Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 review

25 August 2022

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  • 26 Jan 2023

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2023My screen didn't lad two months. Samsung is not willin... moreDid you have fun wiping the floors, walls and windows with it?

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    • 21 Jan 2023

    My screen didn't lad two months. Samsung is not willing ro replace it

      Wow incredible

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        • Ahmed Shaheen
        • raN
        • 11 Nov 2022

        Jozef, 17 Oct 2022Am I only person who love crease on main display? It is lik... moreMe too
        I like to see the crease and make me feel relaxed :)

          Nzx, 16 Oct 2022Unfortunately I am user of this bogus they said ... moreWhat a load of garbage. You do know nobody believes your blatant lies, right?

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            • 24 Oct 2022


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              • Jozef
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              • 17 Oct 2022

              Am I only person who love crease on main display? It is like anti-stress effect when I slide my finger over it again and again. It is so delicate.

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                • 16 Oct 2022

                Unfortunately I am user of this bogus they said 100 times I can unfold and they tested 200 k times but I don't believe it so.
                In one + year may be I unfolded it 500 times and some days ago it automatically broken.
                Broken isn't problem for me.
                Problem display price 1500 USD where I can buy new and same phone by 1000 bucks.

                  Note7 owner, 03 Sep 2022 I was hoping after 4 tries at it Samsung would have gotten... moreIt's easy to forget once you get used to it. I also hated it when samsung first introduced the OG fold and have wished with every iteration hence that they would get rid of it. Now that I use the Z Fold 4 everyday, I'm surprised that I don't really mind the crease at all. It doesn't in any way detract from the amazing experience of a foldable Samsung device.

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                    • Komas
                    • S7K
                    • 07 Oct 2022

                    Anonymous, 04 Oct 2022That 100-120hz fluorescent light flicker only exists in old... moreI had an S21 Ultra and i could only use it with the ultra dim mode and brightness slide all the way up.... Otherwise migraiines and eye discomfort will show up..

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                      • 04 Oct 2022

                      Anonymous, 26 Aug 2022The whole PWM causing eye strain thingy is a myth that has ... moreThat 100-120hz fluorescent light flicker only exists in older magnetic ballast lights. I had eyestrain/migraines induced by those lights decades before LED lighting and OLED displayed existed. It's pretty uncommon to encounter that today, unless it's an older home or office that hasn't had any work done in the past 15-20 years.

                      As for OLEDs or LED backlit LCDs, I've found some where the flicker is visible as an annoying brightness fluctuation/flutter at typical brightness settings. I haven't looked at one long enough to get a headache, but I'm fairly confident it would happen from the amount of discomfort from just looking at it for just a few minutes.

                      The same goes for some OLED phones with PWM frequencies between 200-250hz, but usually only at lower brightness levels. This is because at lower levels, the "off" duty cycles are longer and more noticeable. Some PWM implementations are worse than others, because the on/off cycles aren't paced evenly (for example, off-off-on-on instead of off-on-off-on for halving brightness) and effectively emulate an even lower frequency. My current and previous phones have 242hz and 250hz respectively, and neither caused any discomfort unless brightness is very low. Even then, it's not really as visible as with a 120hz PWM LED backlight.

                      I can only assume my threshold for sensitivity is somewhere between 120-200Hz based on all the known PWM displays I have personal experience with. The point at which I can see a noticeable flicker seems to be between 60-120hz. Of course, the implementation of PWM cycles across different brightness levels also has a significant impact on whether any particular display will cause problems.

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                        • Kostam
                        • 3YL
                        • 30 Sep 2022

                        Anonymous, 26 Aug 2022The whole PWM causing eye strain thingy is a myth that has ... moreNot true, i also get migraines when those lights are there, but is not just the flicker ,the frequency and form also affects people differently.

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                          • 25 Sep 2022

                          Speakers are very loud, don't need additional speakers.

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                            • Muhammad Mazhar
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                            • 22 Sep 2022

                            travstr, 04 Sep 2022stuff like: watching videos while traveling or staying els... moreThanks a lot to you for your advice. 👌👌👌

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                              • 12 Sep 2022

                              Spike, 30 Aug 2022All needed from people is to Not buy these phones unless co... moreThe S23 Ultra isn't a big improvement over the S22 Ultra as far as specs. Samsung will use the 200MP as it's main selling feature but it's mostly pixel binning which will break down to 12.5MP at default. I like the Fold but I can't pull the trigger for a couple of reasons. With the price, it's very expensive and without external storage you'll need 512GB. Then you don't get much beyond a larger unfolded display for the high cost. Battery is too small, cameras are average and there's no excuse a device this large can't include a MicroSD. Secondly the Crease, Others have found a way to overlook it but I can't help thinking it would only look worse over time.

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                                • auuuu
                                • mhF
                                • 10 Sep 2022

                                Samsung came up with a foldable screen phone after I asked them for a flagship with flat screen, sd and headphone plug... Seems there is some miscommunication... :-(

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                                  • Arifaejaz
                                  • KIU
                                  • 05 Sep 2022

                                  I like is phone

                                    Anonymous, 26 Aug 2022What are the situations that a folding phone can be 'v... morestuff like:
                                    watching videos while traveling or staying elsewhere on a larger screen without having to carry two devices; I like to pack light as possible.

                                    using the cover screen to display maps on the dashboard of my car without needing a phone mount, using the bottom of the phone as a base. (pics would obviously help here, and this is car dependant I suppose. Mr. Mobile has a good YT video on his past year with the Fold3 which shows it briefly in his car). phone mounts attract thieves.

                                    taking pictures using the main camera, either selfies or with Flex Mode for group or landscape shots. find me a tablet (outside of Apple's ecosphere) that has even 2 or 3 year old flagship quality hardware. or, find me a phone that lets you easily see the framing of your picture if you use the main cam. one that's easily purchasable, anyway.

                                    quickly showing my friends or family something that I've got open on my phone, like a document or picture, on a larger canvas without having to go fetch a second device, send the file/whatever blah blah. helpful since my Grandma is obviously older with meh eyes and my sister is glued to her laptop most of the time so I don't need to walk right next to her.

                                    typing out texts and anything else is much more enjoyable and faster on a bigger screen, without needing to use "text and call on other devices". the Fold is the perfect size to text on without being too big.

                                    I work in a hotel and I don't like the idea of having to go out to the car park to get a whole tablet out of my car just so I can have nicer breaks, getting stuff done on a larger screen. saves time.

                                    spreadsheets and other documents; for example I work out my wages from both my jobs on my Fold3, and if I forget to update it after a few days I don't need to go fetch a tablet and bring it in to compare against my timesheets.

                                    finally; it's a flex. this is the last point to be honest, and anyone who knows me knows I'm not really a flashy person, but I like having a great phone because I'm someone who'll use it to the fullest. which I do - the Fold3 is a useful device and a good convo starter. several of my friends and even my boss wants to buy one because of the previously listed use cases and more.

                                    dunno what else to tell you other than try using it. there used to be a time where Android was the weirdo and Symbian was the main girl. where is Symbian now...

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                                      • Himangshu
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                                      • 04 Sep 2022

                                      Very bad performance of Flip3 since within 7 months my screen protector damaged in folded location.

                                        I was hoping after 4 tries at it Samsung would have gotten rid of the hedious crease.