Google Pixel 5a 5G review

07 Sept 2021

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  • xjH
  • 19 Nov 2023

Rana aftab , 17 Nov 2023Almost other Android phones have a battery of 5000, which i... morePixel 5a is good compared to other phones

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    • Rana aftab
    • Acq
    • 17 Nov 2023

    Hamza, 16 Nov 2023Yes i haveAlmost other Android phones have a battery of 5000, which is better.
    But the pixel phone's battery is also low and the camera is also only 12 megapixels, which is very low.
    I think the other phone is the best equivalent to the pixel price.
    What do you think I want to buy today?

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      • Hamza
      • KIC
      • 16 Nov 2023

      Shameema Meem , 22 Feb 2022I need to buy some Google pixel 5A 5gYes i have

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        • bobnn
        • IbG
        • 26 Oct 2023

        S L Narasimhan, 23 Jan 2022I have Pixel 5A with Android 12 OS. My compass is not worki... moreThat's every Pixel (4a, 5a) I've ever had. And most other Androids, too (motos).

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          • Lost 2 years of data
          • mDZ
          • 10 Aug 2023

          Dissapointed guy, 30 Jun 2023DON'T BUY. The 5a has an average lifetime of approxima... moreDefinitely second this

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            • Dissapointed guy
            • Kmf
            • 30 Jun 2023

            DON'T BUY. The 5a has an average lifetime of approximately a year before the motherboard burns off. Check the disproportionate amount of complaints regarding 5a's bricking in middle of the day for no apparent reason and never turning on again. This phone has no removable memory cards and its automatic backups to Google Drive won't contain all the info and files, so when it bricks many things will be lost for good. DON'T BUY.

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              • 7k4
              • 05 Mar 2023

              purchased Pixel 5a in Indy in US in Dec 2021. Last week all of sudden while on a call , it switched off . Stopped working. I gave it to its Thane Authorised Service office for inspection & estimate. After two days I got its message its motherboard is gone & will require 250$ for repair. I didn't collect the phone & bought a new Chinese phone. What's meaning of buying a costly branded phone. Worst phone experience.

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                • Maccot
                • pqq
                • 28 Feb 2023

                Motherboard died in February 2023, not a recommended buy.

                  I bought this in April (on the Google Store), and it died in November. :( It was a great phone but didn't even last a year! Since it was under a year it was in warranty. I took it to UbreakIFix and they said the motherboard fried, so I had to send it to Google, and they sent me a refurbished one. Disappointed it didn't last a year and now I'm worried for this one.

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                    • 6p}
                    • 28 Sep 2022

                    Why Google pixel 5a, 5G is over heating?

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                      • Iye
                      • 20 Sep 2022

                      sanjay chanana, 03 Aug 2022 if you can donot purchase any phone marketed by google.the... moreIf you are going to diss Google, please at least use proper grammar.

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                        • E8D
                        • 05 Aug 2022

                        We bought 3 5a w/ 5g phones for our family. Bottom line, it is the first phone we've ever had that regularly overheats. Every one of them has this problem.

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                          • sanjay chanana
                          • U@W
                          • 03 Aug 2022

                          if you can donot purchase any phone marketed by google.there software may be fine but product quality is poor.

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                            • Benne
                            • I@H
                            • 17 Jul 2022

                            OVERHEATS and stops, 27 Jun 2022OVERHEATS. I order warranty replacement and it OVERHEATS, o... moreIt overheat mostly because of 5g not available in your area or you are in a dead spot ! Try to switch to LTE instead of 5g in settings when using data ! I have this phone and it never overheat using LTE setting !

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                              • OVERHEATS and stops
                              • awW
                              • 27 Jun 2022

                              OVERHEATS. I order warranty replacement and it OVERHEATS, overheats to the point it shuts down.
                              Overheats when doing any one of these things:
                              -multitasking like; charging while doing navigation and streaming music,
                              -recording video, just a few minutes of 4k
                              -shooting pictures on hot day.

                              Google has no advice other than to quit doing those things!!!!

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                                • Nu6
                                • 09 May 2022

                                There is nothing bad in the phone I play games it doesn't lag or heat and it is fast the camera is out of this world simple magnificent battery is another thing one of the best phones ever

                                  Jack, 13 Sep 2021The moment Pixel's "A" series of phones get ... moreDon't think they will. Pixel 6a will already have the same great Tensor chip as Pixel 6, same ultrawide camera, dual glass design, and 60Hz screen. But it will be $100 cheaper. They need to cut costs somewhere.

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                                    • Shameema Meem
                                    • XQJ
                                    • 22 Feb 2022

                                    I need to buy some Google pixel 5A 5g

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                                      • Y}v
                                      • 31 Jan 2022

                                      AnonD-1014095, 10 Sep 2021The s888 is powerful , it requires 10W off power, the S888+... moreAlso blame Qualcomm for choosing sammy as the manufacturer, tsmc uses more advanced package therefore better thermo management, the difference was shown in a9 chips fabricated by Samsung and tsmc already

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                                        • S L Narasimhan
                                        • rJX
                                        • 23 Jan 2022

                                        I have Pixel 5A with Android 12 OS. My compass is not working with any compass app. Sensor accuraccy is very low inspite of waving the phone with 8 like motions. IDoes this problem exist for other users as well?Is it hw or se issue? Any solution?