Samsung Galaxy A32 5G review

11June 2021

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  • Xab
  • 21 Sep 2022

seems like a good phone to me. does all that they said it would and it is inexpensive.

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    • Iby
    • 06 Aug 2022

    I'm sure glad to hear that some other people are having the same problems with this model
    After I set up the finger print oppion I haven't been able to do it for opening the f-ing thing and the battery life is DOA about one hour after being a full charge.
    Now I'm having a hard time getting it to even take a change..

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      • Jack
      • kHb
      • 28 Jul 2022

      Budget Phone with studdy performance and bettery life.
      Camara performance not meet expectation against price. Screen resolution compromise while watching quality video plus frequently broke on WiFi connectivity.

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        • Henok abebe
        • NgZ
        • 29 Jun 2022


          Hi, I just bought Samsung galaxy A32 5G last few months back. I am facing some problems about these phone. Sometimes It works automatically restarting. And one more problems is Battery is not good. Battery is draining quickly. Can you tell me to rectify the issue?

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            • wiz
            • fXa
            • 06 May 2022

            poor touch finger print sensitivity

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              • Doc
              • It3
              • 21 Apr 2022

              Samsung A32 5g is garbage. It switches to emergency calls only. Wifi is weak at best. For a while if mobile data worked dialing in or out wouldn't then vice versa, now neither. My life has been endangered by it and I plan on filing both a law suit and a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission against Samsung for consumer fraud.

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                • L1w
                • 04 Apr 2022

                John Steady, 31 Mar 2022I guess your point is music sounds good? Focus on what you... moreWell said.....

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                  • John Steady
                  • IbI
                  • 31 Mar 2022

                  Demise, 18 Mar 2022Okay either you cannot work the A32 5g properly or your lyi... moreI guess your point is music sounds good? Focus on what you have to say about the device. I don't care about your opinion of whose lying.

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                    • Demise
                    • Ibx
                    • 18 Mar 2022

                    Anonymous, 28 Feb 2022It sucks for playing music. Won't acknowledge any musi... moreOkay either you cannot work the A32 5g properly or your lying.I have the A32 5g.myself,got two on sale.Both have music apps installed and play perfectly fine.I also have my phone synced to reactive bass LEDS and it has no issues doing so.Only problem I have is the network. They lied to upsell,And in the process we all learned there are NO 5g towers in roanoke Virginia!

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                      • Zach
                      • IbF
                      • 17 Mar 2022

                      My one resentment in life is buying this phone. Half my texts bomb out, it takes several attempts to connect to a call, and I can browse the internet for maybe 20 good minutes a day. This is with or without wifi,, makes no difference. It's 2022 and I'm about to return this phone, dig out my old s9 and ride that bugger into the ground. Tech that's 3+ years old will perform better than this paperweight. I would not accept another if it were free.. Avoid at all costs.

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                        • James
                        • Nvm
                        • 12 Mar 2022

                        Is the phone duel Sim or not

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                          • QJh
                          • 28 Feb 2022

                          It sucks for playing music. Won't acknowledge any music apps, or speakers..doesn't work for GPS in car. Hate it

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                            • Acq
                            • 19 Feb 2022

                            My A32 Samsung mobile is dual sim ?
                            If dual sim is where can I insert

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                              • Krishna moktan
                              • aXP
                              • 04 Dec 2021

                              Saint20, 01 Dec 2021My galaxy A32 5g I just bought, on WhatsApp calls and messa... moreThis is original A32 Samsung mobile or not

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                                • Saint20
                                • J1E
                                • 01 Dec 2021

                                My galaxy A32 5g I just bought, on WhatsApp calls and messages do not pop up they are telling the software doesn’t not support what do I do?

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                                  • Samsungnite
                                  • tVs
                                  • 28 Nov 2021

                                  Sssuuil, 21 Oct 2021Samsung A32 5g not good, choose another brandA32 5G is excellent choice!

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                                    • Sssuuil
                                    • SYq
                                    • 21 Oct 2021

                                    liltokky, 06 Oct 2021which one is better the samsung a32 or the huawei nova 7i I... moreSamsung A32 5g not good, choose another brand

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                                      • liltokky
                                      • apK
                                      • 06 Oct 2021

                                      which one is better the samsung a32 or the huawei nova 7i I am confused I want to get one but I don't know

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                                        • c}d
                                        • 31 Aug 2021

                                        I'll buy it for $99.00 from Cricket, who is phasing out 3g. Its gotta be better than the Huawei Nova... which I don't hate.

                                        But my real review is for this site. MOST EXCELLENT review...they do GREAT work, very comprehensive. 11 out of 10 stars.