Motorola Moto G62 review

12 August 2022

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I received my G62 on the 16th of February 2023, and after using it for a few days, here are my pros, cons and neutral parts of the phone (the ones that didn't surprise or disappoint me).

- Stellar design and super light weight
- Great battery life (heavy user here, the phone has 30-40% by the end of the day
- 120hz display is a treat on a €199 phone
- Security updates until summer 2025

- Extremely slow charging speed (takes over 1.5 hours to charge from 20-100%)
- Only a 10W charger in the box even though the phone can charge at 15W
- 4GB of RAM makes multitasking impossible. It can barely hold 2-3 apps in the background
- Camera is terrible. The macro and ultrawide are inoffensive but the main 50mp sensor is atrocious. Blurry, colors are blând and night mode literally ruins the photos instead of improving them.
- My phone was stuck on the June 2022 security update and I had to use Rescue and Smart Assistant on my PC to bring the G62's software up to date. Again, this was an isolated case, not a Moto usual thing.

- Overall performance can be stellar but it also shows its budget phone prowess at times by stuttering and crashing occasionally.
- Display is nothing special. No HDR support, mediocre brightness but the 120hz boosts it from being truly bad.
- Connectivity is a mixed bag. I've had great reception and I've also had poor reception.

Two more things to note: accessories aren't great. Cases for the G62 can block the speaker on the top of the phone which GSMArena fail to even recognize, and I suggest buying a glass screen protector for the G42 and install kt on the G62. Because it's smaller, it'll fit perfectly on the G62's screen without going over the edges and leaving ugly air gaps.

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    • AbaddayofRain
    • mmV
    • 20 Jan 2023

    I got the g62 today,and am extremely disappointed as the charger is not charging the phone! So it back to the dealer tomorrow!

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      • Ann
      • HBA
      • 17 Jan 2023

      GUYS BTW motorola G52 and G62 which one is th best in terms of camera

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        • Anonymous
        • D09
        • 29 Dec 2022

        Anonymous, 04 Oct 2022Which Moyorola do you guys recommend, G62 (1700dkk), G82(24... moreG82 if you can spend

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          • Anonymous
          • HA3
          • 04 Oct 2022

          Which Moyorola do you guys recommend, G62 (1700dkk), G82(2400 dkk) , G52(1700dkkl or G51(1350dkk)?

            Lucas, 09 Sep 2022480 5G (generic version) is already on par with SD765G, no ... morebut it only caps at 1080p at 30fps. no matter how good the sensor is, it would still look like upscaled 360p. and that chipset should not exist. they just exist to put an excuse of "chip shortage" bs

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              • Lucas
              • bLY
              • 09 Sep 2022

              you have to suffer, 06 Sep 2022i recommend to look at oneplus nord n10. it has snapdragon 690480 5G (generic version) is already on par with SD765G, no need to buy a SD690

                Samath N8 808 owner, 06 Sep 2022Totally agree but all companies are more focused on SD695, ... morei recommend to look at oneplus nord n10. it has snapdragon 690

                  you have to suffer, 20 Aug 2022you forget snapdragon 690 which is the successor of that. ... moreTotally agree but all companies are more focused on SD695, I haven't seen one phone with 690 yet, or I'll have to check.
                  G99 and SD695 are both you know:- weaklings with big number-names and cheap price. So, every company betting on big marketing with them.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • myH
                    • 29 Aug 2022

                    I have this Moto g62 5g phone and the charger is 10w not 15w and the memory is 64 not 128. I'm confused

                      Samath N8 808 owner, 12 Aug 2022We're in a strange place where somehow a 6 year old Sn... moreyou forget snapdragon 690 which is the successor of that.
                      > can record up to 4k 30fps
                      > 1080p 60fps recording (depends on sensor capability)

                        Anders, 12 Aug 2022People like you are reason most phones are garbage these da... moretfw bbk brands be supplying garbage e waste device

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                          • LOL
                          • TRI
                          • 19 Aug 2022

                          Motorola phones have always been known for bad or mediocre cameras, but above average in everything else.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • y%F
                            • 18 Aug 2022

                            It certainly is - I particularly like the magnetometer compass essential for google maps sky maps or any navigation absent on all the other phones and finally a back button - Android 12 is awesome and the 5g speed test is 200-300mbps faster than any wifi I've used
                            Cutover from my old Motorola phone was as smooth as butter - the GPS works ( unlike Samsung's) accelerometer and gyroscope and the compass and google sky maps means this phone will blow your mind congratulations Motorola whatever you've done to the screen makes this the best phone I've ever owned Thank you

                              Anonymous, 14 Aug 2022"The main camera is meh" Very professional term... moreVery professional nit-picking.

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                                • Lkg
                                • 17 Aug 2022

                                Iso100 for tiny sensor destroys the photos, but they are good to gsmarena .

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                                  • 6QM
                                  • 17 Aug 2022

                                  Yoedi16, 13 Aug 2022Why people complain about 4k/2k video record like it's... moreBy that sense you don't need a camera that shoots more than 2 mp of photos because "your display is only 2mp"

                                    Anonymous, 14 Aug 2022I'm sure Qualcomm need to tailor their entry-level dir... moreSD695 is the top of the midrange. And today, I'm all in for midrangers to do atleast 4K30, because that's what a midranger from 2014 did (Snapdragon 625).
                                    The best they're doing right now (1080p30) is something a Snapdragon 400 from 2013 did. Have I said enough or I need to explain more?

                                    Realme and Redmi Note indeed are choosing wrong no doubt, but Qualcomm has somewhat stagnated the market by issuing chipsets that are hardly any improvement, or they carry significant compromises to that improvement like heating, battery life, etc. or they hold back features for better money extraction in future.

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                                      • Kratos
                                      • rJ7
                                      • 15 Aug 2022

                                      Anonymous, 14 Aug 2022"The main camera is meh" Very professional term... moreIndeed it had, since a long time.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • a0V
                                        • 14 Aug 2022

                                        "The main camera is meh"
                                        Very professional terminology.

                                        Standards are slipping on this site.