life proved otherwise. Can you explain that?

Anonymous, 17 May 2021I wonder why i has more antutu score than Xiaomi Redmi Note... moreIt's because of optimization and miui is very much heavy

  • Crazy

Guys believe me camera on this phone haha very funny sample of gsmarena is not match don't know how but
I tried camera on this phone quality is very very very poor washed over saturated
I said very poor

The display turns off and then never turns back again. We can hear the ringer and everything but the display doesn't work. Many people had the same issue, even after replacement. Trash Realme
My friend got this phone.

  • MasEnha

Seems a better alternative than Poco M3 Pro, however the price will be more expensive (by much).

  • Anonymous

786, 19 May 2021Why would anyone buy this over Samsung S8, S9, Note10? W... moreNot everyone could afford that, this market segmentation is for midrange