vivo V21 (5G) review

1 June 2021

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Rashid , 03 Jun 2021In competition section, reviewer said to go for expensive o... moreAbsolutely, GSMARENA suggests the Redmi Note 10 Pro is more expensive. In the UK the V21 5G is up to £150 more expensive than the Redmi - vastly more expensive.

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    • Dylan
    • RII
    • 08 Jun 2021

    Been used this phone for few weeks now, overall im satisfied with the phone. Although the battery only 4000 mah, but I only need it charge once a day and it fast charging too! I love both of the cameras and the performance is also pretty nice

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      • Shivakumar
      • rKA
      • 07 Jun 2021

      Even though I never seen such waste phone like v20se. Even lower end mobiles we can use the data while calls from another sim. VIVO was not having that.. I had enquired about that to the executives and they said that vivo was not having this type. So be carefull

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        • K.
        • svt
        • 06 Jun 2021

        ErectileReptile, 05 Jun 2021Vivo v21 or Redmi Note 10 pro ???Redmi Note 10 Pro

          Vivo v21 or Redmi Note 10 pro ???

            [deleted post]I am not sure that I understood your comment.

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              • 03 Jun 2021

              AnonD-994853, 02 Jun 2021Best selfie phone is probably still Pixel 3 and 3 Xl for ph... morego and read vivo v21 vs iPhone 12 pro @ xda

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                • gun
                • Nue
                • 03 Jun 2021

                I wish GSMARENA has a button for previous page when reading a review on their website

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                  • Hassan
                  • 6p{
                  • 03 Jun 2021

                  Vivo start price from Sky and gett down on earth after 2 month

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                    • yalim
                    • T4}
                    • 03 Jun 2021

                    somehow,I feel like vivo is going to pass oppo and xiaomi in a few years.they have a much better price bracket and powerful specs/camera.

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                      • Rashid
                      • 6p{
                      • 03 Jun 2021

                      In competition section, reviewer said to go for expensive option redmi note 10 pro, however it is 48k pkr for 8gb version, however vivo v21 4g is being sold for 60k...

                        Interesting how this phone with 4000 mAh scores better than Samsung and Redmi with 5000 mAh.. Is the software optimisation that good or the chipset efficiency? Because it has a really good score for a battery not that big.

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                          • Dave
                          • Nue
                          • 03 Jun 2021

                          Realme 8 is indeed a powerful phone

                            Does OTG mean over the grid
                            I told my roommate that I'd be OTG on the electric bill

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                              • Flo
                              • mhw
                              • 02 Jun 2021

                              Dc dimming option?

                                The mobile phone looks beautiful, the style is good, the workmanship is exquisite, the screen is large and clear, and the system is powerful. It is great for watching movies and listening to music.

                                  I like it very much, the phone camera function is good

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                                    • AnonD-994853
                                    • tDQ
                                    • 02 Jun 2021

                                    Best selfie phone is probably still Pixel 3 and 3 Xl for photos. It is super detailed, has wide angle, and both support night sight. For video, Iphone 12 and S21 series are one of the best. Since both allows for HDR amd 4k60fps stabilised footage. While overall, i have to pick Huawei Mate 40 Pro for the best balance of all of them. And maybe S21 Ultra as second option

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                                      • deept
                                      • 61E
                                      • 02 Jun 2021

                                      Jude, 02 Jun 2021I actually wonder why vivo didn't use a better chipset... moreProduction and shipping costs are the main reasons. Wages in assembly countries are also different from China.

                                        Anonymous, 02 Jun 2021I'm not sure why tiny built-in speakers would matter s... moreI have an LG V20 with one of the best mono speakers even today. There are times where I forget the headphones and it's strong for when I'm on my own.