Sony Xperia 1 III review

05 July 2021

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  • Ali
  • uRB
  • 06 May 2024

I bought Sony Xperia 1III a month ago .I love it .I bought specially for gaming(pubg). It's Soo smooth.jst charging process is slow

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    • Salman
    • CBa
    • 24 Mar 2024

    mario, 16 May 2023I really liked sony ericsson in the past and decided to buy... moreKindly can you guide me in buying sony phone....which phone i should buy in kit of sony...any isdue of lining etc???

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      • mEk
      • 14 Mar 2024

      This hon is pure shit mines is 1 month old battery only lasts a few hours always needs updated my videos on YouTube keep going blank the phone isn't worth £50 pure nightmare don't by 1 of these pure scrap

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        • Yusuf
        • XR2
        • 07 Jan 2024

        Will it be worth of buying 1 iii for 299 euro? My main priority is gaming and camera battery doesn't matter.

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          • mario
          • 0Zu
          • 16 May 2023

          I really liked sony ericsson in the past and decided to buy this phone for fun and work.
          Very disappointed.
          At first it heats up when in intense use.If i did not have a plastic case ,it would literally burn my hand! In addition it terminates your internet activities when hot.
          When you speak,it may stop other activities eg gps
          Photos have average quality and video can only be recorded in the BASIC program which is at lowest analysis possible. Addtionaly it does not have time stamp !!
          I have bought the plastic protection case (if I hadn;t I would have suffered burn injury!) which contains a plastic stand up part,which was dislocated in the first two months ,and there is no spare! (just gor gags)
          Overall I believe that I have spent a lot of money for a cell phone that is inferior to standard 300 or 400 euro cell phones eg samsung or xiaomi.
          Sony is a strong brand name. Distributing such bad quality phones is something they should consider not to do.

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            • ibc
            • 27 Dec 2022

            Trever, 28 Dec 2021Hi I have had this Sony Xperia 1iii phone for a couple o... moretf you want 8kb120fps for

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              • Vansky
              • mE0
              • 22 Aug 2022

              I have the Xperia 1 iii instead of upgrading to the Samsung seq ultra I went for the Xperia 1 iii it's a really nyc stylish phone 12 GB ram 256 GB storage,the thing I like most is the sd card slot when resetting the phone for whatever reason it's easy to put back all photos & music, I've also got the Samsung s20 ultra with sd card slot the thing that lets Sony down is only 2 years os & 2 or 3 year's security patches where Samsung apple oppo OnePlus are all 4 & 5 year's cmon Sony step up & match the others it's over 1000 quid for a short life phone

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                • bleh1234
                • IbG
                • 18 Jun 2022

                Yuri84, 28 Apr 2022"professionals that do tech reviews for a living"... moreAnd possibly take 30 seconds to check something tgats supposed to be a big deal insteas of needing to be corrected. Just saying...

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                  • sH4
                  • 10 Jun 2022

                  Wow, you can tell in your reviews that you guys must really like over processed HDR for all of your images.

                    Anonymous, 05 Nov 2021I normally rely on GSM arena for my tech information but th... more"professionals that do tech reviews for a living"
                    should show users what users want to see.

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                      • mXr
                      • 04 Apr 2022

                      Trever, 28 Dec 2021Hi I have had this Sony Xperia 1iii phone for a couple o... moreAbsolutely agree

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                        • JM
                        • k4X
                        • 21 Feb 2022

                        Android 12 was pushed to my Xperia 1 iii phone last night from SONY.

                        Thank you SONY!

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                          • Lightning Mcqueen
                          • TKj
                          • 18 Jan 2022

                          Trever, 28 Dec 2021Hi I have had this Sony Xperia 1iii phone for a couple o... moreWOW!!!! With your expectation set b***dy high, your dream specification of a Sony phone would cost $3000. And...don't think of buying an S22 Ultra or Nokia X50 pro.


                            I have had this Sony Xperia 1iii phone for a couple of weeks did not like it why?

                            Screen to body ratio should be 92%

                            No Optically bonded display - anti-glare touchscreen - helpful in the sunshine

                            Screen needs to be 1700 nits (peak)

                            No 360Hz display touch sampling rate needs to be more responsive from a competitive gaming perspective.

                            Back Camera recording:
                            No Up to 8K@120 FPS

                            Back camera should come with:
                            50 MP, F/2.0 (wide)
                            50 MP, F/22 (TP)
                            50 MP, F/2.4 (UW)

                            Front Camera:
                            No 8K@120FPS

                            Selfie camera:
                            Should be 8K@120 FPS

                            No periscope telephoto camera

                            No ultra-wide autofocus

                            No 100x digital zoom

                            No dual LED flash

                            Hardware RAM:
                            Offer 16GB

                            No Radio
                            No DAB+

                            A 3D eye scan
                            Iris recognition is an automated method of biometric identification that uses mathematical pattern-recognition techniques on video images of one or both of the irises of an individual's eyes, whose complex patterns are unique, stable, and can be seen from some distance.

                            iris scanning is a far more secure form of biometric authentication than, say, voice recognition, fingerprints or toe print

                            There is a lot of hype on this phone, I sold the phone and sticking with the Xiaomi mix 4 for now and might purchase the Samsung S22 ultra or the Nokia X50 Pro


                              Dometalican, 14 Aug 2021Or pre-update. That's why the pictures on the Xperia 5... moreThe issue is still there even on latest update. It happens when you have object tracking setup when you touch the screen. If you change it to just autofocus at touch it works properly and photos are sharp. The issue only happens on the 4.4x and causes photos to be out of focus.

                                I did some video recording tests at an indoor rock concert to try the "Cinema Pro" features.

                                The first band didn't have a lot of lights so ISO 800 at 23.94 fps was needed. That video has severe noise reduction damage and isn't usable even downsampled.

                                The last band was lit enough for ISO 100. Image stabilization was incredibly good. Auto-focus hunted constantly like an ancient webcam even when I put the autofocus region on an area with sharp details. There's no manual focus assist so that's not an option. The 105mm lens has too much flaring. Dynamic range and color fidelity were good when using locked exposure and white balance. There's no tonal curve adjustment feature - just presets.

                                I noticed that the sound meter never moved. At gain 5, it was solid at the yellow level. At gain 4, solid in the normal level. At gain 3, solid below normal. Sure enough, the audio is nothing but fluttering distortion. (Wind filtering mode is off)

                                Overall I'd say the test was disappointing. The only good performance was in image stabilization and dynamic range in bright light. Low light sensitivity wasn't good. Focus was embarrassing. Audio was a complete failure.

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                                  • CbB
                                  • 05 Nov 2021

                                  I normally rely on GSM arena for my tech information but this review felt really lazy. It just seems like you guys couldn't figure out how to bring out the best version of this device as evidenced by Sony having to show you how to do so many things. Now, that could be an argument against the practical usability of this device, but professionals that do tech reviews for a living should have no problem. That said, most of the things you guys did figure out were accurately represented in my opinion with the exception of the dunking on the screen quality in closing statement. Aside from brightness, it's by far the best screen in its weight class and most definitely overall, certainly far from the worst even by biased viewpoints. If brightness was such a big deciding factor, I think there's been a vast overestimation of those particular use cases on your end.

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                                    • X03
                                    • 01 Nov 2021

                                    This phone is very best

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                                      • vita
                                      • 8%{
                                      • 25 Oct 2021

                                      This reminds me to the iPhone 5s where they went one step above the iPhone 5 and made the edges really shiny. It look nice in the sunlight. Sony's design choices have always been slightly more avantgarde than Apple's and they were smart enough not to go seven generations (iPhone 4 though iPhone 7), eight if you count the iPhone 8 (and to last year, 2020, if you count the basic iPad) without realizing a black turned off screen shouldn't be framed with a color other than black.

                                      Now that I can shut my eyes in a phone shop, point at a random direction and know I still will get good enough hardware, I have the liberty to break free from Apple (easier said) and started choosing my handsets exclusively on aesthetics and I'm a sucker for featureless monotone slabs specially if the have chamfered, shiny edges and modern take on the '80s 110mm camera-style camera lens arrangement. I don't even care if it takes pictures, I just like the look of it. This is right up my alley.

                                        I think the biggest let-down to this phone is the Camera functionality. The pics themselves all look great imo except the night/dark settings. You'd think a company like SONY with all their digital photograpy experience, the fact they MAKE the sensors, that they'd put a legit Manual mode with MUCH better adjustability. My LG V30 can do ISO6400 with a 30s exposure even and that phone's 4 years old at this point! wth is with ISO1000 @ 1/8 gonna do for me give speedlines go a geriatric couple taking an evening stroll? I can almost do Astrophotography on something I'm trying to retire!