nubia Red Magic 6S Pro review

06 Sept 2021

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Nutz, 15 Apr 2022No it is not you just have no clue what you're doing. ... more - Self-claimed expert
- Owns every "top phone"
- Makes arguments with no backing

Shilling much?

OFX, 30 Sep 2021ZTE has the worst software update practice. My global ROM ... moreNo it is not you just have no clue what you're doing. Leave that up to the experts like me

Joe, 07 Sep 2021I would not recommend anyone buying redmagic phones. I have... moreI own every top phone as of 2022. Rm6s Pro clearly is better than any other one from Real World experience.. but when you find that perfect phone that has no bugs and makes you win every pubg battle oh, please let me know cuz it doesn't exist

Wews, 24 Mar 2022Thank god im not the only one who noticed it. It really sho... moreYou obviously haven't downloaded activity center and activated chicken mode. The Nubia sustains at 3

Wews, 24 Mar 2022Thank god im not the only one who noticed it. It really sho... moreI have the Asus Rog 5 Ultimate AND the RM6sPro. I strongly disagree. I'm a heavy gamer and the 6s Pro blows the Asus out of the water. These phones should not be used for your daily, just for gaming, as Nubia and others have cut corners on the things that have nothing to do with gaming

Your only option is to root the phone..And, unfortunately there has been no exploit found for the 6s Pro. Do not try to use the 6 Pro firmware or your phone will be a very expensive paperweight

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RaduN, 25 Sep 2021Why do all these reviewers not notice how in the CPU Thrott... moreThank god im not the only one who noticed it. It really shows that asus is better at sustained performance than nubia. Look at asus still maintaining 2.99ghz even in 47 mins then throttled to 2.38ghz and same goes for the middle cores of asus that throttled only ate the end of the test. Nubia at the other hand, throttled from 2.99ghz to 1.90ghz in the first 15 mins. WHAT? 1.90ghz on a prime core? (both phones are in performance mode). Same goes for nubia's middle core which throttled from 2.41ghz to 2.22ghz to 1.99 ghz as well. Lets change topic, Im surprised to see nubia pulled out an almost 5900 points in 3dmark which asus couldnt

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This phone has many things that are wrong with it lets list them shall we.

- Low quality camera, it's not the worst camera but definitely not the best.

- Fan that I think will give you hearing loss and makes it impossible to stream.

- The 2 microphones feel poor quality and can cause bad ingame mic quality and can lead to echoing/Screeching for the unfortunate souls on the other end.

-5G is nice but don't bother with the second Sim card, can't find the network sometimes when using 2 Sim cards and you get the SOS mode because of that.

- Supposed to be a gaming phone but it can't even play Fortnite in HD without stuttering at points.

- The battery seems to not hold much charge only after a month it feels like it drains pretty quickly.

- You can't even set the screen to stay on for longer than 10 mins, which is the worst when you're trying to upload things and it shuts it down.

- The custom OS is pretty bad and lacking in common features.

- it feels glitchy after 4 months of use, I feel like 7 GB of the RAM is already used up by the phones OS Apps.

-The buttons are really hard to use when you have the power cable in (Could have easily been fixed if the cable was like an upside down L)

- Still no Update insight

- I haven't tried Rooting/Jailbreaking because the files needed are not available online except for the Chinese version.

-JBHIFIs Returns policy is lacking Officeworks is the best with a 14 day returns no questions asked.

Good things

- you can hear the speaker even after the hearing loss from that fan. XD

While it's an ok phone I was expecting more from a Phone marketed as a gaming phone. I guess you can buy it if you want but you'd probably want the Pro S version that JB doesn't stock for some reason XD. Though I bought this phone so maybe my advice to buy that phone is a bit shonky but it apparently has a better cooling system.

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My bf bought me the red Magic 6s pro. He thought it waa the english version, but it was Chinese. I can't download Netflix for my Fitbit. He tried the Global software and it doesn"t work.

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Bought the Redmagic 6S Pro global version.
I would say so far after 5days of using for gaming, the performance is superb.
I can run game settings at max configuration without experiencing framerate drop.
I have tried the built-in video recorder to record a mobile game title which i'm playing: (running at Nubia normal setting only)

Able to display 1080p60 under youtube with exact sound quality and impressive quality.

Some users may feel abit awkward if they were to compare temperature on snapdragon 865+ series versus 888/888+ chipset which indeed warms up pretty fast under heavy graphics usage settings. But one point i have to highlight is, Nubia has made this machine with the beast (snapdragon) tamed.

I can't understand why there are so many negative comments about Nubia phones. I bought the 6 pro 16/ 256gb. I've had absolutely no issues with any aspect of the device. Honestly, it works like a charm. In fact it looks, feels and performs better than most phones that cost double. My girlfriend was amazed at how smooth and powerful the phone was so I gave it to her. I then pre-ordered the 6s pro ghost edition. All I can say is the phone looks amazing and is a bit faster than the 6 pro. Please note that both phones were global versions, with all Google services pre-installed. I would definitely recommend Nubia phones.

ZTE has the worst software update practice.
My global ROM Nubia Z20 is stuck in Android 9.

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Damn, this phone is great bt will be a lil bit pensive

Why do all these reviewers not notice how in the CPU Throttling test, the BIG cpu core is throttled down?
After the first two minutes, the 2.9 ghz core is completely throttled down. Same for the middle cores, they are slightly throttled as seen clearly in the graph.

Rog phone however does not do this as seen, again, in the graphs.
Having an 888+ that shuts down basically the + elements (the big core) is fucking useless.

Hopefully by the end of this Soc life, there will be at least ONE device that does sustained performance right.

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Has anyone figured out which DAC they use?

  • rangerr

why not gorilla glass.. its just a normal glass which is scratchable

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Wasn t the 6 pro supposed to have a better heat management over the vanilla 6 version, thanks to a mixed glass and aluminium back? How can the 6s pro argue to do better with a back made only of glass? (Thus losing a layer of cooling )

Heat test should be done on the 6 pro And the 6s pro

Isn t the display of the 6 s pro supposed to perform better outdoor on sunny days two?

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One thing to note about the issue with the Nubia RM line-up is with its OS. We've tested all avenues of the OS and the main issue we've identified is notifications.

Hopefully this issue is resolved with 6s Pro.

The only phone who can tame SD 888+

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Eve, 07 Sep 2021Seems to me that the reviewer does not umderstand how touch... moreI learned something new today. Thanks for the explanation