Infinix Zero 5G review

11 February 2022

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  • 17 Nov 2022

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2022Should I buy infinix zero 5g for long term use? No, buy a Samsung or something

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    • 17 Nov 2022

    WiFi and Software issues... BLU phones are better than this... Really

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      • Hemu
      • DkX
      • 20 Sep 2022

      Too much bad phone
      Speaker issue

        Nice power phone

          bulbulito.bayagbag, 22 Mar 2022Camera module design copied from Oppo Find series, but came... moreLmao

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            • Tapash
            • gML
            • 19 Apr 2022

            Nice phone,,, I'm use this phone very happy

              Camera module design copied from Oppo Find series, but cameras are crappy and no os updates. Typical e-waste.

                Shehroz Sherry, 16 Feb 2022Infinix offers no OS updates. I'm a victim of a fake p... moreThe price you pay when going cheap, I guess.

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                  • 11 Mar 2022

                  Wesley Nwantu, 15 Feb 2022I'm using infinix note 11pro to read this review. Apar... moreWhy

                    When is that coming to Uganda and the cost.

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                      • Mahendra
                      • gNR
                      • 19 Feb 2022

                      Presently infinix is a brand, really unstable, basically French technology makes it unstoppable,

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                        • Luxor
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                        • 18 Feb 2022

                        Anonymous, 14 Feb 2022Come on it have ltps display which is literally better than... moreYou measuring nits with your ears? You must be high. You lost all your credibility there.

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                          • 7Pw
                          • 17 Feb 2022

                          Until it arrives , Redmi Note 11 pro 5G released in China is overall better choice than Infinix Zero 5G , Tecno Pova 5G & Realme 9 Pro

                            Infinix offers no OS updates. I'm a victim of a fake promise made by infinix official outlet seller. Stuck on Android OS 9.0 with 6/128 Specs. Buy some better brand.

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                              • J15
                              • 16 Feb 2022

                              "The final problem with the Infinix Zero 5G display panel is the horribly sluggish pixel response time. It is not that bad in 60Hz mode, but in 120Hz every scroll on finer text turns it into a blurry mess."

                              Thanks you for mentioning this! I hope you put this information in all your reviews, especially when talking about high refresh LCD panels. It can look so bad.

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                                • fCB
                                • 16 Feb 2022

                                Should I buy infinix zero 5g for long term use?

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                                  • 7kj
                                  • 15 Feb 2022

                                  Anonymous, 15 Feb 2022Stethoscope is a device for listening to internal sounds. S... moreIt's a candela measuring device that looks like a stethoscope

                                    Infinix is a sibling of Itel and Tecno mobile. Transsion is parent company of all 3 brands.
                                    We can only expect bloated OS.

                                    I don't know why Chinese companies think rebranding as an innovation. BBK and Xiaomi are classic examples.

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                                      • syam7863
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                                      • 15 Feb 2022

                                      "One potentially important thing to note is that the Snapdragon 860 has DSP limitations and can only record 1080p video despite its otherwise excellent features and specs."

                                      I think the writer meant Snapdragon 680 instead of Snapdragon 860 as even Snapdragon 801 can record in 4k

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                                        • CustomSkin AlwaysWin
                                        • s8i
                                        • 15 Feb 2022

                                        With a plethora of features and extras that come in Android OS, even more so in custom skins, there is no doubt why Android is undisputedly the best smartphone os created period. iOS looks ancient compared to this