Xiaomi 12 Pro long-term review

1 October 2022

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  • NgV
  • 06 Feb 2024

Please my xiaomi 12pro always its display always turning on by itself. I can sleep it. Just while I press the home button to sleep it directly turning on by itself. Can someone helps me to fix it

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    • Sohel
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    • 29 Aug 2023

    Ramesh , 25 Jul 2023My phone Xiaomi 12 pro camera fog issue solution telling yo... moreMy phone xiaomi 12 pro fully money lost.
    Xiaomi products damage money lost.
    Xiaomi 12 pro after 1 month using hanks problem camera problem camera just open an start foog issu. Video quality very bad. Over hitting few 10 min using.

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      • Ramesh
      • D02
      • 25 Jul 2023

      Amar, 11 Oct 2022The fog issue is there when you use the camera in moist env... moreMy phone Xiaomi 12 pro camera fog issue solution telling you one day my phone open Frist day ffog issue face to face pls fog issue solution tell me

        For those experiencing heating and battery issue insta the latest Global ROM from Mifirm. You will get 20-30% improvement. Don't use China or EU ROM those heat up pretty fast.

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          • Miko
          • uJx
          • 19 Mar 2023

          Not a good buy, battery drain fast. Not fast charging as promoted. Too many un-interactive media option which not relevant to use but just for your phone interface decoration. Too complicated to set up. Not recommended

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            • Sombdy
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            • 24 Feb 2023

            Nice display quality and chip also very faster overall feeling good 👌🏻

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              • msC
              • 23 Jan 2023

              İTS getting hot 🔥

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                • 12 Jan 2023

                Top screen
                No high end midrange to flagship camera
                Top speakers
                Overall nice user experience
                Gets hot with 120w... I always charging the phone in cool place and off from 10-to 90% in 14:30 minutes.
                Compare to s22+ i took this because im allready s22 ultra user.
                Better user experience xiaomi 12 pro compare to s22+

                  So after two weeks of extensive usage I can safely say that my unit at least does not have any fogging issues despite me recording in 4k 60 as well as 8k videos for long periods...

                  As for the heating issues... Honestly, they aren't even as bad as some people were making it look like... The hottest my phone went was 50 degrees and that was with heavy benchmarking with Wildlife extreme and Antutu. With Genshin Impact on max settings 60fps for 30-35 mins the max temperature was 47, and afterwards it started to dip so there was some thermal throttling there but then again my last SD888 phone used to go upto 52 degrees while playing and used to drop frames to the point it became unplayable... This one tho, keeps those frame hovering around 50 even after throttling so I'm impressed with that.

                  The only thing that I didn't like about this phone was the battery life... But I guess it's more of the SD 8 gen 1's cortex-x2 cores being power hungry or perhaps the MIUI or maybe a mix of both.
                  Regardless... This was still worth the money (managed to buy it for around ~550$). I look forward to the 12 Pro being my daily driver.

                    Amar, 11 Oct 2022The fog issue is there when you use the camera in moist env... moreThings are going shit with each iteration of their old masterpieces. Mi 11U is still freaking ahead of 12U crap. Seriously? Fog is gathering in the main lens in their retail flagship and Mi doesn't care like it's normal to sell this defect.

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                      • Rio
                      • GTn
                      • 16 Nov 2022

                      I do really like this phone, is there any info regarding the camera condensation? or there is a specific batch production number that should I avoid? thank you in advanced.

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                        • 3SS
                        • 12 Nov 2022

                        The updates it's to fix watt it's not fixed,right

                          I have 12 Pro. The battery life is one of the worst I have ever seen. My old iPhone 5 with worn out battery lasts longer.

                          I literally charge this phone,80%. Make a phone call or scroll through insta or fb and bang. In less then 1hr im at 45%. Ludicrous!!
                          My old 11T pro was insane in terms of battery..

                            The conclusion assumes that the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is freely accessible to the public. In truth, what is happening is everyone in the world (less those in China) will not be able to tap into the full feature set and functionality of the 12S Ultra or the 11 Ultra. To me on what matters to me most, the 12 Pro is therefore the best (and available to me) in the Xiaomi family in terms of 1-camera quality (much appreciated camera modules across all three main and selfie) and 2-battery (not the best but at least its not as unacceptable as the iphones). I do not need cameras in excess of 50mb without OIS, PDAF, etc. nor batteries that have 150W charging at the compromise of shorter usable periods in-between charging. The rest like screen, ram, storage, and processing speeds are really marginal and you would really be nitpicking and looking at microseconds to really argue how phones differ that much to be an important factor for daily usage.

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                              • 16 Oct 2022

                              Ram, 08 Oct 2022Some one say camera fog when 8k video shoot ? Help clearly Yes,fog is there.... don't buy...i have luckily managed to return this device to Amazon

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                                • Sn8
                                • 12 Oct 2022

                                I use xiaomi and last years they are perfect!

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                                  • 12 Oct 2022

                                  Amar, 11 Oct 2022The fog issue is there when you use the camera in moist env... moreOne week back i have purchased the phone, overall performance and quality is really good,
                                  One major issue is the camera have the Fogg issue in Indian retail unit, normal in room temperature using camera for 2 minutes the Fogg appears. It takes 5 to 10 min to clear.

                                  Hope the company provides permanent solution for this.

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                                    • Amar
                                    • 2Ti
                                    • 11 Oct 2022

                                    Anonymous, 10 Oct 2022No camera fog issues on my Xiaomi 12 pro 12/256 2201122G v... moreThe fog issue is there when you use the camera in moist environment. It is similar to you specs or glass or old watches which used get fogged in these environment. I agree it should not happen in a flagship phone but considering other things you can leave with this problem. I switch to other lens when this happens as all are 50 mp camera.

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                                      • 10 Oct 2022

                                      Ram, 08 Oct 2022Some one say camera fog when 8k video shoot ? Help clearly No camera fog issues on my Xiaomi 12 pro 12/256 2201122G version.

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                                        • 10 Oct 2022

                                        trois , 03 Oct 2022the S21 FE is snapdragon only, no exynos variantNot even in dreams Snapdragon only variant. Samsung cheat their customers with Exynos SOCs every time they have a chance. What a shame.