Apple iPad mini 6th gen (2021) review

10 October 2021

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  • ibb
  • 25 Apr 2022

ferre, 10 Apr 2022i want ue that like phone.I want to use this as a phone bec... morewow,,,are you GIANT?

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    • ferre
    • niL
    • 10 Apr 2022

    i want ue that like phone.I want to use this as a phone because the current keys on the phones are so small and the screen. Can be used instead of the phone. Tired of dialing the phone.

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      • Anonymous
      • K1L
      • 20 Feb 2022

      "There is also bad news with this transition - the 3.5mm jack is now gone for good."

      I'm sorry, but I definitely cannot take this sentence seriously. "Gone for good" my bottom! The headphone jack is and always will remain truly relevant in 2022 and beyond. I'm not going to spend more money on wireless earbuds on top of an already expensive gadget.

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        • Anonymous
        • 7kp
        • 16 Jan 2022

        bunnyacop, 02 Jan 2022Do anyone know where to plug an earphone for this ipad?With type c earphones

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          • Bart987vn
          • YRI
          • 12 Jan 2022

          With SIRI included, can we make phone calls using Skype, WhatsApp and the like?

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            • DSama
            • G{Q
            • 08 Jan 2022

            This iPad mini is really convenient and comfortable to use for those who get used to small tablets and usually hold in hand, but I think we should put a cover on it to hold more easily because the change of screen ratio. And its specs definitely satisfies all of our need in 4-5 years using it. However, some apps are still not optimal for this iPad mini, especially when turning on full-screen mode, hope it will get better in the future. To anyone who wants 120Hz refresh rate on this model: 120Hz is just for Pro models, like iPhone 13 Series. Imagine this iPad mini with 120Hz refresh rate and cheaper than about 300$, so who gonna care the Pro models?

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              • bunnyacop
              • tu2
              • 02 Jan 2022

              Do anyone know where to plug an earphone for this ipad?

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                • Pubg player
                • sUv
                • 03 Dec 2021

                Just wanted+
                120Hz display 😥

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                  • Anonymous
                  • I@H
                  • 09 Nov 2021

                  Let me get this straight. So on landscape mode there would be no jelly effect? Am i right? Cos it only says on portrait mode. Thanks.

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                    • Jack
                    • g8K
                    • 17 Oct 2021

                    Great small dimensions,great job apple,price big

                      A god, 10 Oct 2021"Annoying screen jelly effect." Now bec someone ... moreDitto.
                      Also own a S7+ OLED Samsung tablet that is supposed to have best screen u can get in tablet and still has same jelly scroll issue if you look for it.
                      Also has other issues like colors all wrong at minimum brightness, already showing signs of burn-in, etc.. No perfect tablet screen people will always find issues if they look for them!
                      Personally, might trade in my S7+ for this mini since it's half the weight and that counts for a lot if you plan on hand holding it for hours at time. Currently use a stand for my S7+ since it so big and heavy. I remember with my old ipad mini used to be able to carry in one hand for hours at time not to mention sharper screen due to higher DPI on smaller mini screen. This is also quite noticeable if you look for it like any games with planets like Star Wars commander used to have planets actually look round on the mini whereas on larger tablet like normal size ipad and S7+ can actually see the polygonal outline of the planets instead of smooth circular planets.
                      Only things I'll miss on the S7+ is the microSD slot and free pen included otherwise nothing to compelling to keep me on Android tablet.

                        Anonymous, 14 Oct 2021thats for big tablet ... all small tablet battery around 50... moreThere is enough space for big battery.
                        Even smartphones which are under 10mm thickness have 7000mah battery.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • tZ0
                          • 14 Oct 2021

                          i0S.- Never.- Again, 12 Oct 2021Given the size, it needs minimum 7000mah battery. IMO it... morethats for big tablet ... all small tablet battery around 5000mah ... what are u thinking?

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                            • mukhi
                            • rJx
                            • 13 Oct 2021

                            Shukakumura, 13 Oct 2021After all the talk about how much better optimized iPads ar... moreThe Android tabs are equally limited as far as the productivity apps are concerned. In other words, even the latest and the greatest Android tabs cannot replace Windows laptops especially the Surface Pro with a keyboard.

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                              • mukhi
                              • rJx
                              • 13 Oct 2021

                              Sorry Apple, I really wanted to buy an iPad Pro (my 1st would-be-iPad). But even after the latest iPadOS and TB port, your productivity apps are so limited. Although you claim that it just works as a laptop replacement, in reality even the latest iPad is still a kid's option. I will be looking for a Windows based detachable like Surface instead.

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                                • Shukakumura
                                • JJG
                                • 13 Oct 2021

                                After all the talk about how much better optimized iPads are than Android tablets, I was shocked to find out that the iPad does not have an Instagram app for tablets at all. And many games come with black borders that are automatically filled on Android devices. This is quite sad actually and I don't understand how tech reviewers can be ao blinded to ignore sucj things when saying once again how much better optimized iOS / iPad OS is than Android...

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                                  • Tano27
                                  • L8x
                                  • 12 Oct 2021

                                  I think that with what it costs it should have at least 90 Hz refresh rate and 128 GB of internal storage.
                                  Too bad it isn't.

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                                    • Tano27
                                    • L8x
                                    • 12 Oct 2021

                                    Anonymous, 12 Oct 2021Does anyone buy tablets other than iPads? I've tried ... moreThat question is stupid.
                                    It is true that Apple continues to dominate the market for these devices but that does not mean that Samsung, Lenovo, Xiaomi or Huawei (if you are not interested in not having Google services) do not also excellent Tablets.
                                    I always say: There is a market for everyone.
                                    The rest is apologism for this or that brand of technology.

                                      Anonymous, 12 Oct 2021You and your cute android echo chamberYou and ur cute locked jail ios

                                        Maria, 11 Oct 2021iPad mini 2021 or iPad Pro M1, since the price is little bi... moreIpad pro m1 is far mroe expensive tho