Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 review

25 August 2022

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  • 11 Mar 2024

"The fine print starts with the fact that the main camera on the Fold4 is based on the Samsung GN3 sensor, whereas the S22s have an GN5 at the core. Both sensors have a 1/1.56" optical format, 50million 1.0µm pixels, and a Tetrapixel filter array (Quad Bayer in Sony speak).

Where the two differ is in the autofocusing - the GN5 uses Dual Pixel Pro, while the GN3 in the Fold4 relies on a slightly less sophisticated Dual Pixel method."

🤦😑 WRONG!!! The Samsung ISOCELL GN3 camera sensor used in the Galaxy Fold 4 is the newer & superior version of that sensor design to the older ISOCELL GN5 used in the S22 lineup, NOT the other way around!!! This is why the GN3 is the sensor that Samsung has continued to reuse on literally every flagship since right up to this very day (S23, Fold 4, S24), not the GN5!

If it really does have the older "Dual Pixel" instead of the "Dual Pixel Pro" autofocusing system, then that just means that Samsung either decided the latter wasn't worth using and switched back OR even more likely, you just have that backwards and it's the newer GN3 with Dual Pixel Pro support... 🤦

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    • 11 Mar 2024

    "The cover screen of the Fold4 also got a change of aspect, moving away from the 25:9 (that's nearly 3:1, if you hadn't thought it that way) to a more manageable 23.1:9, while maintaining the diagonal."

    This is wrong!!! The Fold 3's cover display had a ≈24.5:9 aspect ratio, NOT ≈25:9! It was the Fold 2's front display that was actually ≈25:9.

    (Fold 3 had ever so slightly slimmer front display bezels vs Fold 2 which made the cover screen about +1mm wider, and thus evvvvver so slightly less narrow.)

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      • 11 Mar 2024

      "The flexible layer above the OLED pixels is still only sort of glass as far as our understanding goes, even though Samsung and the product's (most likely) supplier Schott call it UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass)."

      🤦😑 Schott and soon Corning's UTG folding glass is not just "only sort of glass", it literally IS GLASS!!!! Straight up. End of story. Stop spreading misleading bulls**t misinformation please!

      Just because a sheet of glass is manufactured to be so ridiculously freaking thin (specifically just 30 microns in this case) that it's flexible enough to be able to almost bend in half, DOESN'T SUDDENLY MAKE IT NOT GLASS ANYMORE!!! And the same exact thing applies to putting one or more plastic protective layers on it. You don't suddenly consider normal slab phones with plastic screen protectors on them to "no longer have glass displays" just because your finger isn't directly touching glass, do you??? O_o

      No matter how thin it is, or how many layers of plastic is put on top of it, glass is still glass, is still glass. Whether something is made of glass or not has absolutely NOTHING to do with its strength/durability. It has to do with the object's material science chemistry. And UTG folding glass is most definitely made out of ACTUAL, REAL GLASS!!! And this is why it actually feels like glass under the finger! Go try an ACTUALLY plastic display like an OG Fold 1 or the 2019-2020 RAZR and the difference in finger feel and consistency will be STARKLY apparent. 🤷

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        • 11 Mar 2024

        "The new, more squarish, aspect of the screen may have some minor implications on its usability (positive ones, we'd say)"

        Uhh... What the hell are you even talking about???... O_o The main interior display's more wide/square aspect ratio is nothing but a NEGATIVE in terms of usability! It means bigger empty black bars when watching widescreen media in landscape and an inferior experience for scrolling through modern vertical app feeds and website layouts in portrait. In addition, the wider, squarer display also makes it harder and more uncomfortable to type if you don't use a split layout keyboard.

        (Heck, due to text size limitations, you can't even really fit much more "webpage" on screen at once in most cases, with it instead simply leading to more empty unused space on the left & right side of the device when browsing!)

        All that said, don't get me wrong here, the aspect ratio changes Samsung made with the Fold 4 were still COMPLETELY the right & correct call overall!!! That extra +3mm of front cover display width makes an absolutely GARGANTUAN difference to its overall usability that CANNOT BE OVERSTATED!!! ESPECIALLY for things like two hand typing!

        But trying to also pretend like the internal display now being more square shaped as a result is somehow a "positive thing for usability" is absolutely freaking absurd... 🤦😑 ... Having bigger black bars and more empty unused space is literally NEVER a "positive for usability" lol. 🤷

          That's odd. My Fold 4 had wifi/Bluetooth issues after 5 months and I had it checked by Samsung. They said they had to replace the entire screen and battery even though I had no problem with either. Something about components being connected to each other via the hinge so the only way to fix the connectivity issue was the replacement. They did it under warranty so it's like I had a brand new phone after 5 months.

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            • Dheeraj Yadav
            • 7k0
            • 25 Jun 2023

            Model is very good looking only one problem battery 🔋 mah 4400 only no long backup

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              • CAA
              • 23 Mar 2023

              I have soft go and update

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                • 21 Mar 2023

                Will you please post the sensor sizes on the camera's

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                  • mxv
                  • 04 Mar 2023

                  Im not ready for fold..I like as idea but i want more to be done samsung..
                  Nothing in the middle of screen for example..
                  Lets see fold the moment after im with ultras every year since 2019..but no s20 ultra

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                    • Jake
                    • YR7
                    • 26 Jan 2023

                    Anonymous, 21 Jan 2023My screen didn't lad two months. Samsung is not willin... moreDid you have fun wiping the floors, walls and windows with it?

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                      • 21 Jan 2023

                      My screen didn't lad two months. Samsung is not willing ro replace it

                        Wow incredible

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                          • Ahmed Shaheen
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                          • 11 Nov 2022

                          Jozef, 17 Oct 2022Am I only person who love crease on main display? It is lik... moreMe too
                          I like to see the crease and make me feel relaxed :)

                            Nzx, 16 Oct 2022Unfortunately I am user of this bogus they said ... moreWhat a load of garbage. You do know nobody believes your blatant lies, right?

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                              • 24 Oct 2022


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                                • 17 Oct 2022

                                Am I only person who love crease on main display? It is like anti-stress effect when I slide my finger over it again and again. It is so delicate.

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                                  • 16 Oct 2022

                                  Unfortunately I am user of this bogus they said 100 times I can unfold and they tested 200 k times but I don't believe it so.
                                  In one + year may be I unfolded it 500 times and some days ago it automatically broken.
                                  Broken isn't problem for me.
                                  Problem display price 1500 USD where I can buy new and same phone by 1000 bucks.

                                    Note7 owner, 03 Sep 2022 I was hoping after 4 tries at it Samsung would have gotten... moreIt's easy to forget once you get used to it. I also hated it when samsung first introduced the OG fold and have wished with every iteration hence that they would get rid of it. Now that I use the Z Fold 4 everyday, I'm surprised that I don't really mind the crease at all. It doesn't in any way detract from the amazing experience of a foldable Samsung device.

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                                      • 07 Oct 2022

                                      Anonymous, 04 Oct 2022That 100-120hz fluorescent light flicker only exists in old... moreI had an S21 Ultra and i could only use it with the ultra dim mode and brightness slide all the way up.... Otherwise migraiines and eye discomfort will show up..

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                                        • 04 Oct 2022

                                        Anonymous, 26 Aug 2022The whole PWM causing eye strain thingy is a myth that has ... moreThat 100-120hz fluorescent light flicker only exists in older magnetic ballast lights. I had eyestrain/migraines induced by those lights decades before LED lighting and OLED displayed existed. It's pretty uncommon to encounter that today, unless it's an older home or office that hasn't had any work done in the past 15-20 years.

                                        As for OLEDs or LED backlit LCDs, I've found some where the flicker is visible as an annoying brightness fluctuation/flutter at typical brightness settings. I haven't looked at one long enough to get a headache, but I'm fairly confident it would happen from the amount of discomfort from just looking at it for just a few minutes.

                                        The same goes for some OLED phones with PWM frequencies between 200-250hz, but usually only at lower brightness levels. This is because at lower levels, the "off" duty cycles are longer and more noticeable. Some PWM implementations are worse than others, because the on/off cycles aren't paced evenly (for example, off-off-on-on instead of off-on-off-on for halving brightness) and effectively emulate an even lower frequency. My current and previous phones have 242hz and 250hz respectively, and neither caused any discomfort unless brightness is very low. Even then, it's not really as visible as with a 120hz PWM LED backlight.

                                        I can only assume my threshold for sensitivity is somewhere between 120-200Hz based on all the known PWM displays I have personal experience with. The point at which I can see a noticeable flicker seems to be between 60-120hz. Of course, the implementation of PWM cycles across different brightness levels also has a significant impact on whether any particular display will cause problems.