Xiaomi Redmi 10 review

29 August 2021

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  • Anonymous

bulbulito.bayagbag, 07 Sep 2021Having no stock when people want to buy is a huge problem. ... moreRedmi is still relatively new to the Philippine market compared to Oppo and Vivo which has been here since early 2010s. Realme began as a sub-brand of Oppo so they have used Oppo's logistical assets to expand quickly into the market, and unlike Oppo, Vivo and Realme which utilizes booths and stores in different malls, Redmi caters to a more exclusive side of the market, which is why you can't find as many Redmi distributors in many malls.

  • POCO F3 user

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2021It would have been a great phone if it didn't run MIUI.Switched from a oneplus 9 to POCO F3 recently... MIUI 12.5 is way better than oxygen os 11. Smoother animations and MIUI looks more polished. It's not a problem with MIUI when you buy a smartphone for 75-150 USD you must be ready to make some sacrifices.

Phoneboi, 04 Sep 2021MediaTek ISP on g55/88 is awful. I doubt it is the JN1 sens... moreI disagree, I believe it is because the pixel size of the camera is .64 microns

  • Magnaroader

I can understand people have gripes with pricing for this and other similar models from Xiaomi/Redmi.
However, where I am, this phone costs around 75 USD cheaper than the same configuration of the Redmi Note 10, which is weird, but makes this phone the more preferred phone.
Also, people complaining about MIUI have never used the godawful UIs from phones like Vivo, Infinix, Tecno or even Oppo phones. Those lag as heck on phones with similar specs.

Having no stock when people want to buy is a huge problem. That's where Realme comes in, as just like their parent company, Oppo and Vivo, they have stores in every mall. Since you are not able to find the Redmi, there are tons of options from those brands, which have better distri networks.

  • Joe Abuli

It's a good smart phone it will very fast to the internet..

  • Danial

Have Stabilizer on 720 30 fps back camera?

  • Phoneboi

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2021OMG the sensor is baddddd i even try to compare it with rea... moreMediaTek ISP on g55/88 is awful. I doubt it is the JN1 sensor at fault. You could try taking photos in raw and then convert to jpeg and compare to the original jpeg.

I bet you see a big difference.

  • Anonymous

bad dynamic range
color muted
blurred high res mode
average detail

the sensor will be inside selfie,telephoto and ultra wide camera in future phones, this is disastrous

  • Anonymous

OMG the sensor is baddddd i even try to compare it with realme 5 pro imx 586 using same picture from gsmarena review , the imx 586 have better sharper photo unmuted color than the JN1 in full high res mode, this sensor will be disaster considering it will go in selfie and ultrawide/telephoto camera in the future phones especially flagship killer LoL

It's time GSMArena started including read/write speeds, like notebookcheck. Random read is very important for app launch times, loading thumbnails in large galleries and write speed is important for app and OS updates. This phone has eMMC and to me it's funny to have 90Hz FHD+, 50MP & stereo speakers after excluding UFS storage. Of course, this is an enthusiast's minority opinion. The target market will buy whatever.

A Global Android One variant of this will sell like hot cakes 🔥🔥

  • Mi user

Dj sadiqi, 01 Sep 2021I have Redmi note 9S but I've not yet got the latest M... moreI have update miui 12.0.3.still not update given to miui 12.0.5 in redmi8

  • Ssd

Indy, 29 Aug 2021Cannot recommend this one to anyone if it runs miuiWell u can't really say that. MIUI has it's problems but the phone with these specs is not that bad

  • Anonymous

Dj sadiqi, 01 Sep 2021I have Redmi note 9S but I've not yet got the latest M... moremaybe you have a tampered rom

  • Dj sadiqi

MarOMG, 30 Aug 2021I have Redmi Note 8 Pro. Midranger. Came out with Android 9... moreI have Redmi note 9S but I've not yet got the latest MIUI version 12.5 I am still on 12.0.4 what should I do. MIUI Global.

  • Ayyoob

Anyone have solution for this problems
Redmi Note 10pro 6GB 128GB (buy from india Mi online store) problems
1. Can't select default SIM for sms (each sms need to select and its going to second sim by default)
2. Can't access dual apps data from My folder/file manager
3. Can't record calls by default app
4. Call note option missing from dial
5. No smart group option on sms, its missing
6. GPS not working while calling (complained to Mi but reply to wait for next update)
7. Whatsapp audio playing on ear speaker when u tilt phone up down (when u lay on bed, or hold phone on car holder)
8. VoLTE not working at Qatar (phone purchased from India)
9. Can't share gallery media from dual whatsap (first need to go galler then cand send by share, from whatsapp can't go to gallery)
10. All contacts showing two when we use dual apps
11. While editing or delete any contact need to select contact account, (I selected only google account even phone asking Mi or google, if need to delete 1 number we have to delete from both account)

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  • Swaraj

Miui updates are for children who like shiny things . I bought a readmi 6 pro a while back ... Died with same android version , only got ui updates that were pain in the joint in terms of stability

  • aredee

i have a redmi 9t which is on Android 10 and miui 12.0.15,
anyone with the same phone running in Android 11?