Android 12 review

4 October 2021

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  • yMm
  • 03 Mar 2023

I am not feeling happy about Android 12 update. The interface is looking very ugly. Over all my handset performance is not going good. Ringtone is going cut while ringing. Unwanted system pop up are arriving while unlocking also pop up window flickring while watching videos. Very big size digital clock is fixed on lock screen which looking very shabby, voice control and screen brightness bar is too bigger almost 8mm thick. Overall the interface decency is gone. I think this is not looking like an upgradeed version it looking like degraded version.

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    • GeoISPAS
    • mAZ
    • 07 Jan 2023

    Hi, after update to android 12 from 11, I have problems to synchronize the contacts with my car multimedia. In Android 13 the problems remained the same. I do multimedia up-date software, but the problems with synchronization are there. With Android 11 or previews, I not have problems. Did you have some recommendation to do for problem solving?

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      • mike
      • Hq1
      • 01 Nov 2022

      why does google still not have options to sign out of most google services?,and why has google included sign in by a third party allowed in their latest chrome browser?why does google calculator also need to use my data in the background,all google stuff wants to use up your data in the background,i turn most google stuff off and never stay signed into any google stuff,i bet hackers would love that

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        • Alfie
        • gWf
        • 21 Oct 2022

        I "up"graded from 7 to 12. I expected the same basic OS + some improvements. Big surprise. It's hard to figure out how to do anything. I wanted to copy some text. Pretty easy on 7, almost impossible on 12. It just won't select anything. If you try, it just moves the text around. Remember those 3 little icons at the bottom? They made it pretty easy to navigate. They're gone. I never wanted to use Assistant, but it looks like the whole OS is Assistant. I tried to disable it, and got a warning that the OS might not work anymore. If there's a way to downgrade Android, I'd like to know how. 12 sucks big time.

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          • Anonymous
          • 84G
          • 02 Aug 2022

          is google pixel 3a compatible with android 12

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            • Eswar
            • D0h
            • 21 Apr 2022

            Worst, its slow down the drastically and if you charge in switch off mode it will switch on automatically
            Its worst version of Android and i think it's full of bugs

              So is no one going to mention the fact that the camera/mic indicator in Android 12 looks almost EXACTLY like the one in iOS 14?

              Don't get me wrong, it's a great feature, I'm really glad it's here, and it looking similar isn't necessarily a bad thing. It just infuriates me that Android bootlickers call literally everything on iOS that looks vaguely similar to something from Android "copied" and completely ignore the reverse. Android bootlickers are legitimately worse than Nintendo bootlickers from my experience, which is quite frankly amazing.

              Before you say anything, I just switched from Apple to the Galaxy S22 (I would've bought a midranger but I prefer smaller phones) BECAUSE I prefer Android, and also because I despise Apple's business practices. Apple tends to make decent enough products in my experience (their chips in particular), but I just tend to prefer other stuff.

                hell boy, 18 Jan 2022how to move files to Android/Obb ? trick that worked in and... moreUse this app:

                  AndrewIrvine, 11 Jan 2022I got Android 12 delivered to my Samsung s20 5G yesterday, ... moreSettings > Sounds amd Vibration > System sounds

                    Honestly,Android 12 looks like some noob tried to make a Custom ROM .

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                      • The Ho
                      • JgI
                      • 15 Feb 2022

                      Ascertained regression.

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                        • 1Du
                        • 07 Feb 2022

                        Android is having an identity crisis imo

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                          • 18 Jan 2022

                          how to move files to Android/Obb ? trick that worked in android 11 do not work in this version

                            I got Android 12 delivered to my Samsung s20 5G yesterday, can someone tell me how to switch the beeps off when I open my text messages, go to reply on social media etc. It didn't do it before, it's annoying.

                              I just realized both Android and Intel has similarity in their version/generation. 11th gen was a small fix over 10th gen, and 12th gen was a big change - much like Android! 🙆‍♂️

                                "Android 12 wants to convince you that it's big on privacy, and so it features a brand new Privacy dashboard in Settings."

                                - why you wrote that like this? 😅 Sarcastic 😆👌

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                                  • ILoveEeEe
                                  • vxL
                                  • 03 Nov 2021

                                  Google, please help...
                                  After updated to 12, my emoji turned brown like monkey and those photo saved it changed its colour, from yellow shirt to green. Why ?

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                                    • NTt
                                    • 02 Nov 2021

                                    The clock is horrendous. I wish I had known about it (and it not being changeable!) before downgrading to 12.

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                                      • J7S
                                      • 23 Oct 2021

                                      Google basically got nothing to offer in software development and its switching to compete in hardware

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                                        • gut
                                        • 23 Oct 2021

                                        Anonymous, 19 Oct 2021And I though IOS 15 was a small update , this is just some ... moreExactly.