Samsung Galaxy A23 review

16 May 2022

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  • bEK
  • 20 Jul 2023

Decide to buy Samsung A 23 5G, after checking the camera properties in demo piece if not you fall for the defective/ dead mobile on arrival worth of 21999 rupees.
I bought the Samsung A23 5G, on 10 July 2023 around 21'30 Hrs. found and its Dead-on arrival within an hour. I done with bill payments and brought to home, took a first selfie with front camera with flash and found completely blur with unclear image and most of the background with full color pigmentation appearing like with very low contrast and very bad image capturing. Before inserting the sim, I called and informed Jio Mobile Show room, by then shutters off for the day. returned the New Brand A 23 5G Samsung Mobile to them after many calls and the received by them sent to service center and received the Message on call, that A 23 5G Samsung Mobile was of that clarity only as I mentioned above, and not giving any replacement till today 20 July 2023. beside they promising to repair the camera and give back the Mobile that worth I paid 21999/- INR. So, I strongly suggest checking before you buy or checking with the same or any other model of demo both in bright light and Dim Light with Flash and without flash then only one can find the resolution of the images. At Jio Mobile Store, all will be fine under glitter lights but check out in dim /shadow side then only would confirm and take a stand to buy. Thanks to the website to give a review of my own experience with the New Samsung A23 5G mobile that seems dead on arrived yet no replacement from the Manufacturer.

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    • Nj
    • KSe
    • 09 Jun 2023

    I purchased this phone just a month ago and twice I went to service center for so many flaws which irritating me too much,after every 2 or 3 days many of my contacts are automatically deleting, when somebody is calling me, they are getting distrubed with the surrounding noise rather than my voice,I don't recommend this device to anyone

      for daily use, this device is enough to meet my needs
      except gaming

      social media, chatting, streaming, smoothly without any problems

      The weakness that bothers me the most is the absence of a light sensor and the brightness is quite low.

      I bought a Samsung just because the experience of using OneUI was quite satisfying than other Brands

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        • Titash
        • s8d
        • 08 May 2023

        Manal, 30 Apr 2023I've had it for a couple month now . It's an okay... moreCan you please tell me the sar value of this device. Then will be so helped full for me .

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          • Manal
          • fqR
          • 30 Apr 2023

          I've had it for a couple month now . It's an okay phone to me but there are some flaws I didn't like.. it can be a little laggy with games and I hate the video quality from the front camera and it's not bright enough under the sun,the back camera though can take decent nice pics and videos.. but I don't hate it either, I guess that's the best I could get for my budjet

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            • Dj
            • rw3
            • 23 Apr 2023

            Very decent device, I have one and I'm quite happy! Particularly now when some software updates have come out taking the phone to One UI 5.1 running on top of Andriod 13 improving the phone and performance of the camera noticeably since launch.

            Everything you get for the price is great.

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              • Alei
              • Nvx
              • 22 Apr 2023

              I have it ,I like it.

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                • N0p
                • 19 Apr 2023

                I was about to go buy this, until before i read the verdict in the this review, lol
                Slow and Laggy software broke it for me

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                  • kjJ
                  • 14 Apr 2023

                  Nope on 50 MP the zoom is disabled

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                    • wib
                    • 01 Apr 2023

                    Js, 25 Mar 2023I want to know if you can use the zoom feature on the camer... moreNo

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                      • YYE
                      • 25 Mar 2023

                      I want to know if you can use the zoom feature on the camera on max resolution while video taping.

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                        • mFd
                        • 18 Mar 2023

                        Anonymous, 18 May 202223yea

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                          • 15 Mar 2023


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                            • Frank
                            • kEa
                            • 20 Feb 2023

                            I just received the A23 5G from HSN.
                            Price? $120 or so.
                            After a short time online it upgraded itself to Android 13.
                            There are many features to like or hate. It's taken me about 2days to familiarize.
                            (Contrary to the reviews, it DOES have an ambient light sensor).
                            Personally, I like it.

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                              • Ange
                              • 7th
                              • 17 Feb 2023

                              Have had this phone for 4 months and not happy. Keep getting missed call messages when phone hasn't even rung. So I have to continually call back. When I do get a call, often when I swipe to answer, it hangs up. Want to send back to Samsung but don't have a spare to use!

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                                • IWV
                                • 12 Nov 2022

                                CompactPhones5ever, 17 May 2022Beating Sony in video capturing or photography isn't r... moreIn my country, A52s cost almoat twice as much as A23 though

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                                  • Mouni
                                  • Dk$
                                  • 10 Nov 2022

                                  Husain, 13 Oct 2022In Galaxy A23 builtin call recoding is available or not plz... moreYes it is available

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                                    • UNKNOWN soldier
                                    • Lcg
                                    • 30 Oct 2022

                                    Best midrange for 300 euros serious

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                                      • Husain
                                      • X}G
                                      • 13 Oct 2022

                                      In Galaxy A23 builtin call recoding is available or not plz let me know

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                                        • 28 Sep 2022

                                        Lizzy, 05 Sep 2022I still don't know why my A23 can't access bixby ... moreSame problem I faced... I think there is actually no bixby present it was false advertisement