Nothing Phone (2) review

13 July 2023

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  • Tim
  • bJb
  • 29 Mar 2024

Overall is a great phone, not so heavy for daily use

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    • Mokshan
    • U@E
    • 23 Mar 2024

    The buttons must be on one side, otherwise it is uncomfortable. The fingerprint scanner should be in its place, closer to the center of the screen! 🤦🏻‍♂️
    If the manufacturer does not understand such basic things, then you can expect many more surprises. I think it's an antique USB 2.0...

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      • Ravi
      • CbE
      • 19 Feb 2024

      Rabbani, 14 Feb 2024Which colour looks gorgeous? White or Grey? Please answer meGray looks good

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        • nUv
        • 18 Feb 2024

        + Very nice looking design.
        - Screen is like scratch magnet
        - Terrible UI

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          • Rabbani
          • X$p
          • 14 Feb 2024

          Which colour looks gorgeous? White or Grey? Please answer me

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            • Lay
            • mhr
            • 14 Jan 2024

            Nothing, 18 Jul 2023All phones nowadays use USB-C And the nothing phone suppor... moreYes i never ever understood the Xiaomi hype

            Interesting I the early days where it was cheap.

            Trying their "os" a few times, well, what is that, I can't even find a word to say it. And the more is "updated" the worst it gets. Also privacy, calling home kernel, ads, reliability... Seriously.

            I always think Xiaomi is discretely paying and sponsoring in forums
            and reviews.

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              • Anonymous
              • SqJ
              • 09 Jan 2024

              Davzambo , 01 Aug 2023however, it must be contextualized: the vote is also placed... moreLoudspeaker in calls is very low in volume

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                • 0Ce
                • 03 Jan 2024

                Anonymous, 02 Dec 2023No the iPhone 15 pro max is better phone in every regard, a... morePrice to everything nothing phone better

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                  • Reeve Oliver
                  • 6mc
                  • 05 Dec 2023

                  I bought this Nothing Phone (2) mainly for its Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor but I was so disappointed to see Nothing throttle all games to 60Hz like Oppo and OnePlus do...
                  So it's only Samsung and Google in the Android market that don't restrain you software.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Dkf
                    • 02 Dec 2023

                    Blinks, 22 Nov 2023It worth buying the Google pixel 8 Pro @ a cheaper price th... moreNo the iPhone 15 pro max is better phone in every regard, albeit the higher price tag.

                      It worth buying the Google pixel 8 Pro @ a cheaper price than to buy the iPhone 15 Pro Max @ a higher price

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                        • Priss
                        • d%R
                        • 20 Nov 2023

                        Anonymous, 23 Jul 2023"The Nothing Phone (2) has superb haptic feedback - it... moreMy old OnePlus 10 pro has amazing haptics much better then nothing phone 2. Nothing has similar to my previous cheaper OnePlus Nord 2..

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                          • Priss
                          • nw}
                          • 20 Nov 2023

                          TrainingAddict, 26 Jul 2023799 It's not even the real price, with the charger you... moreNow is available for 549£ 256/12 GB so is good deal I bought for 400£ 3months old perfect condition.
                          Overall I'm happy for that money.

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                            • Priss
                            • nw}
                            • 20 Nov 2023

                            I tested the Samsung 25W charger and it took a full charge 1h 07min , to 80% 43min.
                            Therefore, it is probably not worth buying 45W charger.
                            Overall, I am impressed with the battery and performance, I switched from OnePlus 10 pro, only the vibrations are better on OnePlus maybe night camera too and the portability.
                            More stable system in nothing.

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                              • Bailey
                              • p%4
                              • 16 Nov 2023

                              Technical Piglin, 07 Oct 2023In all fairness, it is just a typical midrange with a few q... moreit is not selling for a near flagship price. I use an iPhone 256gb and also a Pixel Pro the nothing phone is nothing close in price to those.

                                Technical Piglin, 07 Oct 2023In all fairness, it is just a typical midrange with a few q... moreBarely even close to a mid-range.

                                  User, 24 Jul 2023It is just nothing....In all fairness, it is just a typical midrange with a few quirks, selling for a near flagship price.

                                    Very biased camera review. Nothing Phone 2 camera has been tested by very professional tech sites in India (YouTube) comparisons made of 4-5 phones and only mediocre results and update made it worse according to some. Of course daytime photos looked good on that sunny day - tell me on which only 300€ phone they wouldn't? And to say photos at night looked superb is wildly exaggerated, they looked nothing special.
                                    Worst thing about Nothing 2 camera is actually not the quality, which may improve with time, but it's lack of advanced modes like Dual Capture video, which is an absolute must have feature for me. Xiaomi 12 Lite has so much more to offer despite a 249€ price tag now (Nothing 2 is still 729€ in EU-Finland, same price as OnePlus 11). Xiaomi camera options in MORE is staggering : 1) 108mp, 2) Short Video 15 sec, 3) Panorama, 4) VLOG, 5) Slow motion, 6) Time lapse, 7) Movie effects, 8) Long exposure, 9) Dual Capture video (front+back camera video recording), 10) Clone photo/clone video (fun!).
                                    Definitely keeping my Xiaomi 12 Lite. With a fantastic capable camera in all situations. It will still get Android 14 & 15. I found it new at a crazy low price 199€. Screen is a stunning 6.55" AMOLED, 68 Billion colors, 120Hz, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, 950 nits (peak) and of course great sounding stereo speakers.

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                                      • Juned
                                      • KAp
                                      • 25 Sep 2023

                                      Camera quality has deteriorated after the update, update quickly for the best camera.

                                        Great software I'd say the best I've used on any Android device thus far.

                                        However the mediocre camera and speakers are holding this device back.