ZTE Axon 30 5G review

17 Sept 2021

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  • Anonymous

So this thing is so much bigger than most phones, but has smaller battery than most smaller ones.

Heck S21 Ultra is smaller and has a bigger battery, even worse this thing is almost the size of the ROG 5 which has a 6000mAh battery.

Above that the SD870 is many times more battery more battery efficient than 888, and yet they messed up the battery life of the already so small battery.

And this just a complaint about the battery, not even the rest.

This phone is maybe not a fail, but it isn't far off from being one.

The selfie photo quality does look slightly better than last year's model, but it's still far from great. But then again, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3's under-display front camera is not any better.

Selfies with little haloing look better than those with built-in beautifiers. Change my mind.