Sony Ericsson G502 preview: First look

25 April 2008
If you thought great internet experience can only be delivered by insanely expensive high-end mobile phones, maybe it's about time you reconsidered. Sony Ericsson G502 is said to be the most affordable HSDPA phone and, from what we see, the...

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  • Snehil

Guys can u pls tel me how can i make the downloading of the files from internet directly into my memory card

Pls reply

  • preethi

how to back up text sms from my mobile to my system

  • mikeyt

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2008I don't rate SE these days; both Samsung and Nokia are better.that's funny i just changed from a 6120c which was buggy and poorly made. I've never had probs with se before and after 3 weeks of using very happy. fingers crossed

  • Anonymous

is there a place for memory stick M2. i can't find where it is put

  • mark

love this fone, except from the camera...

  • ryan

can anyone confirm that it has the walkman 3.0 player? or is it just a similar-looking interface?

  • v10

i bought this opinion:
Ups-great high-speed video recording,sensational music player ,looking style,wawe-like keys,video,music and picture player diferent than k and other series.

downs-slight lack of picture camera,a bit slow video and picture speed in video and picture player.

i am delighted with this mobile.his screen is 176*220,but it accepts pictures,themes,and games of 240*320 screen has an elegant style and it's not heawy so if you drop it,it won't be much damage.

  • saurabh

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2008copyied from nokia (6120) 6120 is much better then this in ... morenokia 6120 doesnot have mega bass and sound quality of G502 is better than nokia music edition phones

  • saurabh

Ryan, 18 Jul 2008Does this phone have walkmna and when was this phone released. ... moreya it has music player and sound quality is almost similar to w series mobiles

  • saurabh

Kris, 27 Aug 2008Does it have bluetooth and infraredit has bluetooth

  • saurabh

i bought this mobile on this sunday its sound quality is mind blowing. guys if u r thinking to buy w series then G502 is quiet better than w series coz of its good internet speed,and mind blowing sound quality....

  • Kris

Does it have bluetooth and infrared

  • Ryan

Does this phone have walkmna and when was this phone released.

Please reply Thanks

  • ryo

i love this phone.. just remove the back camera... it will be perfect for me...

  • george

im waiting for the full review ... when will it be posted?

  • Lua

beautiful, too bad that the cam is only 2mp =/

  • Anonymous

To the guy below how said that this phone is a copy of nokia 6120 is blind or something or nokia fans have problems differentiating phones.

It's like you're making fun of my nokia 6120 that I use to have.

  • Anonymous

copyied from nokia (6120)

6120 is much better then this in every way

  • Anonymous

how much does it cost?
if they say this is the most affordable HSDPA phone, then its price must be lower than SonyEricsson K630i (US$210) and Nokia 6120c (US$190).

  • Anonymous

Hey Bill, how could you say that it has cheap build quality when GSMArena said that it feels solid and not cheap. Did you read? I bet you've never even seen this phone in real life.

And to the guy who said that this phone is a copy of 6120 is out of his mind. I use to have 6120 which got stolen few weeks ago. It looks no where near the same.