O2 Cocoon review: Music can be cool

19 May 2008
O2 Cocoon is a captivating music-centered device manufactured exclusively for the O2 carrier. Although it's a last year edition, it sports all the sweet features you would expect in a contemporary handset - 3G and HSDPA support, large QVGA TFT display...

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  • joseph

Micky, 21 May 2008I heard that this Cocoon is made by korean compny,Pentech... moreYes. You're right! Cocoon is made by Pantech, one of korean Handset company

  • me

is this still available to purchase? where from?

  • Bhup INdian

Hey, Guys , I think its Nicest phn ever made.Feature paked, but ya file system is bit drawback and call sound too. Also the in call alert is kinda silent and call hearing and Battery bit low than my standard SE phones but thats where neg s End. its a design nokia cant make in 10 yrs and SE has just copied scrolling lED displaysystem in its new R phone range .. LUV IT GUYS..

  • Anonymous

phone is good except him name Cocoon! what dose it mean really?

  • Anonymous

The O2 Cocoon does indeeed support autofocus and it is used by holding down the centre key in the camera mode. The autofocus is actually really good for a 2MP camera too!! Shocks a fair few people how good the photos can come out!

  • n0yi

I saw from other phone website.. Saying that the autofocus in the camera can be used by pressing the taking photo button for a few second. When you just press the button once and quick it will not focus. Is this true?

  • swfc_wednesday83

A stunning handset. I have had this phone for some time now and I love it. The best phone ever created. It looks gorgeous, feels really slick in your hand and and has all the features one could want. Absolutely fantastic.

O2 are the best!!!!!!

  • Micky

I heard that
this Cocoon is made by korean compny,Pentech.
Is it right ?

  • Alex

Yup, at O2 we sell it for £59.99 on pay as you go! Would have been nice if they'd done a glass black one with a red LED display

  • donnie

the phone overall aint that bad
the design is great but the unner handset doesnt follow suit

cant understand why the reveiw is sooooooooo late though!

  • meemo

Just one question why is the review so late? This phone was one june last year!

  • fd

we sell it for £59.99 on pay and go ! o2

  • Anonymous

Sweet! although old fashioned, maybe attract female users

  • ozmobile

Looks good on the outside, terrible in the inside


EXCELENT audio comparision!!!!

GSM ARENA I think you must apply this kind of test in all cellphones!!!

  • Anonymous

Get a grip GSMarena!! This came out in Sept/ Oct last year and was a god awful handset. No-one liked selling it, O2 had to offer incentives for staff to offer it!! Its also avail free on anything, although I'd expect to be paid to own it!!! Awful camera, battery was awful and it wouldn't recognize memory cards half the time!!

  • Obama

First time that i imprest about design....the design is awsome they should improve the features and have to think about full qwerty keybord.....overall it's a perfect phone for teenagers.... not for business...

i like the design

  • wez

nice design, but not such a good phone

  • nick

bit of a strange time for this review?

its been out ages

  • Albert

A high class phone! (just 4 d design)
Features, standard. Not a high class