Oppo Reno8 Pro review

18 July 2022

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I have it and it is best smartphone in the world right now.

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    • Nesta4
    • 8pN
    • 29 Sep 2022

    blue, 18 Jul 2022Excellent camera? Well below average it is. Same with perfo... moreWhat would you waste your money on?

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      • uh0
      • 06 Sep 2022

      What's stopping oppo from adding wireless charging to the devices. Every other brands have it should just keep it consistent. No point making a wireless magvocc charger when you only have one phone which support it.

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        • tZj
        • 21 Aug 2022

        Like all Oppo phones, the value of the Reno8 Pro will drop very fast. For example, the resale value of Reno7 Pro is already down to 50% of new price, not even 1 year after launch.

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          • Pod
          • fuZ
          • 04 Aug 2022

          Beautiful phone with billion of colour

            Anonymous, 20 Jul 2022Sony Walkman X-series (16GB) NWZ-X1050 google it or lg pradaand? I know this 10 years back wht u tryin say

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              • Nu6
              • 28 Jul 2022

              Do you mean it? I like the phone....

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                • rJU
                • 27 Jul 2022

                It's worst phone ever. Don't waste ur money.

                  Kea, 24 Jul 2022It is more than 820 USD in Taiwan, then less 600 USD. Onl... moreWhy?

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                    • XjB
                    • 24 Jul 2022

                    It is more than 820 USD in Taiwan,
                    then less 600 USD.
                    Only an idiot will buy it.

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                      • Mma
                      • XWv
                      • 24 Jul 2022

                      U are adding the expenses of your advertisement in TVs, and elsewhere in the device value which is absolutely wrong. For this high price nobody will make mind to purchase this phone. Better brands with lesser price are available.

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                        • techois
                        • m3X
                        • 21 Jul 2022

                        Anonymous, 18 Jul 2022Another garbage phone without SD card, jack and terrible ba... moreand which mainstream phone nowadays has an sd card and jack, apart the overpriced and too narrow xperia phones? a52s? but it's almost two year old

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                          • txE
                          • 20 Jul 2022

                          GSMA User, 20 Jul 2022it cost £450 in china £500 that is overpriced? Surely pric... moreYou're joking, right. Tell me the price of oppo reno 6 pro 5g right now LMAO

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                            • K1I
                            • 20 Jul 2022

                            Anonymous, 19 Jul 2022wow main camera no OIS ? thats bad..I know right. For such a price range, no OIS and crappy 8mp ultrawide are not acceptable.

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                              • K1I
                              • 20 Jul 2022

                              Crazy Weirdo, 18 Jul 2022Maybe it's a bit "overpriced", but people fo... moreAs someone who owns both Oppo and Samsung, I would happily choose OneUI over ColorOS. ColorOS is acceptable in most aspects but OneUI is even better, at least that's what I have experienced.

                                Zuzuz, 18 Jul 20228mp is enough but the lenses for them are extremely low qua... more8mp isn't enough even for normal field of view cameras, let alone ultrawides that capture even more stuff in a single shot.

                                  Anonymous, 19 Jul 2022Is there any other non-flagship phones with IP68/7 & fl... moreNo, there is A52s/A33/A53/A73 but their front glass isn't 100% flat, it's of the 2.5D type

                                    Anonymous, 20 Jul 2022'There is just something about the flat, iPhone-like s... moreWhat? iPhone 4 was launched in 2010 with flat aluminum sides, at that time Android phones were only starting, they were crap, Sony launched its first Xperia with flat sides years later, as much as I prefer Android, Apple do set market and design trends, that's undeniable, a fact.

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                                      • 5Jh
                                      • 20 Jul 2022

                                      GSMA User, 20 Jul 2022Sony? which ? where from ? Can you show us?Sony Walkman X-series (16GB) NWZ-X1050
                                      google it
                                      or lg prada

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                                        • HDx
                                        • 20 Jul 2022

                                        Anonymous, 20 Jul 2022'There is just something about the flat, iPhone-like s... moreIt was Apple who popularized that flat sides. Just like it wasn't the first phone to have a notch but everyone copied Apple.