vivo iQOO 7 Legend hands-on review

7 June 2021

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Anonymous, 10 Jun 2021This is a well defined, all rounder phone. Due to this, I a... moreIf you're considering Snapdragon 865, then why not buy IQOO 3? It has 3.5mm jack, high end audio and SD 865, upto 12 GB RAM, Samsung's super AMOLED Screen, plus you'll save some good cash you can use for accessories and overall get a better experience.
As of now S20 FE is 38000, while base model of IQOO3 is on for 25000 during the Flipkart sale.

I don't think better service of Samsung is a big factor as not everyone needs to visit Service center in the life of a phone. Plus, even phones with 4 year old updates are doing ok so its not an urgency.

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Anonymous, 10 Jun 2021This is a well defined, all rounder phone. Due to this, I a... moreThis one

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Anonymous, 10 Jun 2021This is a well defined, all rounder phone. Due to this, I a... moreHave you taken a look at the Asus Zenfone 8. Great pricing for a solid flagship. But not for everyone due to its 'mini' stature

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Anonymous, 10 Jun 2021This is a well defined, all rounder phone. Due to this, I a... moreSamsung S20 FE 5g is way better than iq007.
1. It's Samsung, so after sales service is always better than vivo. I have read many issues with the service center of the vivo.
2. Samsung has changed its game now. It's providing three years of android upgrade and one year of security update. All in all 4 years of updates. That seems to be way more than enough for any mobile. S20fe 5g comes in android 11 out of the box. Regarding iq007 i am not sure what upgrades are being provided.
3.The Samsung UI is always better than funtouch. It contains a lot of bloatwares and push notifications. Where as Samsung's

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This is a well defined, all rounder phone. Due to this, I am confused whether to buy IQOO 7 Legend or the S20 FE 5G? Any thoughts?

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This phone deserves a proper GSMArena review!

Riki, 09 Jun 2021iQoo 7 legend supports 5 5G bands so it's quite future... moreWe were discussing IQOO 3, and the guy plans to keep it 3-5 yrs..
But, reg. 5G, if we have to choose between "just marginally faster than 4G" or "mighty fast with many new towers swarming like bees in our concrete jungle", then doesn't that mean we've reached the end of this speed race?

If you note, 4G's biggest innovation was that it sent everything in data (sms, call, browsing) so it made towers so simple and cheap, they were like radio towers of 60's, and could be planted even on roadsides.
Result? India's 4G data price is about 1 cent per GB, this cheap.

Commercially, will 5G be a success like 4G was?
Don't get me wrong, but 5G concept with its towers everywhere, sounds mighty expensive compared to 4G, and we have Corona which might last few more years.

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James, 09 Jun 2021The Snapdragon 888 has thermal issues on many devices unfor... moreNo offense but sd888 is a 5nm die, it's a new generation but the first one in 5nm so it has potential to improve.

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Samath N8 808 owner, 09 Jun 2021Thank you so much bro for the response. You're right, ... moreiQoo 7 legend supports 5 5G bands so it's quite future proof in that regard. 5G may not be required but it's intigrated in sd888 (and probably in all upcoming SoCs) and going by that logic, you can access most web content on 3G too, tell me who is using it now. We could soon see cloud based gaming becoming common if 5G provides the right speed and latency just as video streaming has become so accessible these days (gone are the days of downloading and watching content). I don't oppose the decision to wait for a few months to let the speculations clear out, but I don't see a reason to buy a non 5G phone right now unless you want to change it in a year.

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RishiGuru, 09 Jun 2021As an user of iQOO 3 for last 5 months, I rate it very high... moreWhat about software?? Does iQOO get regular bug fixes.
What about developer community? Does it get gcam?

RishiGuru, 09 Jun 2021On Indian context, buying a 5G enabled phone with support f... moreThank you so much bro for the response. You're right, unless its clear which 5G bands we'll have licensed, no use purchasing a device on it. The last time I checked, Indians were discussing among 2 bands, one which was just a slightly faster 4G (sub 6mm or something), and another higher speed one which doesn't have the range, so it needs a lot more towers in a city. Either ways, seems we've reached the end of this race.
Of course, 5G model also has 12 GB RAM, but again I believe we don't need that either, for next 2-3 years at least.

Flipkart Axis card we don't have as of now. But we'll try in our contacts.

Samath N8 808 owner, 09 Jun 2021Of course bro, I know that. I've been following your r... moreOn Indian context, buying a 5G enabled phone with support for one or two bands is a complete marketing hoax. It a way to suck more money from consumers. I avoid it at any cost. I will only think of 5G when our country determines the spectrum and allocates them to carriers. And then carriers provides 5G on reasonable prices. That will be 2024 or later. After all who needs 5G in home when you have a GigaBit ethernet connection on WiFi. And I do not want to watch a 4K movie on the go over 5G in a tiny 6 inch display of a smartphone.

If you or your friend owns the Flipkart Axis Bank Co-Pay card, you guys will get insane discount on Flipkart. When I bought the iQOO 3, I received INR 1K flat instant discount + additional 5% cashback over its INR 25K. So it all came down to INR 22,765 ($312).

This card is very handy for purchasing high value items on Flipkart. Same goes for Amazon ICICI Bank Co-Pay card on Amazon.

RishiGuru, 09 Jun 2021As an user of iQOO 3 for last 5 months, I rate it very high... moreOf course bro, I know that. I've been following your responses for a while now. :) Indeed one awesome phone.
Now, a friend of mine really wants one (Iqoo 3, he's a music fan like me). I've heard Flipkart is holding a sale on 13-16th June. I've told him to wait.
Will try for 5G model although it remains out of stock, otherwise he'll get 4G one.
I hope I've planned ok? I'm aiming for the same 25k-30k range, as we find in the sale. 22k would require some credit or debit cards I think.

Samath N8 808 owner, 09 Jun 2021Thanks for the suggestions. SD 870 is indeed doing awesome.... moreAs an user of iQOO 3 for last 5 months, I rate it very high. It is a true VFM flagship killer, what OnePlus use to be. It provides so much for it meager INR 22,765 ($312) price I paid for it.

Things I like about iQOO 3:
1) An excellent Samsung AMOLED display, awesome bright, Rhine certification. It is better than our LG G8X panel in every way.
2) Combination of Snapdragon 865, 8GB LPDDR5, 128 GB UFS 3.1. Simply can handle anything you throw at it.
3) Great build, flagship grade metal glass sandwich design. No cutting corners with plastic here.
4) iQOO flagships are known for their very good thermal management, and the 3 is no exception. Runs very cool with minimal SoC throttling over extended period of heavy usage.
5) The 4,400 mAh battery provides insane backup for a flagship device. The iQOO 3 lasts me 2 days under normal usage, where as the LG G8X without the case will last me 1.2 days under similar use.
6) The 55 watts charger is crazy fast, though I never use it. I use a 10 watt charger instead.
7) Proper 3.5 mm audio jack support.
8) Dedicated AKM AK4377A, Hi-Res certified audio chip, provides great audio through audio jack. Through it performance does not fall under the exceptional category of LG's QuadDAC.
9) The iQOO UI may not be very appealing to everyone, but is very feature rich & ultra smooth. Everything just glides on this phone.

What iQOO 3 lacks in comparison to your LG G8X is character. The moment you pick up a G8X, you feel its a LG's and it has some unique features which creates desire to use it. No so with iQOO, except raw performance,

I feel iQOO 7 is also a great device, the best phone to wring the maximum from SD888 while keeping its head cool. Just the lack of proper audio jack killed any desire I have had for this phone.

The phone is very good but the battery is very bad a 6.6 inch phone using a 4000mah battery in year 2021 is very bad am disappointed

James, 09 Jun 2021The Snapdragon 888 has thermal issues on many devices unfor... moreThanks for the suggestions. SD 870 is indeed doing awesome.
You're right about the battery, with a charge cycle of 1 times per day(most SD888 phones), we're looking at about 3 years of optimal usage beyond which the battery starts to underdeliver.
Now, flagships customers include both kinds- long term keepers and early changers.

SD888, it reminds me of Snapdragon 810. 810 also used to overheat a lot back in the days, and was basically a failed flagship.
Eventually, 820 came and wiped the memories.

Not to mention, SD865 phones are awesome deals right now.
IQOO 3 with triple camera was recently going for $350 in my country, now it even has a ESS Sabre Audio chip and 3.5mm so its, I believe, good product for this money.

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Samath N8 808 owner, 08 Jun 2021Clearly not for an audio first guy like me. Even Gaming pho... moreThe Snapdragon 888 has thermal issues on many devices unfortunately. My OP8 uses the SD865 and its epic, so epic theyve overclocked it twice and renamed it SD870 for this year. A OP9 runs cod mobile at 42 degrees C, tested my OP8 and it ran at 36degrees for an hour straight, i even did a system update and played it straight after and it actually dropped from 37 to 36c.
The battery also lasts longer too on mine despite it being smaller than this years. The SD888 will not be good long term because excessive heat and more frequent charging might mean the battery conks out before the previous years phones do. If i was forced to get a phone this year I'd probably pick the SD870 version as its a proven chipset and graphics wise you won't notice any difference with the games that are available at present as the 865 runs all games at max graphics and it does it cooler than the new chip.
Ok ive bashed the SD888, it probably isnt that bad its just the SD855 to the SD870 have been epic.

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Andres, 08 Jun 2021This destroys the Oneplus 9R in every way. Oneplus needs to... moreIn battery it wont. Oneplus 9R is basically a reskinned overclocked 8T from last year which comes with the older cameras. The new cameras on the regular OP9/pro are getting better each update.
Most gamers aren't bothered about the camera anyway and the fact the 120hz display only works on real racing 3 which is over half a decade old is a huge deal breaker for a gaming phone.. Like the most important part of the phone doesn't work properly.. Also what gaming phone doesnt have shoulder triggers? Red magic 6 would be a good alternative to this.

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Its not a gaming phone. It has no shoulder triggers mentioned, the hole punch, tiny battery and the 120hz doesn't work properly. Its like me saying my oneplus 8 is a gaming phone.. Well it has a bigger battery and this is last years model. Try playing unkilled and see if the 120hz is implemented on that with ultra graphics because dead trigger2 has been buggy recently with the ultra mode vanishing at times. Its a good all round phone but its no true gaming phone.

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FirdausRoblox152, 08 Jun 2021Oh my freaking God! It's Vivo iQOO 7 Legend! Are you s... moreNo need for the over-reacting, dude. Looks almost like faked enthusiasm...