Huawei MatePad 11 (2021) review

02 August 2021

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Beastly tablet. 400 eur and you get 1440p 120hz, super fast chip, good build quality.

    Another Apple Ipad Copy..!

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      • 03 Aug 2021

      So the harmony OS is still full of "Recommendations", "suggestions" & ads... Like the EMUI.

      Even the native video player is annoying, you'll see bunch of reccs below the video ur watching smh

      Really wanted the p50 but...

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        • 03 Aug 2021

        Instead of using app gallery... You can use Aptiode store or aurora store for ad free, privacy oriented play store which has all the apps you could install

          Most tablet reviewers wont test the stylus latency on different app. Ofcourse it works well on app that provided by Huawei..but it performs awful when it comes to sketching/drawing on Clip Studio Paint, Autodesk, etc..I never met anyone do this test on yt and review sites.. I wasted of $$$ buying Galaxy tablet trusting youtube reviews saying the stylus is perfect for sure this M-Pencil is gimmick and not as good as Apple Pencil. M-Pencil should be in cons here plss

            Ensutiat, 03 Aug 2021There seems to be a mistake, page 2 and page 3 are the sameSame I thought it was a problem on my end

              Do review for Apple tablets too

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                • 03 Aug 2021

                The swipe controls and UI are clear rip offs of iPad OS. Huawei could havet tried to be original, at least.

                  There seems to be a mistake, page 2 and page 3 are the same

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                    • 02 Aug 2021

                    When will Harmony come to MatePad T8?

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                      • 02 Aug 2021

                      perfect tablet: iPad aspect ratio. Samsung Dex. Huawei Price point

                        This is 100% like ipad os 14
                        .. with wallpaper from original ipad air launched in 2014

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                          • 02 Aug 2021

                          The new harmony os has me interested, If only I could try it out unfortunately, the p20 lite isn't supported.