Motorola Edge 20 review

11 Sept 2021

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can someone please explain how to use guest mode in Motorola Edge 20, so that I can use dual apps on guest mode.

  • Surit

I am using Motorola phone from last 10 years. I am totally baised.Recently I have replaced my hand set from motorola one power to This phone.I am totally satisfy for over all performance.
It is excellent and I provide 5 star rating.

  • Nitin malik

Call recording automatic ally app not given

  • Motorola edge20 user

This might sound silly but please can someone explain me how to enable the 108mp mode ? I don't find it and the fact that my pictures now have a worse resolution than my late huawei is driving me crazy !

New update: now the Auto mode goes up to 144Hz (Saw it on another video)

  • Spike

How sturdy is it? I haven't seen any durability test videos for this one, which makes it seem kinda fishy.

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021It is foolish to call people fools for reasons you disagree... moreIt's also foolish to think foolish people won't exist

  • Raj

Prashant, 17 Sep 2021Does it support external storage No. It does not have external storage facility

  • Prashant

Does it support external storage

  • Subrat

What about moto edge 20 fusion. As its processor and batery capacity is different from moto edge 20.

  • Jeslin

Aftersale service gonna be an issue since ther is no motorolla company exist

  • Anonymous

vixmen, 14 Sep 2021s20 FE? it has 3x optical zoom and has OIS on the main cam ... moreSamsung has optimized that phone very well

  • Anonymous

Underrated midranger

  • Anonymous

aknsreddy, 15 Sep 202140grms more doesn't become brick. It's just lazy ... moreIt is foolish to call people fools for reasons you disagree with. Everyone is different. It is laughable to think 40 g isn't much while practically all reviews have complemented its light weight and how it is a nice change from typical Motorola phones. Motorola did well here. If you don't like it, don't buy it. It is not like your purchase is important in any way.

  • Anonymous

Why this phone is not available on flipkart and Amazon
I m waiting but it is showing un available or comming soon Motorola edge 20 frosted emeralde 128/8 GB Ram

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2021My last phone was 165 g and my current phone is about 210 g... more40grms more doesn't become brick. It's just lazy reason to make people fools.

  • Anonymous

Dudenoway, 14 Sep 2021Listen. If u dotn want thin and lightweight phone and u nev... moreMy last phone was 165 g and my current phone is about 210 g. The current phone has very good battery and I kinda got used to the current phone's weight, but for sure would love the next phone to be much lighter. I am definitely willing to sacrifice some battery life to have a lighter phone. I appreciate and can totally see why Motorola released the Edge 20 series the way they did.

aknsreddy, 13 Sep 2021Niche market is negligible, but why hamper big battery endu... moreListen. If u dotn want thin and lightweight phone and u never experienced the feeling of it. (my phone is a joy to use 5.8 inch and less than 8mm thin and less than 180grams)then u can simply ignore it. I would love to have larger battery as my phone has small 3kmah. And I think 4-4.5k mah is enough

aknsreddy, 14 Sep 2021I choose not to buy do you have any problem?When did I force you to buy it troll.

Dudenoway, 13 Sep 2021Listen kid. This is probaly the most compact thin and light... moreI choose not to buy do you have any problem?