Google Pixel 7 Pro review

25 October 2022

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  • 28 Apr 2023

Had this phone for a few months. Whilst the camera is amazing and the battery life decent it's the software that is not as good as Samsung's flagships. WiFi and connectivity issues are frequent and resetting network settings fixes things but is inconvenient. WiFi calling is not available on most networks although Google will blame your operator. It's almost too clever in that setting up Sonos speakers for example the phone will not smoothly switch to non internet WiFi and back making it impossible to set up a Sonos system with the phone. As time has gone by mobile call quality has diminished and calls cut out. I have had the phone replaced by Google by the way. The same problems occurred. I'm switched to the Samsung Galaxy S22 5g and have no regrets at all. There is a clear reason why Google's flagship is cheaper. You get what you pay for.

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    • 16 Apr 2023

    I was upset with that phone because it has Google finder permanently on the bottom and I want to have it on the top as well I want to manage NOTIFICATIONS BAR BUTTONS and it doesn't have this option. As well I went on the stock market and temperature rises to 41°C and kept hot. Battery drow to fast.

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      • 11 Apr 2023

      I have a Pixel 7 Pro since the release and Google doesn't care at all about the camera bugs. Focus lock often still doesn't work 6 months after the release of the 7 Pro! Unbelievable. Then there was another bug, where the camera didn't save flashlight zoom photos in not good light conditions. I reported this bug in October. After nearly 6 months, Google has finally managed to fix this bug when the pressure got too high. But the update that has fixed the bug has introduced a more severe bug: Now the camera app occasionally doesn't save Night Sight periscope photos. Deleting cash and user data didn't help, I had to manually install the previous camera version with the flashlight bug because this bug is more annoying than the flashlight bug.
      There are many other camera bugs, too many in order to mention them. For example, the preview can be sometimes totally wrong regarding the brightness, the preview also often has a different white balance than the photo. Often, the live photo video can look better than the final photo.

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        • Pandamanda
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        • 08 Apr 2023

        I got my pixel pro in February 2022 switched from an iphone mini 13 and I don't think I'll ever go back to apple. I love this phone. I don't know why they said slow charge because mine went from 2% to 90% in 30 minutes. The camera is great. I could zoom pretty far away, the letters are clear and I've yet to have it glitch. It's oled screen is amazing for watching videos and the speakers to play music is super loud compared to the 6a and 6 pro. I highly recommend this phone to anyone

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          • 02 Apr 2023

          since the launch, a few months have passed and there have been updates, the last one from 5 March. I bought this phone a few days ago and it works very fine. I am sure that most of the bugs have been resolved with the updates. I have used many google phones in the past and have always experienced that they became better with the time like a red wine that matured over time. The problem with bugs is present with almost all manufacturers including Apple. Example, the photo app on my iMac has been crashing or frozen from time to time over the last 2 years and not been resolved up till now. That has been frustrating to me.

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            • 8rD
            • 22 Mar 2023

            Pixel 7 pro is terrible stay away from it. But don't get an Apple either as they have own issues. For me next maybe Samsung or OnePlus.

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              • 22 Mar 2023

              -G, 22 Mar 2023I'm using a P30 right now and am thinking of getting a... moreDon't. I did and it's terrible. It gets hot just surfing internet. Screen freezes and lags. Screen feels terrible and is unresponsive.
              Camera is ok for a smartphone.

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                • 6DN
                • 22 Mar 2023

                Kev, 30 Nov 2022You're right. It can't keep up to my previous P30... moreI'm using a P30 right now and am thinking of getting a Pixel 7 Pro. Any suggestions?

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                  • 15 Mar 2023

                  JS1966, 07 Mar 2023Don't buy a Pixel 7 pro. This my first and last Googl... moreI'm pretty surprised that Pixels act like that. Using a Nokia 8, a dirt cheap flagship with stock Android like in Pixels but doesn't have any issues the Pixels deal with

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                    • Nv$
                    • 14 Mar 2023

                    Pixel 7pro oyeeeeee

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                      • 12 Mar 2023

                      JS1966, 07 Mar 2023Don't buy a Pixel 7 pro. This my first and last Googl... moreActually you should have gotten an Apple iphone instead. Google is the newbie at in-house closed ecosystem vs Apple is the experienced leader with lots of expertise which is why iphone 14 pro is light years superior to pixel 7 pro.

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                        • 12 Mar 2023

                        Ever since Google started mirroring Apple's in-house closed ecosystem in 2021 with pixel 6 and pro models powered with their first custom in-house tensor chip their phone performance has been mediocre vs the competition. Then in 2022, their pixel 7 and pro models powered by another in-house custom chip tensor 2 chip although improved still had mediocre performance vs the competition. What Google should have done is, rather than making their own chips, Google should have continued to use Qualcomm snapdragon chips since pixel 5 and prior models all using Qualcomm chips where a success. Had Google done that, there's no question that pixels 6 and pixels 7 would have had much better performance. Also, since Google already makes the android OS software, they could have optimized it to work good with qualcomms 8 gen 1 and 8 gen 2 chips which would have produced the best hardware -software efficiency optimization among android based phones.

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                          • 10 Mar 2023

                          well this is probably my last comment here just letting you guys know. mom caught me trying to get in my phone and took it. google phones have always been great to me and i was able to get in using GIP tech, but now she is saying i have to go to cranbrook. keep it real muchachos!

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                            • 08 Mar 2023

                            I want to let you know that Google still hasn't fixed severe camera bugs that exist since the release of the 7 Pro. Sometimes the camera doesn't save photos when you zoom +use the flashlight. I could reproduce this with multiple Pixel 7 Pros. I sent feedback to Google in October, nothing has happened. Also, yesterday I recorded a video in the photo mode and I zoomed and everything looked good in the preview, but the saved video file only showed one frame in the last part of the video.
                            There are also many things that could be better, but Google doesn't care.
                            -The white balance slider should make absolute adjustments and not relative adjustments, sometimes you just need a daylight white balance preset (older Google phones like the Nexus 5x and Pixel 1 offered white balance presets). A high white balance slider setting sometimes makes the image more yellowish, sometimes more greenish, it's inconsistent due to relative adjustments.
                            -a Lightroom-like clarity effect makes colors desaturated and cooler occasionally, then the live photo video frames can have better colors and a better white balance than the jpgs. Sometimes you choose the correct white balance in the preview and the image processing changes the white balance slightly
                            -the preview is often inaccurate regarding blown out highlights, sometimes the preview is even totally wrong regarding the total image brightness when you use the periscope camera
                            -20x and 30x digital zoom destroy details, you get more details when you use a crop from a 15x photo. It's a mystery for me why Google has chosen such a terrible algorithm for 20x and 30x.
                            -in low light conditions you can't use the 0.7 micrometer mode of the periscope. Then Google switches to a very artificial digital zoom algorithm, the results are usually much worse when it suddenly starts doing that, it would be much better, if one could force the 0.7 micrometer mode.
                            -There is still the bug from the Pixel 4 that using a low brightness setting + high shadows setting uses too short exposure times instead of a lower analog gain.
                            -Photosphere doesn't support the periscope camera.
                            -images can have terrible artifacts, even the raw files

                              Don't buy a Pixel 7 pro. This my first and last Google device. Apps constantly crash and I have to re install them. The main one this happens to is MS Outlook. I use it everyday and the device regularly shuts it down when I open it. This phone is clunky and you feel it controls you not the other way around. It's like using a beta device which isn't yet ready for customer release. I wish I'd bought a Samsung

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                                • Decemberlarry
                                • jZ5
                                • 21 Feb 2023

                                What a thorough great review, thank you! None of the fanboy stuff that typically leaks through "reviews."

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                                  • 17 Feb 2023

                                  Unknown, 29 Dec 2022I purchased a Goggle Pixel Pro 7 three weeks ago. 2 day aft... moreI received a brand new one yesterday with disfonctionnal speakers. A lot of fun!

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                                    • 24 Jan 2023

                                    Volte ?
                                    Wifi calling ?
                                    5g ?
                                    Do you have these not working?

                                      Unknown, 29 Dec 2022I purchased a Goggle Pixel Pro 7 three weeks ago. 2 day aft... moreNice!

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                                        • 29 Dec 2022

                                        Mediatek sux, 01 Nov 2022Here, his statement is quoted for you "$899 MSRP gamin... moreI purchased a Goggle Pixel Pro 7 three weeks ago. 2 day after received the phone, it doesn't work. Won't charge or turn on.