Honor 90 hands-on review

07 July 2023

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  • DxW
  • 06 Sep 2023

Only has 2 years of Android update and 3 years of security updates??? even samsung supports 4 years and 5 years respectively.

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    • Dk7
    • 03 Sep 2023

    PWM dimming and floating display is sufficient to buy this beauty

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      • PBG
      • 22 Aug 2023

      Reminds me of the vivo v27 but slightly better

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        • YW2
        • 20 Aug 2023

        No stereo speakers No Ois No buy

          Dee, 11 Aug 2023We don't need the 200 mp camera which looks similar to... moreThe honor 90 has better videos stabilizion then realme 1 pro plus, oppo reno 10 pro , Vivo v27/, poco f5 pro,
          Realme and oppo(ois) bad stabilizion and shaky
          Poco f5/pro and Vivo v274k is stable but the selfie is bad stabilizion shaky
          Not to mention most of phones has bad quality in selfie videos
          Honor has better in video and better colors

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            • Dee
            • PBG
            • 11 Aug 2023

            We don't need the 200 mp camera which looks similar to 32mp in output. We need OIS. These greedy companies fooling people.

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              • expensive not good
              • pd%
              • 04 Aug 2023

              David78, 29 Jul 2023Great display probably and everything else is just mediocre... moreI agree.
              Also PWM is high but with a lot of modulation. So, is it really more relaxing for eyes ? Not sure.

              Camera I like but edge detection too sharp, a bit unnatural for my taste. Red color pop up too much and reflection too enhanced. Selfie so-so, good and bad depending.

              Battery life definitely not very good despite their best try to make us believe the opposite.
              Then, they offer earbud in Europe but there's not charger. Ridiculous. And earbud are like +5 to 8 db in the 1+2khz, almost painful mids as is where ear the most sensitive. I guess they want to refurb their unsold buds.

              Also software doesn't look great at all, with lot of non désactivable bloaty spyware.

              Factory applied Screen protector is ugly with its wide borders and thickness. Boe display without gorilla. Curved. In the end, Will scratch and break easily in my clumsy hands.

              From the specs, a good dazzling phone, but in real use, a bad fragile phone.

              So many midbrange phones seem attractive but not that good in the end currently. Why that. They are expensive, no excuse. A pass for me.

                Great display probably and everything else is just mediocre with terrible Chinese software. And dimensions are still bulky. Over 500$ for this is too much. Overall phones today are overpriced without a proper reason.

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                  • 25 Jul 2023

                  Petri S, 18 Jul 2023Honor 90 price already down in Finland. It's at a very... moreHi, where you have seen the phone for that price in Finland?

                    Honor 90 price already down in Finland. It's at a very tempting price point now - probably it has to do with the release of OnePlus Nord 3? Anyway, here are the cheapest prices today in Finland/EU: Honor 90 (256gb) 349 €. Honor 90 (512gb) 399€. Do remember that in this review GSMArena said 600 € ! It should be a great phone, stunning display and it seems to beat Nord 3 in battery life, front face camera and ultrawide camera with a great macro mode. Main camera could be a tie? A win for Nord 3 in updates and better performance with Dimensity 9000 and also stereo speakers. But at these prices Honor 90 is a great bargain in my opinion.

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                      • pd%
                      • 16 Jul 2023

                      I'd have loved to like it but I don't
                      Pretty average pictures except maybe in zoom
                      PWM is faking, all those ltpo have lot of modulation and still some 120hz, so eye strain there. but let's wait for a lab test.
                      7gen 1 on the quite bad Samsung manufacturing, with not so great AnTuTu
                      don't like the design, personal taste but ridiculously dazzling for me.
                      chinese os which are the worse about privacy issues and bloatwares
                      nothing very new except 200mpix which is not giving expected picture quality
                      for the price I'd definitely buy something else.

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                        • vGA
                        • 10 Jul 2023

                        When is the razr 40 review coming

                          MarOMG, 08 Jul 2023It sure is a beautyfull phone. And it really has some apeal... moreIt's €600 for the 512gb variant. The 256gb variant launched at €549. Not cheap but exactly the same price as the Xiaomi 13 lite launch price in Europe for 8gb 256gb. Neither are particularly great value but the launch price is very similar to the competition (same as the Xiaomi 13 lite for example)

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                            • 09 Jul 2023

                            Anonymous, 08 Jul 2023Still photos in 4:3? 😮Pretty much almost all small sensors are 4:3. Only APS-C and full size sensors are 3:2.

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                              • 09 Jul 2023

                              E, 08 Jul 2023If you buy from this company, expect it n Your os to be th... morehow many account you have? only to troll other's? just before you trolling poco f5 users but now you trolling honors user?
                              i hope you get paid for what you do🤣

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                                • SH3
                                • 08 Jul 2023

                                Still photos in 4:3? 😮

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                                  • 04}
                                  • 08 Jul 2023

                                  If you buy from this company, expect it n
                                  Your os to be the last one. No update. Lazy company.

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                                    • S3x
                                    • 08 Jul 2023

                                    GrahamD, 08 Jul 2023So boring, so unoriginal, a phone I'll never want or buy.Yep you stick to your Alcatel

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                                      • mv8
                                      • 08 Jul 2023

                                      Aoi Akane, 08 Jul 2023No one is forcing you to buy it either.nobody in west wil buy it so all good

                                        Yakamoz, 07 Jul 2023600€ and this smartphone has no OIS. Sorry but who is goi... moreThey think 200MP (which is a gimmick) makes up for the lack of OIS.