Oppo Find X5 review

11 April 2022

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  • Doc MC
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  • 01 May 2022

I own the oppo find x5 and the x5 pro.
After last year's X3 pro .I find both of these fantastic refreshingly great feeling phones. The x5 although lacking in some areas could quite easily be a flagship. In a vacuum it's 100% top tier. However side by side with the pro , the x5 feels slightly Infirior .

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    • Mike Murphy
    • 6rs
    • 26 Apr 2022

    Hey bro, Snapdragon 888 on 2022, and 999 base price ??? Xiaomi 12 is better !!!

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      • ASL
      • iIa
      • 15 Apr 2022

      Thank you, gsmarena. Pls do x5pro as well.

        I wonder who suggested the name MariSilicon X ISP and if they speak Spanish 😂

          nanagdad, 13 Apr 2022I'll NEVER buy an Oppo phone. Less than 2 years of sof... morePretty obvious you've never owned an Oppo. I use the X2 pro and updated to android12/ColorOS12 in February, no waiting til Dec 2022 and guess what no bugs so far, but then ColorOS 11 wasn't buggy either. X2 pro was and is a beast of a phone. You should try before you hate otherwise you just make yourself out to be ignorant

            nanagdad, 13 Apr 2022I'll NEVER buy an Oppo phone. Less than 2 years of sof... moreOppo'# business model;

            Example Fixd X2

            -Released March 2020 with Android 10 color os 7
            -Upgraded to a bugy Android 11 color os 11 in December 2021
            -Will receive last software support Android 12 color os 12 if lucky in December 2022 last software update. End of honeymoon & can NEVER rollback that last bugy update. Kinda neat Opoo...

              I'll NEVER buy an Oppo phone. Less than 2 years of software support & it 1 or 2 buggy late Android OS updates which you can NEVER rollback yeah obviously. This seems like it's their business model. Planned obsolescence imo. Example Find X2 & Find X3 meaning this too will face the same fate 😕

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                • Haplo
                • MIn
                • 13 Apr 2022

                decci, 12 Apr 2022Thats all true. However; that is of no use when the batt... moreI don't know about Pixel 6 Pro. But my Pixel 6 has good battery life.
                Great phone, can recommend! And its significanty cheaper then this...

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                  • smarttech
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                  • 13 Apr 2022

                  Rotciv Ikias, 12 Apr 2022What are u saying 😕😕😶😶😶😶 "better performance" &qu... morezoom yes, but there is a big jump in ultrawide quality and a noticeable one for the main cam in the x3 pro and x5 pro

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                    • Niton
                    • CbD
                    • 13 Apr 2022

                    Looks they focus on camera..need to check to storage and other parts like sterio and processor..looks

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                      • TRP
                      • 13 Apr 2022

                      Anonymous, 12 Apr 202213 Pro = 98,9s/mAh X5 = 81s/mAh That isn't what battery life means. Battery life is how long the phone can stay on for on a single charge not how power efficient the phone is (not that it matters with the tiny batteries Apple puts into their phones). The iPhone 13 Pro has worse battery life.

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                        • LkB
                        • 12 Apr 2022

                        [deleted post]13 Pro = 98,9s/mAh
                        X5 = 81s/mAh

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                          • tZ4
                          • 12 Apr 2022

                          sweggitity, 12 Apr 2022Oppo/OnePlus tactics is simple, it's heavy marketing, ... moreOppo caters mostly to female buyers, with most marketing ads emphasising beautified selfie and 'insta-worthy' rear camera. Female buyers care less about specs and more about external aesthetic, as evidenced by Oppo and Vivo focus of 'shiny effect' finish. I need to add that Oppo also spend a lot on "paid reviewers" to promote their products.

                            Anonymous, 12 Apr 2022Lol you can get a 12GB/512GB oppo Find x2 pro for less with... moreWhat are u saying 😕😕😶😶😶😶 "better performance" "better camera" are u alright

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                              • Tui
                              • 12 Apr 2022

                              too expensive.. better buy a pixel 6

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                                • AF4
                                • 12 Apr 2022

                                Feels like I'm looking at a OnePlus device...

                                  Anonymous, 12 Apr 2022The price is ridiculous in Europe yep, but at £749 in the U... moreIn Indonesia, xiaomi 12 8/256 cost US $700 and xiaomi 12 Pro 12/256 cost US $900. Both using sd 8 gen 1. Better buy xiaomi than this. Software support and after sales service also better xiaomi than oppo even oppo become the biggest market share in Indonesia.

                                    Oppo/OnePlus tactics is simple, it's heavy marketing, they are spending in high amounts to hire actors/actress to promote their devices and it doesn't comes in cheap, hence the ridiculous pricing for a underwhelming devices. One ought to be not so smart to buy Oppo phonea with such ridiculous pricing

                                      Anonymous, 12 Apr 2022I start to wonder is Gsmarena review start with 4 stars and... moreMaybe you don't read/open all reviews. These are the phones that we reviewed between January and first week of April this year to get below 4*. And spoiler alert, Redmi Note 11S is also getting a below 4* rating.

                                      Samsung Galaxy A13 - 2.7
                                      Poco X4 Pro 5G - 3.8
                                      Redmi Note 11 - 3.7
                                      Redmi Note 11 Pro - 3.6
                                      Nokia G21 - 3.2
                                      Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G - 3.7
                                      Realme 9 Pro - 3.4
                                      Moto G51 5G - 3.4

                                      It's not so rare, is it?

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                                        • n}C
                                        • 12 Apr 2022

                                        Lol you can get a 12GB/512GB oppo Find x2 pro for less with a better camera and ACTUALLY faster cpu performance 😂😂😂 what a joke how did this get this high of a rating???