Realme 8 review

18 May 2021

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  • Sathish

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2021just download gcamHow...Can u give me link for downloading Gcam for realme 8 4G

  • Anonymous

Dave, 20 Jun 2021Noah, are they really good cause I want to buy my favorite... morejust download gcam

  • IPhone Official

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2021Plzz tell best camra mobileBest camera LOL

  • Anonymous

Plzz tell best camra mobile

  • Dave

Noah, 19 Jun 2021A nice camera for this price range 🙂Noah, are they really good cause I want to buy my favorite allrounder(Realme 8) and gsmarena tend to confuse me.

Even on youtube, people don't criticize the cameras and display as gsmarena did.

well, whatever, I would buy the phone but, I just want to know if they are good.

  • Noah

Anonymous, 23 May 2021How is the camera of Realme 8 (4G) ?A nice camera for this price range 🙂

I would like to suggest something.
I have no doubt that “”
Is the no.1 place to look for smartphone specs.
I think people all over the world will agree to this.
You should make contact and collaborate with all major brands to update the specs of their devices properly and enrich the consumers with more info.
Because there a lot of tech enthusiasts who are willing to understand the hardware in more details.
I was finding phones with dual-band gnss (dual-band A-GPS), but, I realized that there are many other phones with this feature but not mentioned in the specs therefore not coming up on the search list.
And, I was also eager to know what chip are they using. Because there was the chip used by the xiaomi mi 8 phone which was first gen and then came the upgraded second gen chip.
Some people are often eager to know the exact sensor used for the cameras.
Now-a-days many people want to know wether the camera has a night mode or not.
I also found many phone specs lacks vital info.

I think, if the manufacturers are willing to cooperate, the information could be rich and accurate.
They must understand that when we search for phone specs, is the first place we go to which is mostly much easier than to find the specs from the brands’ own websites.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 May 2021Let me guess, Poland.Italy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 May 2021Where i live is not cheaper and Realme 8 is also avaible in... moreLet me guess, Poland.

  • Anonymous

After updating its ram become so filled...only 3,4 gb remaining..didn't like this

  • Anonymous

Best phone love with it

  • Anonymous

How is the camera of Realme 8 (4G) ?

Bodygard, 20 May 2021If you want a budget, buy the Note 10, bought one for my ne... moreTrue

  • Noreen sohail

Recording system is useless because recording sound to hear other one so plz improve recording system no sound

  • Anonymous

Super phone for starters

  • Anonymous

dont take points for design, when you can get one w/o the ugly slogan and try the cam with diff app like Gcam, most of the stock cam apps on budget phones are trash anyways :/

  • den

Pls gsmarena realme 8 5g doesn't have dimensity 800u it has 700

  • Andres

DARE TO flood the market with mediocre phones

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 May 2021Why the really tacky "DARE TO LEAP" on it? If y... moreyes to whom is this slogan? to young kids to brag dare to leap ? they will lose many customers if future realme phones have this hideos slogan on back :( i like my realme 6 it has a nice discrete logo on back nothing more.

  • Anonymous

Yoedi16, 19 May 2021Note 10s is cheaper, clean back case, smaller front bezel a... moreWhere i live is not cheaper and Realme 8 is also avaible in black without text