vivo iQOO 7 Legend hands-on review

7 June 2021

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  • Daniyal
  • gMC
  • 03 Jul 2023

I qoo 7 is best phone in life

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    • Raghav
    • KS6
    • 01 Jun 2023

    Shshsh, 27 Aug 2022How can i get another cover 😭😭 just like it Visit any Vivo authorised store on saturday and sunday and ask for general cleaning and change of cover and screenguard. they give it for free.

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      • Shri
      • KSw
      • 24 Nov 2022

      This is the legend of the phone..

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        • Shshsh
        • s89
        • 27 Aug 2022

        How can i get another cover 😭😭 just like it

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          • Pikulious
          • u7Y
          • 11 Feb 2022

          ven, 06 Feb 2022i bought it in feb2022, I still feel superior 🤣Me too bro!!

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            • ven
            • rJU
            • 06 Feb 2022

            Anonymous, 09 Jun 2021What about software?? Does iQOO get regular bug fixes. Wha... morei bought it in feb2022, I still feel superior 🤣

              • R
              • Rinil
              • X%e
              • 04 Jan 2022

              Iqoo lags so behind in software areas ..I can't even connect to my pc...and the worst part is with primary camera can't able to take a pictures of moving objects...always getting blurry images ...

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                • Anonymous
                • XTL
                • 08 Oct 2021

                I really like the phone, and it's splendid gaming performance.
                Overall, this is a fantastic beast; the only thing I was concerned about were the scratches. Because I love the gradient finish strom black and I don’t want to kill that appearance by using cases so I had to go with full clear body protection from Gadgetshieldz. Both are gorilla glass protected.

                  • j
                  • jese22623
                  • 8@R
                  • 08 Oct 2021

                  How can I remove the pin if at the time of resetting it asks me to do so

                    • P
                    • Pav
                    • 7k9
                    • 04 Aug 2021

                    Anonymous, 11 Jun 2021Samsung S20 FE 5g is way better than iq007. 1. It's S... moreIq007 has lot of software issues

                    I can't sync mïy contacts

                      • V
                      • Vamshi
                      • D0b
                      • 17 Jul 2021

                      No details about front and back glass is they protected with corning gorilla glass or any other glass

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 7tS
                        • 04 Jul 2021

                        Jeetdazz, 03 Jul 2021Is it available offline? No

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                          • Jeetdazz
                          • gNS
                          • 03 Jul 2021

                          Is it available offline?

                            • F
                            • Franzver
                            • H5C
                            • 30 Jun 2021

                            The battery in the iqoo7 is way better then in many other phones with bigger batteries. I've got the screen on 120hz continuously and have at least power for 36 hrs. and I use my 7 a lot!

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 7kp
                              • 27 Jun 2021

                              Vamshi, 21 Jun 2021Can any one tell me what protection used for display is it ... moreEven I'm not finding any official information about the screen protection used in iqoo 7 legend. I hope it has gorilla glass 5..

                                • V
                                • Vamshi
                                • D0b
                                • 21 Jun 2021

                                Can any one tell me what protection used for display is it corning gorilla glass

                                  Wow... So according to you, we should judge all Chinese brands based on your experience of Poco f1 which was a Budget flagship years back.
                                  Rest of us are living in 2021, and don't believe in superstitions about Chinese brands.

                                    Mr.Polska, 13 Jun 2021Samsung boasts about updates, but isn't the faster nor... moreIf you think Samsung has bugs wait till you try Chinese handsets. They are bug fest galore. My Poco F1 had an update that dropped the battery life by 25%. I had to wait 4 months before they launched a new update that fixed the battery life issue. Chinese brands give you the best hardware for the money but skimp badly on the software experience.

                                      Anonymous, 14 Jun 2021Only poor people care about resale value. In two years, mo... moreLol rich people don't buy Chinese phones :P They buy Apple and Samsung flagships for 1 lakh plus :P

                                      Those cost 4 - 5 times these cheap phones.

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                                        • Iqoo 7 Fan
                                        • fCZ
                                        • 15 Jun 2021

                                        Full review please, waiting for a proper review from a trusted source for nearly months now......