Google Pixel 7 Pro review

25 October 2022

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  • Prince
  • guw
  • 14 Feb 2024

I really really really love this phone and I can't think same thing else whiout this phone

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    • aman ras
    • HDL
    • 08 Jan 2024

    I travel alot and what is important is clear crystal picture so I can its excellent mobile especially zooming and photo stabilizer , basically its good for spying and taking crystal clear picture esp telescopic camera which x 30 zoom .which is amazing . its also good if you going for conferences and taking picture of slides.
    some negative points:
    1: regarding magic eraser its useless, it make the picture ugly so if buying it for this reason then don't w aste your money.
    2: battery certainly let you down, now a days we use mobile all day unfortunately the battery doesn't last more than 8hr so always have back up battery or the fast charger line which come with it .
    otherwise 7pro and 8pro are the best phones among all pexils

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      • Edo
      • JKR
      • 23 Nov 2023

      Very underated phone. Price is very low compared to quality of this phone. I own it and phone is brutal! Camera is perfect, phone never freeze or lag.

        Best phone

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          • Anonymous
          • gDf
          • 16 Sep 2023

          I recently compared the camera of my Pixel 7 Pro with the S23 Ultra in a store. I took photos of distant objects at 360mm (approximately 15x) because Google's image processing is very bad between 20x and 30x (a 2x crop from a 15x photo is often better than a 30x photo) and because Samsung's S23 Ultra can produce fake details due to machine learning at 30x.
          I also used Google's short Night Sight mode because this makes the periscope camera deliver more detail.

          This is usually not tested in reviews and the result was that the Pixel 7 Pro was definitely a tiny bit better than the S23 Ultra regarding distant objects.

          I also tried turning on Samsung's night mode (which is only available at 10x), but distant objects still looked a tiny bit worse.

          But note that I tested multiple Pixel 7 Pro units when I bought the 7 Pro and the image quality as well as the image stabilization of the periscope camera varies. That's another thing that isn't tested by reviews.

            davidtb, 18 Jun 2023It seems the only ones who find value in the Pixels are cam... moreI guess you're right about that one, I bought my pixel (6 Pro) because it was the best camera phone under $500. And I must say it is absolutely incredible at taking pictures and videos, to me the performance and other aspects of this phone that it lacks in are not really important.

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              • Anonymous
              • gDf
              • 30 Jul 2023

              It is very annoying that no 3rd party app lets you save raw files with the 0.6x, 2x, 5x or 10x zoom camera modes (so you basically lose 4 cameras when you use a 3rd party app) because the stock camera app doesn't offer manual settings like manual focus or manual exposure time and this makes many photos bad. The stock camera app doesn't let you use the approximately 12 megapixel 10x mode for astrophotography either.

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                • Danish guy
                • iJs
                • 09 Jul 2023

                It gives me problems with a lot of my own downloaded apps. The camera suddenly closes. It gets hot, fast. The touchcreen isn't that good, if you put gorilla glas on. The screen frees. Don't, don't buy this phone

                  flat screen more good. google should make flat screen phones

                    It seems the only ones who find value in the Pixels are camera nuts, and Google fans.
                    Still like to know who makes their phone tho.

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                      • fluileZen
                      • 6qJ
                      • 16 Jun 2023

                      Bergerbse, 21 Nov 2022The battery is why I won't buy it. I have way faster c... moreTell your doctor if you have kidney disease or liver disease levitra cheap The Colorado Public Utilities Commission is considering a rule change that some environmentalists say is fairer to utility customers

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                        • m3cjx
                        • yat
                        • 28 Apr 2023

                        Had this phone for a few months. Whilst the camera is amazing and the battery life decent it's the software that is not as good as Samsung's flagships. WiFi and connectivity issues are frequent and resetting network settings fixes things but is inconvenient. WiFi calling is not available on most networks although Google will blame your operator. It's almost too clever in that setting up Sonos speakers for example the phone will not smoothly switch to non internet WiFi and back making it impossible to set up a Sonos system with the phone. As time has gone by mobile call quality has diminished and calls cut out. I have had the phone replaced by Google by the way. The same problems occurred. I'm switched to the Samsung Galaxy S22 5g and have no regrets at all. There is a clear reason why Google's flagship is cheaper. You get what you pay for.

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                          • Pjuri
                          • 6k}
                          • 16 Apr 2023

                          I was upset with that phone because it has Google finder permanently on the bottom and I want to have it on the top as well I want to manage NOTIFICATIONS BAR BUTTONS and it doesn't have this option. As well I went on the stock market and temperature rises to 41°C and kept hot. Battery drow to fast.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • gDf
                            • 11 Apr 2023

                            I have a Pixel 7 Pro since the release and Google doesn't care at all about the camera bugs. Focus lock often still doesn't work 6 months after the release of the 7 Pro! Unbelievable. Then there was another bug, where the camera didn't save flashlight zoom photos in not good light conditions. I reported this bug in October. After nearly 6 months, Google has finally managed to fix this bug when the pressure got too high. But the update that has fixed the bug has introduced a more severe bug: Now the camera app occasionally doesn't save Night Sight periscope photos. Deleting cash and user data didn't help, I had to manually install the previous camera version with the flashlight bug because this bug is more annoying than the flashlight bug.
                            There are many other camera bugs, too many in order to mention them. For example, the preview can be sometimes totally wrong regarding the brightness, the preview also often has a different white balance than the photo. Often, the live photo video can look better than the final photo.

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                              • Pandamanda
                              • jwX
                              • 08 Apr 2023

                              I got my pixel pro in February 2022 switched from an iphone mini 13 and I don't think I'll ever go back to apple. I love this phone. I don't know why they said slow charge because mine went from 2% to 90% in 30 minutes. The camera is great. I could zoom pretty far away, the letters are clear and I've yet to have it glitch. It's oled screen is amazing for watching videos and the speakers to play music is super loud compared to the 6a and 6 pro. I highly recommend this phone to anyone

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                                • handyman
                                • HL4
                                • 02 Apr 2023

                                since the launch, a few months have passed and there have been updates, the last one from 5 March. I bought this phone a few days ago and it works very fine. I am sure that most of the bugs have been resolved with the updates. I have used many google phones in the past and have always experienced that they became better with the time like a red wine that matured over time. The problem with bugs is present with almost all manufacturers including Apple. Example, the photo app on my iMac has been crashing or frozen from time to time over the last 2 years and not been resolved up till now. That has been frustrating to me.

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                                  • Adubs
                                  • 8rD
                                  • 22 Mar 2023

                                  Pixel 7 pro is terrible stay away from it. But don't get an Apple either as they have own issues. For me next maybe Samsung or OnePlus.

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                                    • Adubs
                                    • 8rD
                                    • 22 Mar 2023

                                    -G, 22 Mar 2023I'm using a P30 right now and am thinking of getting a... moreDon't. I did and it's terrible. It gets hot just surfing internet. Screen freezes and lags. Screen feels terrible and is unresponsive.
                                    Camera is ok for a smartphone.

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                                      • 6DN
                                      • 22 Mar 2023

                                      Kev, 30 Nov 2022You're right. It can't keep up to my previous P30... moreI'm using a P30 right now and am thinking of getting a Pixel 7 Pro. Any suggestions?

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                                        • Minu
                                        • ter
                                        • 15 Mar 2023

                                        JS1966, 07 Mar 2023Don't buy a Pixel 7 pro. This my first and last Googl... moreI'm pretty surprised that Pixels act like that. Using a Nokia 8, a dirt cheap flagship with stock Android like in Pixels but doesn't have any issues the Pixels deal with