Realme 8i review

27 Sept 2021

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everything is good but why realme forget stereo speakers and radio??

Moto G30 main camera renders reds as pinks
Any solutions?

  • Anonymous

Does it support Carrier Aggregation?

  • Anonymous

Very nice 👍👌

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Ash, 27 Sep 2021The photos are not very good and correspond more to the JN1... moreFrom what I've seen is the praise for a camera takes into account the phone's price point. Which at the current price point is actually quite nice.
Although the way Realme is processing the image it's a bit to punchy for my taste, but still nice nonetheless.

Honestly look how massive a graphics performance is with a 720p display

I wish I could see the realme v11s gaming performance

720p is the best for gaming , turning down graphics won't save on battery as much as a native 720p display

Imagine if one OEM was brave enough to make their gaming edition phone with a 720p option .. there would be bette heat management and it would be cheaper

  • Flo

Colors are oversatured! Like in a cartoon! It's a pity the sensor looks good.

  • Ash

The photos are not very good and correspond more to the JN1 sensor. It occurs to me that photos are praised only because there is a good sensor in the specifications. Maybe I'm wrong.

  • Zero

So, it's confirmed, the Helio G96 is a MASSIVE Downgrade compared to the Helio G90 series... it should be NOT named like that to start with.

  • Trsp

I don't know why Realme could use the flagship Gn1 1 without mentioning it proudly in the specs and overview on their website.
They say wmsi it's a 5p lens with pdaf (gn1 has dual autofocus)
Anyway we wait to see

  • Trsp

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021According Flipkart: 50MP Primary (Samsung S5KJN1, f/1.8 ... moreLooks like jn vs gn.
Gn large sensor, double pdaf used by Pixel 6 (rumored), jn1 smallest chip sensor used by Xiaomi Xiaomi redmi 10

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021According Flipkart: 50MP Primary (Samsung S5KJN1, f/1.8 ... moreThis is the readout from the Device HW Info app - S5KGN1. It hasn't been wrong so far as far as camera sensors are concerned. It is also a match to what Wikipedia says. So, our source is the phone itself, don't know about Flipkart. Will double check it just to be sure, though!

Everything looks blue in the images

  • Arpan

It uses samsung JN1 sensor

  • Anonymous

According Flipkart:

50MP Primary (Samsung S5KJN1, f/1.8 Aperture, FOV: 77.07 Degree, 26.79mm Focal Length, 1/2.76 inch Sensor Size, 0.64Ξm Pixel Size, 5P Lens, PDAF).

JN1 with 0.64 um pixel size...