Samsung D500 review: Groundbreaking

21 January 2005
Just name the key features: Bluetooth, MP3 player, very good megapixel camera, huge memory, and excellent display… That's Samsung D500 - the first Samsung phone, which will satisfy also the technically demanding users. This phone is Samsung's correction of all reproaches that we've ever had to its mobile phones.

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Jenkone, 09 Aug 2019i loved my samsung d500 so much so when i had the chance i ... morelol you can lie to yourself or to your grandson but this small gadget has nothing to do with the iphone otherwise all today's smartphones should had copy this instead of the iphone lol

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    • Jenkone
    • n5Y
    • 09 Aug 2019

    Anonymous, 06 Apr 2008and its still a brilliant phone now! (me and my friend pad... morei loved my samsung d500 so much so when i had the chance i bought another one. my first d500 was a contract phone with o2. i still have box and all the stuff sent with the phone. both my samsung d500 work. i tell my grandson the d500 was the first true iphone yes long befor iphone’s came a long. yes happy day’s happy day’s.

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      • umar raza
      • 6PU
      • 17 Jan 2014

      d500 samsung like this

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        • nhlaka
        • Nxs
        • 23 Jul 2008

        D500 does not sopport Version On internet especialy on mxit in the java world

        The display colour is not enough too little you see pictures prop

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • pJd
          • 06 Apr 2008

          and its still a brilliant phone now! (me and my friend paddy have thrown it at things, dropped it and physically hit it, and it is still perfect!) I have had it for 4 years! Is ace!

            • F
            • Foday
            • 46j
            • 14 Feb 2007

            I bought this phone last christmas, its really a great phone but unfortunately I mistakingly lock the phone by trying to change my old password, and the phone has beibg locked and could not accept any sim, I`m just wondering if you can help me with it, to be frank I love the phone.please help me, samsung D500

              • P
              • Pumpkin
              • TS$
              • 13 Nov 2006

              I have this phone for almost 2 years now but now I'm not using it because it's broken again.
              The first time was the LCD problem, the wallpaper on my screen broke into half (not the screen physically but the graphic)after chatted with a friend for 10 mins. It made this 'zet,zet' noice when I was talking but I just ignored it until I hung up the phone and found what happened to my LCD screen.

              The second time happened 6 months later, after my 3 months warranty for the repair has expired. The keypad on the phone started to disfunction, I had to press really hard to get some of the notes working. The Bottom left and right note were alright but the '0' note was hard to press. Also the first row 2 right notes were gone though the '1' was ok.

              I was so fustrated I had to go back to the repair shop. They told me it was the 'motherboard' problem ad it's going to cost me at least RM200 to fix it. I thought, I had spent RM300 to repair the phone last time, this is another RM200 I could buy a new phone if I keep having to fix this phone twice a year.

              I started using my Nokia 8310 which was 4 years old until it went missing during a caving trip. I am still deciding whether I want to get this phone fixed or buy a new one.

              Yes it's a nice phone but the maintenance is expensive. I told myself not to get another samsung phone. Lets hope Samsung make phones that last longer than one year next time.

                • L
                • Lil Jay
                • PAh
                • 30 Jul 2006

                yepp yepp! i bought this fone for $299 with Vodafone. if u wanna get serious with features, u need a USB Cable. But other than that , yepp yepp its awesome. good job samsung

                  • s
                  • samuel
                  • N7C
                  • 28 Jun 2006

                  one bad thing i have seen with this phone d500 is, you have to down load the games and the second thing is It has no card slot for storage
                  but it's really a good phone in the way that it is a very strong phone, it's design is very good generally its features are really good and i would recommend it to every one who is looking for a businees phone