Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 long-term review

17 June 2022

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  • 01 Aug 2022

when is apple going to cum out with something like this?

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    • 7k0
    • 30 Jun 2022

    That should the essence and hallmark of a vertical fold phone ie to be used as a nice handy Tab and take over the functions of a Tab in unfolded form. More sliming needs to be done , more Ram and editing softwares of a Tab requirements would definitely put this form into a coveted segment.

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      • TRV
      • 28 Jun 2022

      Like the phone except for the fact the motherboard died in less than 6 months of use. Overheated and froze and all Samsung service could do is leave me without a phone for over a week while they fixed it. A replacement would have been the decent thing to do but then Samsung customer service is horrendous.

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        • Karar
        • RNZ
        • 27 Jun 2022

        I have had this phone for 8 months and my screen is split down middle. It's crap for a $2500 phone....... phone works fine, but a disappointment

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          • AHE
          • 8fL
          • 23 Jun 2022

          My Fold 3 5G lasted for six months before I traded it for the S22 Ultra 5G.

          One of my biggest complaints is the poor modem connectivity and the battery drain that goes along with it. I always used LTE on the Fold as wasn't as good as 5G on my iPhone.

          The Z series will quickly become the standard to which all other devices will be compared.

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            • uQ5
            • 23 Jun 2022

            Hi, just a feedback sharing. I have been using Fold 1 and Fold 2 for the past 1.5 years....and basically 2 years for the fold-1.

            I have to speak frankly that I didn't encounter any of it...maybe at the moment..

            But what I can only share some opinions, is that it might be cause by excessive hard closing of the Fold screen.......I definitely close with very cautious and gently......but so far after 2 years for the fold-1....there is no issue at moment....thanks

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              • Dan
              • swC
              • 22 Jun 2022

              I had samsung z fold 2 and screen was brooken after 7 months . Samsung refuse my warranty . Samsung z fold 2 have 2 years warranty and z fold 3 only 1 year ? Why ? Becouse us the Worsted phone i ever had. Dont buy this phone my friend got z fold 3 and after 3 months innej screen just stopem working and Samsung refuse warranty . Never again Samsung. Sealing bad phones with manufactury defect and dont want give u new phone .

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                • 22 Jun 2022

                Robbie, 19 Jun 2022Had mine since January this year, bought used off ebay for ... moreI am experiencing it now....slowly the crease turned into black and now in service center they say its the physical damage and cannot be covered under warranty and I am ending up paying INR 48.9k

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                  • vxL
                  • 21 Jun 2022

                  YUKI93, 20 Jun 2022I wasn't even looking directly at it. The phone was lo... moreIf you use the phone, you look directly at it and the crease is not obvious. Isn't that is what matters?

                    Note7 owner, 21 Jun 2022Took my Fold 3 out to use yesterday and by 6pm I was wantin... moreThat is another part of the issue. Under most circumstances I do not notice the crease but recently I feel like the crease has been screaming at me when I watch movies on the train during my commute. It's not the dip. It's the light reflecting off the curve. I only notice this on the train.

                    Samsung might want to consider using a less reflective screen protector. The Oppo N does not have this issue.

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                      • Abdul
                      • rJq
                      • 21 Jun 2022

                      Since I purchased fold 3.. never recived any update

                        Took my Fold 3 out to use yesterday and by 6pm I was wanting to go back to my Pixel 6 Pro. That crease is very annoying and the screen is very reflective making the crease much much worse. It's a very bad screen to watch movies on.

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                          • hewa
                          • S2S
                          • 20 Jun 2022

                          what a lie, tell me you are an apple fanboy without telling me you are!

                            Way to make it seem it has decent battery life... when in reality it's a joke.

                              RichieRich, 18 Jun 2022If you directly look onto the main screen you don't se... moreI wasn't even looking directly at it. The phone was located on a table at my waist level and I can still see the crease.

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                                • Watkins
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                                • 20 Jun 2022

                                Anonymous, 18 Jun 2022the only problem is that it uses android. for that price, g... moreLol but who tf wants a foldable device with ios?? I mean we're all adults here nobody wants a gimped, closed, walled garden operating system on their phones these days. Imagine that a foldable device with half assed multi-tasking. That's Apple in a nut shell.

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                                  • 20 Jun 2022

                                  I wouldn't mind foldables as much if Samsung of all manufacturers wouldn't be behind other ones despite being 1 to 2 generations ahead in terms of experience.. It feels like they barely pushed development ahead with each generation and it doesn't seem like they're going to change that.

                                    John, 19 Jun 2022Not entirely correct......the technology is here but only o... moreThat's not correct. Nobody had gotten rid of the crease. The difference is the level of visibility and feel. The teardrop hinge foldables produce a crease that appears to be softer than Samsung's Fold, but it's still there.

                                    The drawback is the teardrop might not allow the device to be protected against submersion like the Fold.

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                                      • nvU
                                      • 19 Jun 2022

                                      So you are doing a big review of a phone that is mainly used with an S pen but you dont have the pen :-))

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                                        • S6p
                                        • 19 Jun 2022

                                        Anonymous, 19 Jun 2022Right on time to help get rid of the remaining unsold stock... moreUpcoming model will also be 100 dollars/euro cheaper than Fold 3 at launch.

                                        If i could get Fold 3 for 1000 euros vs Fold 4 1700 euros i am not sure what i would do.