Poco M4 Pro review

1 April 2022

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  • Anonymous
  • X5u
  • 20 hours ago

To me charging a phone twice a day ain't bad neither do I care about the cameras I just want a phone with a decent processor that's all🤷

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    • Mary
    • r39
    • 03 Jul 2022

    I just got this phone yesterday,but the battery is not what was said. The battery is running fast. I'm not sure is up too 5000ah or what they call it. I just regret buying it with the my account so big

      Dz1, 26 Apr 2022I got a sony a5100 camera. So what do I care about a trashy... moreThe best camera you have,is the one that you have at hand..
      You might have the best camera money can buy,but do you always lug it about like a Smartphone?
      When the perfect scene presents itself,do tell it to wait,while you rush home to grab your expensive Sony gear?

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        • Anonymous
        • 0mD
        • 24 Jun 2022

        Thanks for the review, very informative and detailed.

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          • Muhammed
          • nCe
          • 10 Jun 2022

          I have buyed this phone two months back now the display is getting stuck and not working, after restart only it gets normal again

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            • Mr. JJ
            • tZ0
            • 06 Jun 2022

            Bought mine exactly 2 months ago for around USD200 with free gifts worth around USD25, 6/128 version.
            Pretty neat I must say.

            1. Oled display. Can't go wrong with Oled.
            2. Capable processor. Definitely not on par with those flagship processor but not bad either. Everything runs smooth most of the time.
            3. 5000Mah battery is ok. Definitely can last the whole day on normal usage; FB,TT,YT,IG and browsing with around 1 hour game time. Usually I charge before sleeping with around 15-20% left at 11 p.m. Mind you, I start my day around 5:30a.m almost everyday. On times when I go game intensively for 3-4 hours mostly on CODM, definitely need to recharge before 5 p.m.
            4. Headphone jack, IR blaster, 2 sims plus MicroSD. It's there if you need it.
            5. Cameras - used mostly for work so I don't care much of it.

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              • SUSSY BAKA
              • Aw%
              • 02 Jun 2022

              Alp, 31 May 2022Sometime I am suspicious of all these comments about proble... morebro, is the phone good

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                • Alp
                • IWP
                • 31 May 2022

                Anonymous, 27 May 2022Battery,problemSometime I am suspicious of all these comments about problems... Could be from a competitor?

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                  • mFd
                  • 27 May 2022


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                    • Ro45
                    • DkC
                    • 26 May 2022

                    babak, 01 Apr 2022I use m4 pro, believe me the battery life is not like what ... moreYes man, I am also facing same issue , I am not a gamer neither a heavy user, but still i have to charge the phone twice a day.

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                      • Dz1
                      • HCb
                      • 26 Apr 2022

                      PakHuySun, 17 Apr 2022why Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro rated 4 while basically a copy of th... moreThat's got a much bigger screen than this and is very big and heavy.

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                        • Dz1
                        • HCb
                        • 26 Apr 2022

                        Anonymous, 08 Apr 2022Lol camera A52 are unbeatable...poco m4 pro camera are tras... moreI got a sony a5100 camera. So what do I care about a trashy phone camera?

                        Get a proper camera then you will not care how good or bad a camera is on any particular phone. Because they are all trash compared to the Sony.

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                          • mp6
                          • 19 Apr 2022

                          Anonymous, 02 Apr 2022Like 100like 100 or actually 100??

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                            • PakHuySun
                            • nrN
                            • 17 Apr 2022

                            why Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro rated 4 while basically a copy of this smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro rated 3.6?

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                              • Sami
                              • 6Px
                              • 16 Apr 2022

                              Anonymous, 03 Apr 2022If there is only one thing Xiaomi is doing well in their re... more. . . But Poco m4 pro 6/128 speaker/sound loudness is low. Which is very annoying 😠 what do you say about it?

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                                • Swaraj
                                • DkA
                                • 10 Apr 2022

                                Anonymous, 04 Apr 2022If the $200 Poco M4 Pro has SD888, you will not even have c... moreYeah right ... Because world is full of idiots . I hear Poco redmi cry while updating os version even with their latest and fastest CPUs 🤪

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • tuh
                                  • 08 Apr 2022

                                  Gino76ph, 03 Apr 2022Would the Poco M4 Pro better in the front & rear camera... moreLol camera A52 are unbeatable...poco m4 pro camera are trash compared with A52s..A52s even destroy camera on realme 9 pro+ that using sony imx766(flagship grade sensor camera)

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                                    • 12nm
                                    • DkU
                                    • 06 Apr 2022

                                    12nm processor , 3 year old processor

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                                      • Awais khan
                                      • sUv
                                      • 05 Apr 2022

                                      We are facing hotspot issue.when we switch on it after a while it switched off by itself.after restarting device the hotspot switching become fine but after sometime again it causes switching issue

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • tZ0
                                        • 04 Apr 2022

                                        Swaraj, 03 Apr 2022even if it had sd 888 inside that ugly back , i still would... moreIf the $200 Poco M4 Pro has SD888, you will not even have chance to buy it because it will be constantly sold out due to high demand.