Sony Xperia 10 III review

4 June 2021

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  • Stefan Kazakov
  • nq6
  • 14 Nov 2022

1. The phone turns off when overheated by applications, like navigation, especially in the summer. It is unpredictable when it will shut down or turn on. I have bee waiting from minutes to hours to turn on.
2. The battery do not charge properly, even only seven moth old. The battery is not replaceable.
3. Camera is very slow, making the picture long after pressing the button. However, the colors of the pictures are very nice.
4. Not working submerged few centimeters underwater. I was disappointed to understand that water resistant do not mean working under water. My mistake! Because of the hydro pressure, the panel is not sensitive to finger touch, so you cannot make pictures under water.
5. Slippery. The phone is very smooth and easy drop off the hand, so be careful. External protective case helps to some extend.
6. The phone assistant is very annoying and cannot be turned off.

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    • veltatlas
    • 35Z
    • 07 Jul 2022

    Salvatore, 04 Jun 2022My Sony Xperia 10 iii experience has been a disaster. First... moreI am also a Sony fan and also wanted to buy this phone after selling my Sony Xperia Z3 (Previously had another z3 and z3 compact) but after reading all this I realize no no no Z3 un Z3 compact is a cool phone even today because the model is old 2014 i bought new last year. The Z3 has a lot of great features.

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      • ksuuk
      • Sp0
      • 15 Jun 2022

      Salvatore, 04 Jun 2022My Sony Xperia 10 iii experience has been a disaster. First... moreNext time check spec -s before buying.

      And as Your phone is under warranty, just contact support and they fix (did You check that it's clean and does not contain any dust/objects etc?) the USB port.

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        • Salvatore
        • 4MZ
        • 04 Jun 2022

        My Sony Xperia 10 iii experience has been a disaster. First, my camera never focused properly, right out of the box. Then I realized that the phone had only a mono speaker, which is barely audible except in pure silence. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a smartphone with a mono speaker. Then I cracked the back glass. The front glass is Gorilla Glass 6 -- fantastic -- and I had assumed that the back was plastic. It looks like plastic. But it's glass (why do they put glass backs on phones? it only means you'll have to buy a cover to hide it). Then when playing videos on YouTube, the sound occasionally (as in: once a day) jumps into a static hiss in the middle of the video. Strange. Finally, the USB port started failing intermittently after about eight months. Now, at 11 months, it's failing so badly that I can't adequately charge the phone. And yes, I've tried changing the cable.

        So within 1 year, I'm having to junk the phone and buy a new one.

        I've been a devoted Sony phone fan for years. This is my fourth or fifth Sony smartphone. It's also my last. We Sony fans accept second-tier specifications because we expect absolute reliability in return. My Xperia 10 iii has turned out a lemon. My heart wants to try again with a 2022 Mark iv, but my mind says to give up and go Samsung. So I'm giving up, and going Samsung.

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          • Anonymous
          • tZ4
          • 11 May 2022

          RandyRiffin, 05 May 2022How is the software slow, isn't it near stock android?There is a layer of Sony customisation on top of the AOSP, so software update frequency still depends on how fast Sony can push out updates. For Sony, it is fast and almost every month for the first year. Then the updates will become slower when entering 2nd year and 3rd year.

            Ben, 02 Feb 2022Aweful camera, very slow updates and buggy software.. I... moreHow is the software slow, isn't it near stock android?

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              • iFA
              • gLJ
              • 22 Apr 2022

              The camera has 1/10 from my points. Focusing is very slow and very BAD. I get continuously blurred picture. The resolution is also very bad.. its like a mobile camera 10 years before. Sometime the camera sw hangs, when i use automatic flash then frozes many times.
              The menu UI is frequently slow.. laggy..
              I dont recommend this phone. I have brought for ~500USD but i think its worth not more than 200USD. I'm waiting to fix my old sony XZ1 and use that, and will sell this crap ASAP.

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                • chironia
                • nxF
                • 21 Feb 2022

                loas21, 22 Jan 2022Can someone please help me with the quality of colours on v... moreCheck the Image Quality Settings under Display settings. Try playing with some options like switching ON or OFF auto creator mode.

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                  • Ben
                  • mE0
                  • 02 Feb 2022

                  Aweful camera, very slow updates and buggy software..

                  I'm done with sony

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                    • Danny
                    • 0@v
                    • 27 Jan 2022

                    What a pitty, is not stereo speakers.

                      Can someone please help me with the quality of colours on videos(youtube,netflix). I had sony xperia xz1 and the quality and clearness of videos was a lot levels beyond... Sorry for bad english!

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                        • Clyf
                        • Epc
                        • 30 Dec 2021

                        Am a good fun of Sony and I've been using Sony phones since 2009, i jst wish if i could money and buy this model...

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                          • ksuuk
                          • Sp0
                          • 12 Dec 2021

                          Jeevasundar , 12 Dec 2021How is performance this phone ,this phone worth buying good... moreDepends what You are after for. Fine for me (I'm not a gambler).

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                            • Jeevasundar
                            • D0d
                            • 12 Dec 2021

                            How is performance this phone ,this phone worth buying good or not tell me reply

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                              • Alexandru
                              • BiP
                              • 09 Dec 2021

                              I have this phone. Tomorrow I will send back. Slow processor, camera and screen. I have 30 watt charger but is charging slow.
                              Buy something else. Is very good for music.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • tZ0
                                • 07 Dec 2021

                                pangolinpanda, 06 Dec 2021The only things I've found bad about this phone is tha... moreThe RRP for Xperia 10 iii 6/128 is $401 in my country. I just received notification I can get one for $360 in an upcoming sale. The dilemma I am in now is I also noticed someone wanting to sell a lightly used Oneplus 8T 12/256 for $320.

                                  Anonymous, 05 Dec 2021Thank you for your candid user review. You just saved me fr... moreThe only things I've found bad about this phone is that the display doesn't display colors well at lower brightness and that the side mounted fingerprint reader is mediocre, everything is else is good. Got mine for around 300usd which is good, 400usd is too much.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • tZj
                                    • 05 Dec 2021

                                    john, 29 Nov 2021- slow, I mean, >$180 feel slow.. embarrassing, to be ho... moreThank you for your candid user review. You just saved me from spending $400 on this phone. I was interested in getting this phone because of good battery life, but the minus points you mentioned are too serious for me to ignore.

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                                      • ksuuk
                                      • Sp0
                                      • 01 Dec 2021

                                      john, 29 Nov 2021- slow, I mean, >$180 feel slow.. embarrassing, to be ho... moreIf You buy a PC, You also install some software, right? So why don't You do same with the phone, just install suitable software and that's it.

                                      I use custom gallery, launcher, etc and I have no problems at all. Also fingerprint reader works every time. Camera works fine for me. Size is OK, actually there is no other phone in this size available. Yes, like any new phone, it's slippery, bur as I use cover, it doesn't matt

                                      For me Xiaomi phones are big, with ugly notch and with a buggy software. But hey, instead of accepting this phone, why didn't You demand something else from the company?

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                                        • john
                                        • Fvc
                                        • 29 Nov 2021

                                        - slow, I mean, >$180 feel slow.. embarrassing, to be honest
                                        - unresponsive to gestures navigation (need to repeat several times, way too often)
                                        - extra slippery
                                        - missing various basic (really trivial) Android feats (e.g.: cannot permanently rotate picture just in Gallery, have go to Edit>Crop>Rotate and then save a copy, so you end up with two pics in different angle. This pisses me off the most, as it is my work phone, where I take a lot of label pics, which I now have to rotate in Edit mode like a retard..)
                                        - side mounted finger print reader does not really work, as the phone is too small and with no option to remove confirmation of PIN (EVERY.F*CKING.TIME.I.UNLOCK.THE.SCREEN), I have to confirm the PIN, again, like a retartd.. (another example, of basic Android feats missing..)
                                        - camera is slow, focus is slow and any change to lightning is the K.O. for the camera efforts
                                        - the screen is just barely accurate (not sure if it's because things are too small, my fingers are too big or the screen is just not precise enought, but I don't have this issue with my other phones..)
                                        - screen is not as vibrant as expected

                                        + Batter lasts long
                                        + Some may appreciate the extra small design (way too small for me)

                                        This is what I found out about the phone after 3 weeks of use as company phone. Would have had broken it by now (intentionally), if it was for personal use, as such this mediocre, butchered and obsolete phone's existence is utterly obsolete. Really a bad effort, Sony. Tragedy, really. Uncanny abomination. Pointless neuessance, etc., etc.

                                        Compared to my personal phones (Mi Mix3 and Mi Mix2S), this feels like a toy for kids, which it most certainly is not priced as one..