Motorola Edge 20 review

11 Sept 2021

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  • Bobby Gee
  • pY1
  • 28 Feb 2024

Great phone.
Uses android 13
Great camera......use in pro mode, you get live exposure histogram, tilt indicator, landscape grid, exposure control plus or minus two stops, white balance control, ASA choice, focus point
selection and aperture selection.
Have taken some great photos with this phone.
Very happy with this phone.

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    • Shiva Kiran
    • dUm
    • 17 Sep 2023

    I have received the Android 13 update in UK

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      • Anonymous
      • 3LH
      • 14 Sep 2023

      I am abdulmanan , 14 Aug 2023Please give me information when Motorola edge 20 received a... moreI've received update just now

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        • I am abdulmanan
        • mGu
        • 14 Aug 2023

        Please give me information when Motorola edge 20 received android 13 update

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          • Ron
          • IbI
          • 01 Nov 2022

          $1000 is off the charts if you are spending this much I am guessing most people would opt for a iPhone which has a very. high reliability rating and history. To you any plastic on the build at this price is outrageous! Now days its cheaper made and the price keeps increasing, sooner or later buyers are going to put the brakes on!

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            • Anonymous
            • Dk$
            • 13 Oct 2022

            How many in built apps , what are they

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              • Pitar
              • M%s
              • 13 Jul 2022

              The Edge 20''s has 8-bit display and the big problem is that the green color does not cover the 8-bit range. Amazing liars are Motorola. I am very disappointed with the actual tests!

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                • ilayaraja
                • n2K
                • 12 Jul 2022

                For the last two months, I am using the edge20, everything is good front camera needs to improve, and battery is just 4000mah if they provide 5000mah its better phone in this price range
                Conclusion: good mobile with OLED screen

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                  • Alejandro
                  • 3E8
                  • 12 Jun 2022

                  Well, I bought it.
                  Strong sides;
                  1. Disign
                  2. Camera

                  Weak sides.
                  1. Size. A 6.2-6.4 screen would mutch much better and the phone could become a bestseller.
                  2.battery - 4000 forva such screen....
                  3. To close all openned windows u have to scroll to the right all the way.

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                    • Adnan
                    • HkX
                    • 10 Apr 2022

                    Sanket, 26 Dec 2021Hi. I own the moto edge 20 and after applying the December ... moreI use a tempered glass from sprig, it works

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                      • Anonymous
                      • Myf
                      • 26 Mar 2022

                      I really hope Edge 30, sequel to this phone fixes small battery.

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                        • Sanket
                        • CbD
                        • 26 Dec 2021

                        adnan, 11 Dec 2021Can anyone please inform me of the severity of the touch pr... moreHi. I own the moto edge 20 and after applying the December update, the touch issue has been resolved quite a bit.

                        However you won't be able to use the screen properly if you apply a screenguard. I tried applying almost 4-5 screen guards from all categories like edge to edge, matte, tempered glass, etc and I faced the problem of ghost touch with every screen guard.

                        Overall it's a very good and a light phone and it's display is simply amazing. You can go for this without any second thought.

                        Hope that helps:)

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                          • adnan
                          • Hkr
                          • 11 Dec 2021

                          Can anyone please inform me of the severity of the touch problems on this phone after the December update? As far as i know it has been rolled out in India. I am thinking of buying this phone, but feeling a bit hesitant after reading about the touch issues. Help me out here. Maybe i should wait for a month or two and then buy it?

                            • ArT
                            • Lhr
                            • 19 Nov 2021

                            Anonymous, 28 Oct 2021pixellab is available on play store🙏

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                              • Rizdog
                              • tAV
                              • 17 Nov 2021

                              And seriously tho, the battery life isn't even that bad, like it has properly good 28 and 18 hrs call and video, it's just web browsing and standby that brought it down.

                                Untiop, 13 Sep 2021I'm pretty sure most of the people have not experience... moreAgree!!

                                  Surit, 14 Oct 2021I am using Motorola phone from last 10 years. I am totally... moreYou are right. It's a very good phone.No issues👍
                                  I use it for a month now and I am totally happy with the Edge 20!

                                    AksDE1, 11 Sep 2021Cons - .... - 4000 mah battery , 4.5hour max screen on tim... moreIt's no way a garage phone!!!
                                    Everything runs smoothly.
                                    Display is wonderfull, 144 Hz is awesome!
                                    Camera is not the very best but more than okay.
                                    Battery holds up for a full Day, no worries.
                                    A lot of people here are haters of al kind of Brands...that's a shame.


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                                        • Pbt
                                        • D02
                                        • 06 Nov 2021

                                        DJ, 04 Nov 2021In fact it has excellent touch quality, but immediately aft... moreVery true. After fixing screen guard, the touch quality is very poor