Ulefone Power Armor 13 review

8 December 2021

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Dudenoway, 09 Dec 2021Guys u can see gsmarena phone number on that phone in the p... moreDude, no way!

  • Ahmad altaheri

I love this phone, i buy this phone faster when i get the money , i love it very much

  • Bound2happen

Bought the edition before this one and charged the phone with a different charger and battery overheated. Complained thru the company that sold me and it went directly to Ulefone HQ Shengzen. They've replied and sent me a new one with no questions asked. Still works after 3 years and battery still handles it well with intense gaming and no overnight charging with factory charger. A beast of a phone with all stats guaranteed. 9/10

Guys u can see gsmarena phone number on that phone in the perfomance section first photo if u look closely.

  • Spike

Well great phone, but one downside is u can't upgrade the os to 12 from what the company claims ... It's only patch for 11 and 11x unless someone know how to upgrade to lastest OS

  • Anonymous

I love this phone battery life it is fantastic the measuring laser feature is good for my business and the best part of this phone is I've dropped it several times with no damage.

  • Major Rawls

I want to order 80 of these for my department

  • Anonymous

Amazing phone, had for 2 months now. Every thing about it is great.

Bitzer, 09 Dec 2021give the site link my friend i want to see it😬Choose your price range

Pick your price range between the Pro model, standard and SE


  • Anonymous

thebestjojo, 09 Dec 2021I just bought one. It's not a bad phone. The battery l... moreJesus what the hell are you doing on it. It is supposed to last like a week

  • Anonymous

Flying Cloud, 09 Dec 2021Bought on pre-sale, recieved 4 days ago. Very good smartpho... moreVery good performance? According to the review it can't even get hd in Netflix. Slow response times from the screen,washed out colours on YouTube hdr .The laser isn't even accurate which makes it a gimmick. Think I'll keep my OnePlus 8 for now which lasts until I sleep . They'd have been better sticking that battery to a feature phone.

  • Anonymous

Notice the video playback is extremely poor.

While I am not THAT much of a power user. (I do favor flagship performance though.) this phone is quite spectacular. (And H E A V Y . . .)
I'd like to point out another point. the screen protection. Gurilla Glass 3 is not exactly a strong screen protection. and while I very much understand it's a phone of 320$. I expected it to have GG5... if not higher.

I'm a power consumer, this is definitely the piece of hardware for someone like me!!!

  • thebestjojo

I just bought one. It's not a bad phone. The battery lasts me 2 days on full usage. Awesome video playback. Good sound for music. Call quality on network is good. Video calling is good. The camera takes really good photos. Overall so far is a good phone. The only downside is the weight yet it's the battery.

Bought on pre-sale, recieved 4 days ago. Very good smartphone. Finally a battery monster with very good performances.
Only one BIG disappointment: the phone has plenty of gestures but Double Tap to Wake the screen is missing. I used that feature a lot on my other phone. I don't understand why the guys at Ulefone didn't implemented this useful feature

  • Anonymous

This phone is great as a portable battery with the added bonus of being a phone. The fact that it can wirelessly charge other phones or accessories is such a good feature! Having an ir blaster is great as well to use as a remote control! God bless! Jesus loves you all!

So far I live this phone. Large battery. Great camera, and endoscope. And over all great build. If u guys make new armor 13 in the future I'll buy it. Running on 4g and 5g would be nice. Other than that.. thanks for .making this phone rugged. U have my next purchase in a couple years.

The armor 13 is my 3 Ulefone armor series phone, previous armor 6 & 9. I've had the phone since November 7th. The software and it's supporting hardware are substantial enough to easily run any apps I require, business or personal. The durability looks good on paper, however in practice not so much. Because of it's substantial weight the damage from dropping is substantial. All the corners are significantly scuffed and scraped up. The screen protector cracked on the second drop, the screen did last night. The drops have also shaken loose what I assume is the antenna because all calls sound like having connection issues didn't experience before. A realistic lanyard is not possible unless chemically welded to the thermoplastic polyurethane body. As with all previous Armor series the Ulefone spec case available is an expensive unfunny joke.
I hate that this is my review because I do love the phone. Feels great in my hand and performance is good. Heavy enough to be a self defense weapon.
Needs a revision that will increase durability to match the weight, gorilla glass victus maybe? Factory built-in lanyard attachment. Other than that the phone is awesome. However mine is useless with broken screen less than one month. Mixed feelings will most likely have me in another direction for a replacement.

  • Slaw 84

Tomasz, 09 Dec 2021Unfortunately, I have been the owner of your Ulefone Power ... moreDid you returned it for repairs?